SweatBlock review

SweatBlock review

sweatblock Every woman is plagued with some sort of embarrassing body issue, EVERY last one of us. From hair where hair shouldn’t be, veins of the spider or varicose type, acne, nail fungus and the list goes on and on. Many of these issues can easily be masked without anyone (even your significant other) even knowing about your issue.

At the top of the list of embarrassing female issues? Excess perspiration. Sweating is not something you can hide and it can quickly turn your day at the office, a date or any special occasion into a nightmare! No matter your style, big wet stains under your arms are a no-no.

There are hundreds of options on the market to aid in the issue but most of these products do little for those who sweat profusely. I know many women who live in jackets and blazers, and who never wear any shirt color but black (the better to hide the evidence). Add to the list of woes; higher dry cleaning bills, a shorter lifespan of your wardrobe and the overall uneasiness of being out in public (with the possibility of a pit catastrophe) to compound this already trying problem.

An effective solution has come about by way of SweatBlock – handy wipes in a sealed envelope that promise to keep you dry for a week; yep, seven entire days! SweatBlock is used once a week by dabbing the little towelette onto your underarm area. Let it air dry for 5 minutes, go to sleep and viola! No perspiring for the next seven days!

Impossible you say? I for one can attest that this product is revolutionary and I am 100% satisfied. My underarms were dry no matter what the weather and the day threw at me. The formula is effective but still gentle on my skin – no itching or rashes on my (now extra dry) underarms.

Review team – what do you think? Is SweatBlock the answer to perspiration issues?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.



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16 thoughts on “SweatBlock review”

  1. kate2004rock

    I had just never seen a product like this! Kind of ingenious! So, I’ve been going to job interviews like it’s my job (pun intended) and I when I get nervous/excited, I sweat in the underarm area. I mean, you can see the wet spots. At least my suit jacket hides the Ozarka springs under my arms.

    So I thought “Cool!” when I received the SweatBlock wipes. After my next shower/shave I was good to go. The Intense smell of Cloves was a little off putting, and I was worried I’d smell like a tobacco shop for a week, but after a couple hours either my nose got used to it or the scent died down.

    They really worked! But only for about three days, then showering and shaving again I think lessened the effect. Plus, the amount of aluminum was a little off putting….I was afraid I’d cause myself breast cancer in just one application. I don’t know, for only three days work, I’ll just stick with my speed stick.

  2. While reading Suzan’s post i felt like i was reading the story of my life! I have been dealing with this since forever! In 1999, while living and working in NYC i finally had enough and went to a dermatologist because no deodorant worked! My first option was a pill that would MAYBE stop me from sweating under my arms but the side effect would make my palms sweat. I opted out of that one. Then he perscribed me Certain Dry before it was sold on the shelves. Well, that worked for a bit but after awhile i built up a resistence.
    When i got Sweat Block i was excited with the possibility but knew it wasn’t going to work. Call me jaded but i just know these things. Well, it didn’t! i started sweating the same day! As with all the products out there that promise “stop sweating” it was a false hope for me at least. I’m happy it worked for others. Honestly, at this point the only thing i know will work is Botox shots!

  3. Cori

    I sweat like a fat man on a hot day, however, it’s not my pits that get drenched it’s my face and that valley between the girls that are always soaked. My mom tries to tell me I have a nice shine on my face…yeah I don’t buy it either. My pits get slightly wet but I don’t suffer from pit stains like others, regardless I was excited to try this out.

    I didn’t mind the clove smell I actually liked it. I have been going for walks on my lunch break and even though it’s in the low 60’s here I still break out into a sweat, too bad I couldn’t use this on my face and other areas of my body, but my arm pits were still dry.

    I found, like Katie, that after a few days, (mine was after 4) it wore off. Sometimes I end up taking 2 showers in a day though so that might have contributed to it not working the full week it says.

    But over all I was happy with the product. And my arm pits are dryer than they ever have been!

  4. krista

    Okay, so I don’t have a real problem with sweaty pits, but I am a lazy s.o.b. and was excited at the prospect of not having to use deodorant for a few days. I shaved my pits and applied the sweat block wipe right before bedtime, per their instructions. I was surprised by the clove scent, but not in a bad way. I was liking the smell and it wasn’t a lasting scent, it faded slowly as my pits dried. I found that I got through a solid 4 days before this stopped working and I really think it’s because I shaved my pits again. I tried to go the whole week for science, but I just couldn’t. I’m a dark-haired girl of German heritage—not shaving my pits makes me feel like I have two Pomeranians super-glued in them. Not cute.(You’re all loving that visual, though, aren’t you?)
    Overall, this worked great until I shaved–a solid 4 days is nothing to turn your nose at. I think these are especially great with wearing something you don’t want deodorant marks on. I am the queen of the white deodorant streaks and there was no such problem with these.
    I did give one wipe to one of my sisters to try out because she is a sweaty beast, but she never reported back her findings, so I’m going to pester her about it and update with her info.

  5. suzan

    Ok so I’ve tried Secret Clinical, Degree Clinical, Certain dry etc and although i had mj or succes with Certain Dry 2 days max and zero point zero success with those “clinical” brands I was hopeful for Sweat Block. This product if applied correctly will last at least 5 days and I sweat like a lady of the evening in church! Blot blot blot do not rub simply blot. Apply once you lay down in bed not an hour prior or while u are watching primetime in bed but right before you turn out the lights. Something about your body being at rest ghat helps absorbency. Sweat block worked for 5 solid Pennsylvania August days. That my dears is MAJOR! I shaved everyday, honestl Krista how you made it past two is amazing. Theclover smell fads quickly and honestly clover smell over sweating in a meeting or at the gas pump is no biggie! Winnie I hear you aboub the Botox I may investigate that myself if Sweatblock stops working. I don’t care if it lasts 3 or 7 days it still is better then sweating and the mortification that comes with it. This product is to me worth it’s weight in gold!

  6. Mel

    omg I’m still laughing my butt off – two pomeranians super glued to your pits, Krista!! I’m not even paying attention to The Office I’m laughing so hard! Someday you need to do a profile picture of that… But that is a really good point that this product would be good for those pesky white streaks – I’d like to try it just to see how many days I could get after reading all these posts!

  7. suzan


    The MFR does say other people have used sweatblock on other areas of the body and they have seen results. The MFR just hasn’t done a study of other regions of the body though but I say give it a whirl.
    I encourage the rest of you to try again and strictly follow the directions. Shower, shave and really scrub your underarms so your pores are open and able to absorb the magic of Sweatblock. Dry and DO NOT put on deo. Blot/Dab the little towelette, let dry and go to bed. This will not work if you try to use it in the morning and run out the door or if you only plan on sleeping for two hours.

  8. krista

    Okay, so I finally got a hold of the sister I gave one of these to try and she said hers only lasted a day, but that she shaves her pits everyday, so that is probably why. I’m thinking these would work for the promised 7 days if you were willing to forgo shaving your pits for that long. I just can’t do that, so I’ll have to be happy with the 4 days I can get.

  9. Considering using this product, located in Canada and would rather purchase in store then having to order. Anybody know where it is available? or did u all order it from the website??


  10. Nice review Suzan. I think the ingenious part of this product is that it comes in wipe form which makes it super convenient for applying to clammy, sweaty hands or sweaty feet. The wipe form makes it pretty versatile if you sweat from awkward spots that deodorant can’t quite cover. Also, I’ve found the effects build up over time the more you use it. First-timers should definitely be on the lookout for irriation.

  11. This is a great product. I just started using it and I am very pleased with it. What a great product this is! 100% success, no sensitivity or discomfort. I will definitely be buying more!

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