The Lipstick League - week of 7.25.11

The Lipstick League – week of 7.25.11

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Question of the Week: – What’s your favorite skincare line?

Answer: I consider myself a bit of a skincare connoisseur, so this is a tough one for me. But, I’m going to have to go with Kiehl’s. I am consistently happy with their products, they offer something for EVERY skin condition on the planet and I have never bought a single product more times then I have purchased their Calendula Toner, my HG skincare item. I’m probably on my 25th 16 oz bottle!

Here are the best post of the week from the League…

Orange to LA – shares her casual yet cool Style Essentials, see what items she needs to have in her stash at ALL times.

Pink Sith – Had made the decree that she will be buried with her Urban Decay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion…not that she’s morbid or anything.

Phyrra – is delighted with the 15-Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection from Urban Decay.

Prime Beauty – was dazed and confused– but oh so happy after visiting the Inglot Cosmetics store.

Vampy Varnish – declares that Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner is better than MAC Blacktrack!

we heart this – The MAC Colourization eye shadow duos have us hungry like the wolf! Join us on a swatch fest set to classic 80s albums.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Check out the review & swatches for the Touring America Collection by OPI, before its official launch date!

Clumps of Mascara – is shocked that Essence’s polishes are so cheap and yet so delightful.

EauMG – Victoria of EauMG takes a trip to Washington’s lavender land!

Lipglossiping – is all of a flutter test-driving Benefit’s new They’re Real! mascara. Come see the before & after photos and be impressed!

Nouveau Cheap – reviews one of the new L’Oreal Color Riche le Gloss lipglosses. A “your lips but better” shade that tastes like chocolatey marshmallow? Yes, please.

we heartsters, what’s your favorite skincare line?

11 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – week of 7.25.11”

  1. @stef –WOW! Picking just one skincare line is like a Mother coming out and saying she only loves ONE of her children best. Sure we all have favorites but, . . . this is hard. I think I would pick Kinerase. It is a bit pricey but, it has had never let my skin down no matter what condition it has been. Kinerase just came out with a drugstore version called Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase. I want to try it so see how it compares.

    1. I love Dermalogica as well. I think their ultra calming line is their best one. Many of their antiaging stuff is just a little too rich for me for some reason.

    2. @Holly I love the UC line. I’ve noticed my skin isn’t bright red anymore, especially my cheeks! I just wish it weren’t so darned expensive!

  2. I’m with you Holly. It is really tough to just choose one skin care line. I really use a huge variety. I guess that in an ideal world I would be stuck between Clinique and Lush. Weird, huh?

  3. I just proven my answer and ordered my 26th bottle of Kiehl’s Calendula Toner! (all day today, 8/1, you can use code liferide for 15% off).

  4. Easy, Kiehl’s for me! I heard last week about the 15% off- I’m getting my fav – Abyssine Cream+ at 10AM at the SCP store.. located right below my office! :) It’s true about @stef LOVING the Calendula Toner.. I’ve evev picked some up for her in the past and since then have my husband hooked on it too.. Good stuff!

  5. Hard question @stef! I really love L’Occitane. I’ve been using their Immortelle skincare line for years and while I love to try new products I always seem to go back to to it.

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