The Lipstick League - week of 11.7.11

The Lipstick League – week of 11.7.11

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We heart this readers have already heard me reminisce about the glory of Sassy Magazine. But did you know founder, Jane Pratt has a kick ass website, xojane, very much in the spirit of my beloved teen mag, that you should be reading right now?

Where else could I have learned that one of my most favorite, omg-got-to-have brands, Erno Laszlo was adored by both Marilyn Monroe and Edie Sedgwick? Find out what other beauty products these troubled, glamorous ladies adored here: Doomed Glamour: Edie Sedgwick and Marilyn Monroe Loved The Same Fantastic Skincare Products

On a more cheery note, let’s see what the lovelies from around The Lipstick League found sassy this week:

Question of the Week: – What was your last beauty related impulse purchase?

Answer: This is super boring (especially after talking Marilyn and Edie) but with the cold, dry air kicking in I just picked up a three pack of Burt’s Bees classic lip balm.

we heartsters – what was your latest impulse beauty buy?

Phyrra – takes you on a tour under the sea in a cephalopod’s garden full of wonder, Octopus Stew.

Vampy Varnish – thinks if you like the look and feel of cookie dough you will love the “yummy” Lush Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser!

we heart this – has a 20% off Ricky’s NYC coupon code for you, plus a look at a recent haul. Lighted tweezers and olive oil infused brushes anyone?

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber checks out four shades of the latest lip innovation from Revlon, ColorBurst Lip Butter. Was it a rant, or a rave?

Clumps of Mascara – was asked by Lucky Mag to host a Dior Pretty Party and oh my words…it was awesoooome!

EauMG – Even if you’re wearing sweat pants and Ugg boots, you can smell like a 1950’s fashion model with this niche French fragrance.

Gouldylox Reviews – Want to look younger today? Check out some of these tips and see if any inspire you to try something different!

Lipglossiping – wants to know your favourite desserts! Share your love for pud and you might win a very limited edition Vaseline Creme Brulee Lip Therapy Tin!

Nouveau Cheap – reveals her definitive list of Holy Grail Drugstore Beauty Products.

Pink Sith – Asks, Is the Addiction Eyeshadow in Flashback the Best Taupe Eyeshadow Ever or BESTEST Taupe Eyeshadow ever?

Prime Beauty – Prime Beauty is Mad About Jouer’s New Fall Collection!

11 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – week of 11.7.11”

  1. Oh, I adore xojane! And Erno Laszlo black soap; it was one of my first products I bought because of a WHT recommendation and it’s LOVELY.

    My latest impulse purchases have all been the Revlon Lip Butters! I am in love with them, and I am NOT a lipstick girl. I own 8 of them now! (It’s a problem.)

  2. I will never be without Erno Laszlo soap if I can help it either! It lasts forever and is one of the best soap out there!

    My latest purchase was (and I shouldn’t have cause it’s pricey) Dior’s Creme de Gloss – # 735 Creamy Burgundy. It’s sooo pretty on. Yup, and a dab will do you with this one.. and the color is so intense I will only use it in the evening!

  3. My latest impulse buy was Taylor Swift new perfume at macy’s. It smells sooo good. P.s. I think you need to update your commentluv, something is not working right. :)

  4. Thrilled to hear about xojane, after posting this comment, I am hurriedly off to go check it out. I want to say that I enjoyed Sassy as a teen, but that is such a shabby understatement for my deep & abiding love for that magazine. Lol, I guess everyone who loved sassy, LOVED sassy. It really is one of those things, isn’t it? So thanks for keeping me informed:):)

  5. My mom loved Erno Laszlo, I have grown to love Erno Laszlo–they used to carry a makeup line that I miss desperately. Now it’s just skin care. They offered a sheer lipstick in a Berry shade that I have been unable to find in another brand. It makes my soul weep.

    My latest beauty-related impulse purchase was Wen Cleansing Conditioner. QVC has a limited edition scent in Ginger Pumpkin and I love all things pumpkin scented, so I finally decided to give this brand (which I was already curious about) a whirl. I washed my hair with it yesterday and I noticed my hair was shinier and my natural wave was…wavier. The scent isn’t as heavy on the pumpkin as I’d like, but I use Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin bath stuff this time of year, which is, so it’ll balance out.

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