Vivid Lips: High End Pigment for Low End Prices

Vivid Lips: High End Pigment for Low End Prices

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Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor Review


Let’s hear it for bright and affordable lip color! There was a time when you couldn’t expect to find highly pigmented color for under $15. But cosmetics companies are really knocking it out the park lately. And I’m oh-so-pleased about it!

Take for example Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor. Within that beautiful clear orange case you’ll find an intensely pigmented lipcolor that:

feels great on your lips (it’s formulated with honey nectar, so it goes on creamy and stays creamy.)
lasts for hours (it stains your lips and wears for a minimum of 5 hours.)
costs just under $6! (and looks likes it costs way more.)

While at my local Target and for close to the cost of what I normally pay for ONE lipstick, I picked up the following three shades…

From left:

Vivid Rose – medium-toned hot pink
On Fire Red – vibrant blue-based red
Vibrant Mandarin – medium red orange

All shades have a glossy sheen and bright pigment that rivals any high-end shade in my arsenal.

Vivid Rose, On Fire Red, Vibrant Mandarin

That’s just one swipe of color shown above. These are game changers, people.

These three color families are what I reach for when I do bright lips (pink, red and orange/coral). And no matter what base makeup you start with, they’re totally interchangable. Here, I did a neutral eye shadow, brown cat eyeliner (less harsh than black, but just as dramatic) and a sweep of pearly pink blush. Check out how all three seamlessly fit in.

Vivid Rose

On Fire Red

Vibrant Orange

I can’t recommend these highly enough! I also predict I’ll be back at Target picking up a few more from the 10 piece line up (and at $6, I can do it guilt-free.)

we heartsters, when you do bright lips – which shade do you reach for?

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17 thoughts on “Vivid Lips: High End Pigment for Low End Prices”

  1. I have to admit that bright lip color really scares me–and I doubt I’m the only beauty-crazed girl who feels this way! These look totally doable, though. The Vivid Rose definitely looks subtle enough to help ease into things!

    1. I’m still a little scared of a bright lip too! I always feel as if I come across as a kid playing with her mommy’s makeup. The one thing that helped me ease into it is wearing it on special occasions; that way it’s not so jarring to look in the mirror and think, “THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL LOOK.”

      I always reach for a red when I do bright, but I think I need to branch into orange more. That Vibrant Orange is orange without being garish, I like it! Plus, less than $6? I have a coupon (I ALWAYS have a coupon) then there’s no reason not to try it!

  2. I wasn’t sure about these Vivids when I first saw them. They are getting LOTS of buzz on the web, so I figure I’d give one a try…and I LOVE it! I don’t pack on the color, even though the option is definitely there. I dab it on for a sheer wash of color. It looks great! I have the color Pop of Cherry which I believe is Limited Edition. I definitely want to try more!

  3. So bright and so pretty. Maybelline has been around for ever for a reason! I have to really make a better attempt at wearing these colors.. I’m just on the slightly nervous side of wearing colors other than the basic nudes! LOL!

  4. Add me to the “chicken coop” with a few of the other women here. These shades look so lovely on you, but I tend to retreat to softer hues. However, I think I could give “Vivid Rose” a try and really like it. And as the summer begins and I lose some inhibitions, I may opt for the mandarin and red; who knows? I might just flaunt these, as they are so darn pretty! @stef, don’t you get a shock every time you look in the mirror and see those incredible blue, blue eyes staring back at you? Whew–they take my breath away!

  5. Don’t be scared of these bright Maybelline lippies, ladies. I also shy away from bright colors (and, ok, I admit, I am petrified of any reds) but I have four of these colors and they are seriously wearable!

  6. Love the pink! I have a hard time breaking into the brights too but I have found, like Stef said, dabbing them on and throwing a gloss on top works great for me.

  7. I tested two shades and loved them both! Vivid Rose, the medium-toned hot pink, is a super-bright pink with blue undertones. On Fire Red, the vibrant blue-based red, is exactly the kind of true red I’m drawn toward. Both shades are indeed glossy and full of pigment, and they wear for many, many hours without touchups. I especially love the bright, see-through case. You’re right, @stef – Maybelline hit a home run here! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the collection. For $6 (!), I know I need Vibrant Orange at the very least!

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