Thrift Store Score – Vol. 2

Thrift Store Score – Vol. 2

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Item: grey suede slingback kitten heels with a flower
Price: see for yourself…

Behold, the 50 cent shoes! I still recall the joy of this score. Seriously, what can you get for 50 cents? Let alone, vintage heels that work with just about everything in my closet AND are comfortable. Thrifting has been very, very good to me.

Got a Thrift Store Score or vintage find you’d like to share with us? Email us a photo and the details. We may just use it in a future volume and send you a goodie for your efforts!

11 thoughts on “Thrift Store Score – Vol. 2”

  1. I think thrifting is such an adventure! You just never know what you may find. I collect an antique glass called Fostoria American and I am always on the look for that.

    I also recently got back into needlepoint. I used to needlepoint as a kid with my Mom and I recently found a half stitched Christmas stocking and was so excited to find it. I look for needlepoint books and other stuff relating to this needle art because it kind of a dying out.

  2. Aww, I love the little rose-bud-ish buckle part on the toe. So cute! My latest thrifting score isn’t beauty related- I found a great vintage ceramic pot (the best cerulean glaze, I swear) WITH a beautiful jade plant for only $2! It’s going on my new desk post haste. :)

  3. I can’t remember getting a super duper deluxe bargain at a thrift store like you did @Stef! That’s an awesome find! The best vintage gems in NYC are well curated but unfortunately can come with extremely silly price tags.

  4. 50 cents!? That is awesome… I really need to start doing better digging, I’ve been so focused on household items I forget about the fashion! Great find!

  5. I know how it feels.. Buying a great item for a cheap cost! This is why I am addicted to bargains.. You just hit the JACKPOT for that! :)

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