Summer Movies - our top five

Summer Movies – our top five

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Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to our pop culture loving review team member Cori. Before the last days of August slip away and the summer blockbusters leave the movie houses, we asked Cori to wrap up the best movies of the season. If you need to escape the heat for a few hours this weekend, or are lucky enough to have a local drive-in, check out one of these movies from the wht Top Five Movie of Summer 2010 list before the fall pictures roll in:

1. Inception
Easily one of the most talked about and successful blockbuster movies of the summer, Inception put the awe back in awesome. Hollywood heavyweights, director Christopher Nolan and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, team up to create one of the most visually dazzling, smart, edge-of-your-seat thrillers I’ve seen in recent years. The synopsis is almost too complicated to even explain in a paragraph, so to put it simply, Leo and his team are hired to perform corporate espionage by entering powerful people’s dreams.

Christopher Nolan is magician with set designs. When you see this movie you might think there is a lot of computer generating involved, and you would be wrong; everything in this movie is a real physical set that was created and then utilized by the actors. Not to mention that this film was shot in six different countries! It could be argued that Inception will be more influential on the future of blockbuster movies than Avatar. Finally, as Chris Nolan said himself, “It’s always good to have some Michael Cain in your film.”

2. I Am Love
This looks to be one of the more under looked, but highly regarded movies of the summer. I Am Love stars Tilda Swinton as Emma, the matriarch of a highly successful Milan family in a contemporary setting. Her husband has just inherited the family’s textile manufacturing company from his ailing father, and things seem to be looking well. However, now that all her children are grown (her son has begun to plan his marriage, and her daughter is discovering herself and the world while studying in London), Emma becomes restless in her lonely estate. She soon develops a relationship with her son’s business partner. Obviously, drama is about to unfold for this wealthy family.

I Am Love is an absolutely stunning film to watch unfold. The breathtaking beauty and richness of the Italian scenery, as well as the remarkable talent of actors made this movie stand out as among the best. Tilda Swinton, who was raised in England, is undeniably convincing as a native Russian who married into this Italian family. Apparently, she learned both Russian and Italian for this film, neither of which she spoke before. Imo, nearly every part of this film is perfect. A must see!

3. The Runaways
All you music lovers out there, this one is for you. The coming of age story about the seminal all girl band, The Runaways. The movie chronicles their story from 1975 through 1977. The band, consisting of teenage girls living near Hollywood, were majorly manipulated by their manager Kim Fowley and saw their share of drugs and sex while playing rock and roll. (See the wht ode to the Runaways here, complete with a comment by Cherie Currie!) Kristen Stewart surprised me in this movie, her awkwardness really worked for her role as Joan Jett. Dakota Fanning plays singer Cherie Currie, which also worked nicely. Dakota’s pre-teen innocent appearance contributes greatly to the captivating nature of her metamorphosis into rock diva.

As a bonus, you don’t have to leave the couch for this one! The Runaways is now available on DVD.

4. Alice In Wonderland 3-D
For those of you who grew up reading/watching Alice in Wonderland, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this movie isn’t a remake of the famous tale. Tim Burton continued the story, with a 19 year old Alice returning to Underland and reuniting with some of her old friends, including The Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp. Throughout the movie she learns her true destiny: to end the Red Queens reign of terror. Seeing this in 3-D is well worth it. You will feel like you are right there in Underland with Alice. Little flying creatures will be flying around your head and the foliage will be at your fingertips. Tim Burton really has an eye for the dark and quirky things in life and I think that is key for making this movie successful. This Wonderland is a magical and eerie place that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.

Tada: Alice in Wonderland is also available on DVD

5. The Other Guys
I may be a little biased on this one because I’m a huge Will Ferrell fan, but I feel that The Other Guys is worth seeing; not only will you laugh uncontrollably, you will walk out of the theater with a ton of one liners to use on your friends. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up as two mismatched New York detectives; Allen Gamble, (Ferrell) is a forensic accountant who is happy to do paper work and Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg) has been stuck with Gamble after he accidentally shot Derek Jeter. Do Gamble and Hoitz finally get a chance to prove themselves as real detectives when they stumble upon a case? I can’t say too much more on this one, as I don’t want to ruin it for you, but things don’t go as planned and hijinks abound!

we heartsters -what did I miss? Share your favorite movies of the summer!

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21 thoughts on “Summer Movies – our top five”

  1. Loved Inception, very complicated but brilliant!! DeCaprio has been on fire lately, between this and Shutter Island… he’s done justice to some amazing roles! Looking forward to seeing Runaways and I Am Love. I was on the fence with The Other Guys. Don’t get me wrong, I am huge Will Ferrell fan, Step Brothers and Anchorman are some of my faves, but The Other Guys kind of reminded me of a “Naked
    Gun type” film and I’m not crazy about that humor. You are right on about the one liners,
    the movie had some GREAT ones and I did laugh through a lot of it!!

    I didn’t see to many others this summer. Dinner For Schmucks was just OK and of
    course I loved Eclipse!

  2. I’m so going to check out, “Inception” Everyone that saw it loved it.. said it was long, but if it’s good- who cares! But I like humour, so I’m also going to see “The Other Guys”. I just laughed and laughed whenever I caught the trailers… I’m a big Yankee fan too, so seeing Jeter shot might shake me up a

  3. These are great picks! And thank you for including rentals on the list, I’m always in need to new movies to watch from the comfort of my couch.

    I’d like to add Scott Pilgram vs. The World to the list, it’s quirky fun!
    And if it’s still out, A-Team was SO good. For nostalgia sake AND for great shoot-em-up-and-then-blow-them-up fun!

  4. I feel so deprived >.< I haven't watched any of those =( And I'm usually a movie lover but I just haven't had any time this summer to go out =(

    I will definitely be renting 'em on Netflix though haha ^_^

  5. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments to me. When you reach my age (50) you really appreciate the people that have made The Runaways a success.. and that is YOU!! I send you all love and beg you, never give up on your dreams. Not for anyone, ever. It’s a personal thing, yours alone and never let anyone tell you it can’t be done, because they are wrong. I promise you that!
    … and Melissa, excellent job again baby.
    Love, hugs and some rock and roll for good measure!!!!
    Cherie Currie

  6. I loved Inception. It’s definitely a movie I could and want to see again! I saw Alice in Wonderland in 2D and enjoyed it. My friends didn’t care for it as much–they thought it was really weird, but it is a Tim Burton film after all!

    I would definitely have to add Toy Story 3 to the list though–it was really good.

  7. I love Alice in Wonderland. It was stunningly gorgeous. I don’t get to say that much about Tim Burton movies; they normally creep me out. I’m a huge weenie.

  8. I’m glad everyone is liking the list, it was a hard choice as there are many great movies out right now.

    I feel so honored that you took the time to read this Cherie! After seeing the movie I feel like I know The Runaways a little better. I look forward to reading the book.

    @lyssachelle Scott Pilgram vs. The World looks good too, I just haven’t gotten back to the theaters yet.

    @hao9703 I hear Salt is good. Let me know what you think!

  9. I too loved “Inception” for it’s mind-boggling plot line. It was the perfect summer entertainment movie!
    I liked “Alice in Wonderland” too… I still need to go back and watch the original Disney again and compare (haven’t watched THAT one since I was probably 4!)
    Finally, I’m so glad you reviewed “The Other Guys” for me and gave me some confidence back in ‘funny’ summer movies. I went and saw “Dinner for Schmucks” and HATED it. Too stupid for words, and I usually love dumb humor ala adolescent boys.
    Thanks, Cori!

  10. @sarahstrawberry I know what you mean about Dinner for Schmucks. I was disappointed in it too. Originally I was going to include it in my picks because the previews looked good, but once I saw I immediately scratched it off the list.

    @melissa I know! I was so excited about her post. I just couldn’t believe it!

  11. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t seen any of these films yet, but your reviews @cori have convinced me to rent The Runaways tonight.

    And I decided that before Miss Cherie Currie stopped by wht again! Squee – I made sure to get my hands on a first edition of your book – and loved it! I think women of all types, not just rock fans would appreciate it – it’s raw and honest and a fast read.

  12. I’m totally lame, I never see movies in the theater anymore! But our friend Eric told us about the theater in Pasadena that he went to this summer where there are waitresses! He watched Inception while eating finger foods and drinking martinis. I’d go to the movies more if my town had one of them!

    I second @tyna‘s recommendation for Cherie’s book. I loved it! I really couldn’t put it down.

  13. Honestly, it’s difficult to not gush like a complete madperson about Inception, I fell completely in love with that movie. It was intense from beginning to end, such a rush. I loved the music to bits, all of Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks are show-stopping. Only downer was seeing it for the second time with my mom. She wasn’t too impressed and kept comparing it to adolescent obsessions with virtual reality and constant computer use, which led to a discussion about how my life is obviously falling to bits lol. I guess that’s because we didn’t go see Eat Pray Love instead ;)
    @Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex, I’d have to agree, I loved Toy Story 3, it was a relief that it turned out so good.

  14. I am totally mad about Inception! It is such a genius film that is worth watching again and again. It was so exciting and so moving. It was just insane.

    I would also add Toy Story 3 to the best of the summer movies list. I didn’t think that it could beat the first one. But it really did. It deeply speaks to both children and adults. It is visually stunning and a lot of fun. Great voice work too! I loooovvveed Michael Keaton as a flamboyant Ken Doll! So good!!!

  15. Great write up @cori!

    Inception was just fabulous. Not only did it entertain me while I was sitting in the theater, I’ve had so many interesting and worthwhile conversations with other people that I’m still being entertained by it! I thought it was especially interesting that Nolan said it was his 8 1/2 (and not say, his Matrix). I could just talk about this movie for days! I also have to say, I had the opportunity to talk with Joseph Gordan-Levitt and he is just such a great guy (and so talented)! I’d happily recommend all of his movies.

    I enjoyed The Runaways too! Given The Runaways’ reputation, I was expecting the movie to be all about the in your face, rock n’ roll angle, but I loved that it included so much of Cherie’s story. It definitely inspired me to put Neon Angel on my reading list!

    Oh! And I second the motion to add Scott Pilgrim to the list! I just saw it yesterday and it was wonderful! I might be a little biased (I’m a huge Edgar Wright fan and I read his blog while they were filming it AND I saw Cera at Sundance), but I thought it was fun, unique, and visually interesting. Even if you never read the comics, it’s a must-see!

  16. Was I the only one a little disappointed in Alice in Wonderland? Except for Alice falling down the rabbit hole, I found the 3D thing a little distracting. And without the visuals…I didn’t love this telling of the classic.
    Movies now out that I liked? I totally agree that The Other Guys was pretty funny and Inception is a classic. We’ll be talking about that one for years (’cause we’re gonna have to see it many, many, many more times to drink it all in).

  17. @Sherri — Try it in 2D. 3D gives me a horrific migraine and just looks weird. I loved this version more than the original, I think. The original Disney one, for me, is for when I want a strange movie with little plot. The Tim Burton version one I can watch any time.

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