tarte multiplEYE lash enhancer - review

tarte multiplEYE lash enhancer – review

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multiplEYEDon’t hate me because I have beautiful lashes. It’s true, makeup artists always comment on them and I’ve been accused of wearing falsies more than once. They’re rather dark, pretty thick and super long. Don’t worry, I have an ass as flat as Texas to counteract the blessing! It all balances out.

But like any woman, I want more! So when we received the tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer, I volunteered to give it a try (volunteered is probably too nice of a term, it was more of a snatch, really). Said to increase lashes by 152%, I daydreamed about having to trim mine in order to not drag them in my soup. The fact that this product is made from natural ingredients only sealed the deal.

And then a funny thing happened as I began to test…I used it faithfully for about a week, coating my lashes before bed as directed. When I used too much there was some slight stinging, nothing major. But on about day 8 or 9, as I looked into the mirror at my rather nice lashes, I finally noticed something-my puny eyebrows. Years of over-zealous plucking has left me with a pair of sparse, sad looking brows, just hanging out up there, being taunted by my full lashes. I got to thinking, why not test this on them?

That’s exactly what I did. And it worked. Really worked. By week 3, my eyebrows definitely looked better, especially my inner brows, near my nose (where I had really been concentrating the product). In areas where there were close to no hairs, there were now not just one or two, but quite a few. And normal looking hairs too. I once used an eyebrow growth product that did indeed grow hair, but they grew straight out of my head and had to be plucked anyway. These hairs fell right into line with their neighbors. And the brow hairs that were there already look thicker. Overall, my brows just look fuller.

So, I did not use as directed. And I don’t know if tarte would recommend this product for eyebrows. But I sure do! If you do need some help in the lash department, after seeing the results on my brows, I think the multiplEYE is definitely worth a try.

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  1. Stef, brill idea to try this on your eyebrows as well! How exciting that it seems to work. I’m good to go in the eyelash and brow department, but my Mom could use some help with eyebrows. I’ve passed on a number of brow growing products and she has the same results. A few new hairs that grow in odd angles and need to be plucked anyway.

    I’m hoping a reader with sparse eyelashes has tried the tarte lash enhancer and can give us the lowdown.
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  2. I was sent a tube of this lash enhancer to test, but unfortunately my tube leaked in the mail before it got to me :( I only got to use it for about a week before my tube ran out. I never noticed the stinging, but I didn’t get to fully test it either. I did read some wonderful reviews on it though. Glad to know it’s all natural and it worked well on your brows Stef. My mom could use some help in the brow department too, so I might have to surprise her with some of this.

  3. I use this on my lashes and LOVE the results. Have been using it for about 6 weeks, and my used-to-be sparse lashes are much longer, stronger, especially with mascara. I had xtreme lash extensions for a while, and they utterly destroyed my natural lashes- they started falling out like crazy. I ended up letting them all fall out (I had them filled and wore them for several months) and was left with a mess, so I turned to Tarte. I definitely recommend Multipleye. You’ll see results in about 3 weeks, and your lashes with have a nice curl and more volume as well.

    Whatever you do, steer clear of lash extensions. I went to a good salon, with high quality product, and even that was bad news for my lashes. They’ll look nice for 2 weeks, and then you need to have them filled.. for $100 a fill, and losing lashes like mad, and wasting hours of your time its not worth it. This product has given me very similar results that last and are actually MY lashes.

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