The Ultimate Green Monday Approved Boot Guide

The Ultimate Green Monday Approved Boot Guide

As a vegetarian, my biggest struggle hasn’t been skipping the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner or the cheesesteaks when I visit Philadelphia. The hardest part has been weaning myself of leather goods. I’m obsessed with the two Big B’s – bags and boots. Sadly, so many of the most covet worthy are also made of leather or suede.

Rejoice, fellow boot lovers! Veggywood is here to help. Since it is never too early to start shopping for a fierce pair of boots for the fall, you need to check out their Massive Faux Leather Fall Boot Guide with over 50 fabulous pairs of vegan boots. My favorites (pictured), which will be mine come September, are the Rebels Taos Moto Ankle Boot ($65.50) found at Delias. Now just to decide between gray or brown…at that price, I’m tempted to get both (after all, a pair of comparable leather boots would easily cost a hundred bucks).

And if that’s not enough, check back daily at Veggywood for the Vegan Shoe of the Day feature, as well as stories on vegan cooking, fashion, animal rescue and more.

Happy shopping!



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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Green Monday Approved Boot Guide”

  1. mandaleem

    Oh wow, that boot guide is some serious eye candy! I’m still a huge fan of leather goods (I love the smell!) but I love being able to get a great pair of shoes and know that they’re cruelty free. Thanks for the link!

  2. I’m 16 and decided to go vegan from vegetarian last year. My family is really unsupportive of me, and it is difficult. I really appreciate sites like these…they act as my virtual vegan mother! I personally don’t understand how someone can NOT go vegan, between the enviornment and your health and animals…sheesh!

  3. Thanks for your nice comments everybody! I stopped wearing leather when I was 15 so I know how rough it is to try and find sweet kicks when you don’t wear cows. I try to post a cute “Vegan Shoe of the Day” on my site most weekdays so check in to see what other cruelty-free discoveries I’ve tracked down. xo

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