32 Trendy Designs For Short Square Nails We’re Obsessing Over

32 Trendy Designs For Short Square Nails We’re Obsessing Over

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Short square nails are finally having a moment. After years of pointy stilettos and coffin nails, the chic low-maintenance mani is back with many fresh looks. 

Red short square nails

Whether you want to go all out on your nail art or keep it low-key, your options are endless. It’s the best time to try swirls, studs, charms, and everything in between on short nails. 

Although these styles can look good on any shape, they’ll look even better on your square nails.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest trends right now. We hope you’ll find the right short square nails design that matches your vibe and style from our list.

Top Nail Trends for Short Square Nails

Short square nails with designs are officially in! Gone are the days of basic solid colors or classic French tips. Everything you’ll see will have a creative twist. 

Modern French Tips

The classic French mani with its signature white tip and nude base will never go out of style, but this year, it’s all about modern twists. From ombre shades to geometric shapes, we have seen countless takes on this timeless nail art trend.

Adding pops of color, fun shapes, and jewelry can give your classy short square French tip nails a bit more personality while keeping everything sophisticated.

Chrome Polish

Chrome nail polish has a metallic finish with a high reflective effect. Now, you can get it in every color and shade of chrome.

The best thing about the chrome polish trend is its versatility. You can apply it as a solid color or as French tips. Also, you can add rhinestones or foil accents to make your nails look more radiant.

Bling Embellishments

For the longest time, bling embellishments have been reserved for long nails. This year, however, you have more options for bling on short square nails.

Even without your ultra-long tips, you can add accents like crystals, gems, and iridescent glitters. Whether you want a full-on glam or a little razzle-dazzle, accents are a great way to jazz up your square nails.

Mismatched Nails

One of our favorite trends is having mismatched multicolored nails. Wearing different colors and designs on each nail can be a fun and creative way to express your personality and style. So if you can’t choose a single trend, you can wear them all.

32 Styles That Are Perfect for Short Square Shaped Nails

What does this year have in store for cute short square nails?

1. Flower Power

No matter the season, a pretty floral pattern on your cute square short nails can jazz up your look and give it the added oomph it needs. Paired with a stained glass look, your floral nails can make you stand out and shine.

2. Glitter Bomb

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you have to hold back on glitter and glam. These reflective glitter gel nails are always a great choice for a night out or special occasion. 

3. Marble Nails

Marble nails, also called tie-dye nails, have swirled, veined patterns that look elegant and mesmerizing on short narrow square nails.

4. Marble French Tips

If a full marble nail is too intimidating for you, opt for marbled tips. These simple short square nails can come in any color combination you want.

5. Gold Accents

Adding gold accents to your mani can elevate the most basic short square nails design. It’s a fun way to add some sparkle to your nails without the mess.

6. Glitter Cuffs

Cuffed nails have an unending appeal because of their simplicity and elegance. To spice up this minimalist style, you can use glitter to line the small arc around your cuticle. Add glitter tips on some accent nails to switch things up a bit.

7. Animal Print French Tips

We can’t resist a modern twist on the French mani, especially these animal print tips. Copy these zebra-striped tips or change it up with a leopard or cow print.

8. Glossy Nude on Nude

The polished nude mani is a look you can wear all year round. Just like this, you can add subtle accents to achieve a high-end yet low-maintenance aesthetic.

9. Chrome Nail Art

Get creative with chrome polish and use it to make nail art. Its reflective finish can add a touch of sparkle to your nails without glitter.

10. Gold Chrome French Tips

Golden tips on barely-there polish is a low-maintenance trend you should try this year. Gold chrome tips are the way to go if you want to add a hint of shimmer to your nails.

11. Barely-There French Tips

The barely-there French mani is a trendy take on a classic look. Instead of a bold white line on your fingertips, use a thin strip to achieve this super-minimalist aesthetic.

12. Geometric Nail Art

This geometric nail art is a playful take on the diagonal French tip. It’s chic, interesting, and easy to do at home using cute square acrylics, short gel nails, or natural nails.

13. Mismatched Aesthetic

Anyone who can’t decide on a single look for their nails should go for the mismatched aesthetic. Aside from black and white, you can choose a different color and pattern for each nail.

14. Short Gothic Nails

Even on short nails, you can put together black flames with little white accents to achieve that goth glam look. They’ll look edgy and moody on short narrow square nails.

15. Tic Tac Love

Can you remember the last time you played a clever game of tic-tac-toe? This nail design can feel a bit nostalgic. Except this time, it’s the Xs vs the hearts, no pun intended!

 16. Line Art

Line art nails can give your skinny square nails, short acrylics, and gels a creative edge. From abstract swirls to actual faces, line art can be as simple or intricate as you desire.

17. Tortoise Shell

The tortoise shell is a fun and sophisticated design you can try on short nails. It looks incredible with a deep brown base and a glossy finish.

18. Black French Tips

Switching white nail polish for black is a simple way to spice up your favorite French mani. It gives you that edgy yet professional look.

19. Shades of Purple

There’s a purple shade for everyone — or should we say, for every nail. These soft purple hues can make your nails look luxurious, whether you go with deep purple colors or dreamy pastels.

20. Ombre

Ombre nails are as stunning and timeless as your traditional French mani, especially on short classy square nails. The colors blend seamlessly together, creating a subtle yet elegant look. 

21. Star Girl

Recreate this celestial look on your nails using gold glitter, black, white, and nude polish.

22. Abstract Swirls

Hop on the abstract swirls trend to get that groovy retro vibe. They don’t require a professional touch because the swirls and colors can be unique to each nail.

23. Tiny Dots

The tiny dot design is a great low-maintenance, everyday look. This clean-girl aesthetic includes a nude base and a pop of black and white for the tiny dot for each nail.

24. Midnight Black

Wearing jet-black nails with an extra glossy finish can give you a dark, edgy appeal. 

25. Matte Nails

Matte nails with tiny accents are anything but basic. They are easy to recreate and are perfect for any time of the year.

26. Half and Half

Add a pop of color to half of your nails and leave it clear on the other half. Top everything with a glossy coat. You get a sleek, minimalist look that goes well with everything.

27. Psychedelic Tips

Fun and trippy, this French mani with psychedelic tips is made with multicolored swirls reminiscent of the ’70s. You can take this look one step further by adding a unique psychedelic pattern on each nail.

28. Romantic Hearts

Make your nails ready for date night by painting romantic hearts on them. These cute short square nails are an ideal canvas for tiny doodles.

29. Golden Flakes

Adding little gold accents to glossy nude nails can make any basic design pop. It’s an easy and impactful way to switch up your everyday look.

30. Textured Nails

Textured designs like these cable knit nails will be popular this year. Their embossed knitted patterns, which are inspired by the coziest sweaters, are perfect for the holidays.

31. Barbiecore

Everyone’s obsessing over pink nails, but no one wants a vibrant yet basic look. You can rock different pink designs on pretty short square nails. Don’t forget Barbie’s iconic logo.

32. Holographic, Chunky Glitter and Pink

Another pink nail theme we couldn’t resist adding to this list is this lovely holographic look. It’s great for days when you want to be all dolled up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Short Nails Be Round or Square?

Beauty experts say that if you have short fingers, the nails are better shaped round or oval. For those with longer fingers, stiletto, square, or coffin shapes look best. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you can rock whatever nail shape you want!

Are Square Nails Easier to Break?

Yes, they are easier to break compared to their round counterparts. This is because the straight-edges are more prone to cracking.

How Can You Shape Square Nails Naturally?

Filing your nails to your desired shape takes practice and the right technique. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide:

Do Square Nails Make Your Fingers Look Thinner?

No. If you want your nails to look visually longer, your nails must have more length than width. This makes your fingers look longer than they actually are. The opposite can be said with short, round and square nails. 

Short Square Nails Are Never Boring

Not everyone is fond of wearing their nails long all the time, and keeping them short doesn’t make the look boring either! 

Nail art is meant to be fun. Looking at your nails should make your heart giddy and, more importantly, give you a boost of confidence!

Our list of short square nails is a good starting point if you’re finding inspiration for a new look. Then again, choose what makes you happy and wear your nails proudly!

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