The Michael Todd Hall of Fame - our 3 favorite products (so far!)

The Michael Todd Hall of Fame – our 3 favorite products (so far!)

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We’ve had the privilege of reviewing quite a few products from Michael Todd True Organics. Loaded with certified organic ingredients, this line is both vegan and cruelty-free. Believe me when I say picking our top three favorite products was tough, but here are the winners…

1. Pumpkin Mask ($34) – A self-proclaimed exfoliant connoisseur, my taste over time has evolved from obvious scrubbing additives (such as walnut shell pieces) to invisible, but powerful ingredients that can change the texture of your skin with ONE use.

The Pumpkin Mask is such a product. There’s a bit of Wonder Twins action going on with the first and third listed ingredients – Powers activate: Form of Pumpkin Enzyme! Shape of Sugar Cane! And just like the Twins, when they are combined problems are solved. Pumpkin Mask makes my skin super.

2. Charcoal Detox Cleanser ($24) – My co-editor Tyna is a cleanser hog. There, I said it. When cleansers come in for review, she snaps them up faster than a kid in a candy shop. (In her defense, she’s also the most gracious co-editor a girl could ask for, because she gives me first dibs on EVERYTHING else.) So when Tyna is impressed with a cleanser, you should listen.

And she was very impressed with Charcoal Detox. She called it a “a one-stop face cleanser that has pushed all (her) other washes to the side.” I can attest, the lavender scented, fabulously bubbly cleanser leaves your skin clean, refreshed and shine-free.

3. KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift ($150) – We were more than a bit intrigued when KNU showed up – what with it’s snail serum and all. But as Melissa pointed out when she reviewed it “snails do keep their skin soft and moisturized no matter how dry their climate becomes.”

Turns out, so does KNU! It exfoliates dead skin cells, preparing skin for the humanely-harvested exotic ingredient; she saw visible and immediate tightening of her skin with very first use. A worthy splurge.

we heartsters, have you tried Michael Todd products? Share what makes your Hall of Fame!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

7 thoughts on “The Michael Todd Hall of Fame – our 3 favorite products (so far!)”

  1. I love the pumpkin mask. You can tell there’s actually pumpkin puree in it because it looks and smells like pumpkin! It’s definitely a step up from the physical exfoliants–the invisible magic helps brighten my skin. And it does feel hot/burning for a bit when you first put it on your face, but other than that, there were no negative side effects.

    I’m really curious about the charcoal cleanser. If Tyna was that impressed, it must be good stuff.

  2. I wanted to cry when I finally used the last of my KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift. I had started to see it as my secret weapon for days when I wanted my skin to look its very best, and, though pricey, a jar lasts a long, long time. I can’t say enough about how great this stuff is (like everything I’ve tried from Michael Todd). I’m sure I’ll cave in and invest in another jar, and probably the cleaner, too. It sounds fabulous!

  3. I have the pumpkin mask from this line. It is amazing!! like a mini-at home peel. Instantly brightens the tone of my skin and helps clear me up. It’s a must try!

  4. The Charcoal Detox cleanser is really good. I’ve been using it with my Clarisonic and my skin is soft and smooth without being tight or stripped of all oils. The black color is a little foreboding but it works well.

  5. These all sound amazing and worth every penny – like everything I’ve ever tried from Michael Todd! That pumpkin mask especially has been on my want list for a long, long time.

  6. Add me as a lover of the Pumpkin mask! The only down side is that it makes me hungry, hah! I still like a little physical exfoliation with my facial cleansers, but I’ve come to understand and embrace the power of magical “invisible” exfoliants. It’s much better for my skin as I age!

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