Thrift Store Score - Vol. 1

Thrift Store Score – Vol. 1

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Item: Singing Nun figurine
Price: $1.00

Here’s why I love my husband…
Me: Can I have a dollar?
Husband: Why?
Me: I want to buy a singing nun figurine.
Husband gives me a dollar without another word.

Got a Thrift Store Score or vintage find you’d like to share with us? Email us a photo and the details. We may just use it in a future volume and send you a goodie for your efforts!

9 thoughts on “Thrift Store Score – Vol. 1”

  1. Hahaha, what a sweet husband! My latest thrifting scores are a cast iron Boston Terrier ($15- sure, it’s a reproduction, but I love it and that’s what matters) and a hearth cricket ($15) for luck. The hearth cricket is the EXACT one that my grandfather has had on his hearth since before I was born!

  2. Awesome!! I found some really cute jeans for a couple of bucks the other day. Ill have to shop there more often and maybe ill find something just as cute as your little nun. :)

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