Answer These Important Mascara Questions

Answer These Important Mascara Questions

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Question of the Week: Three Mascara questions! Black or brown? Volumizing or lengthening? Waterproof or washable?

Answer: Black. Lengthening. Washable. Always all three!

Here’s what was happening with the League this week…

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Clumps of Mascara – I loooove a good face mask. But riddle me this, do you pamper yourself regularly?

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Gouldylox Reviews – The Makeup Wars team uncovers the hidden gems in a hair line you may not have heard of.

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(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by My Newest Addiction – The first YouTuber that Laura ever watched was Lollipop26 (you may remember her) but she quit blogging and uploading to YT for a while. A couple years ago she came back and has reinvented herself on Buy Now Blog Later!

Your turn we heartsters! Important mascara questions: Black or brown? Volumizing or lengthening? Waterproof or washable?

4 thoughts on “Answer These Important Mascara Questions”

  1. Question of the Week: Three Mascara questions!
    Black or brown? Black!
    Volumizing or lengthening? Volume
    Waterproof or washable? Depends.. I swim a lot and when I do I wear waterproof. BUT- Normally, I like washable better for it’s results!

  2. Always black mascara, usually volumizing, typically waterproof. Although I’m a big fan of tube mascara that comes off using water and gentle rubbing—it works best with my oily eyelids.

  3. Black, volumizing, waterproof. Black for drama, volume because lengthening can look stringy (and I have contacts which can be tricky) and waterproof because you never know when you might tear up, get rained on or fall in a pool.

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