Time to get physical - LUSH Hottie Massage Bar

Time to get physical – LUSH Hottie Massage Bar

Our review of the massage bar from LUSH that’s flying off shelves

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There are certain things about my beauty hoard that my husband just doesn’t understand. Eight different shades of purple nail polish? Twelve very similar coral lip products? Nope, he’s not having any of it. But my stash of goodies from LUSH? He’s an enabler if I ever saw one! So when I received the LUSH Hottie Massage Bar for my latest wht review, I think he was almost as excited as I was!

If you’re a fan of the Green Monday column here at we heart this, you probably are already familiar with the fresh, handmade products from LUSH. Founders Liz Weir and Mark Constantine have roots deep in eco-friendly beauty history (they were the designers of The Body Shop’s ever popular Peppermint Foot Lotion), and have poured their vast knowledge into this unique, eco-conscious company.

With a core philosophy “based on the highest levels of ethical standards with the lowest possible impact on the environment” LUSH Cosmetics offers truly lush cosmetics with oodles of products that are fun, luxurious, effective and oh-so-green. From ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients to homespun recipes made by hand – from bare bones, recycled packaging to cruelty-free products; LUSH continues to make strides in all things green beauty.

For this review I checked out the Hottie Massage Bar ($11.95) which is touted as a “no nonsense massage bar for tense muscles.” Boasting a healthy helping of shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil for moisturizing properties, the Hottie Bar also features black pepper and ginger oils to stimulate and release those sore, tense muscles. As a runner I’m no stranger to sore muscles, and this bar came at the perfect time.

The Hottie bar features one smooth side and one bumpy side. Using the bumpy side I found it very easy to rub out any sore areas on large flat surfaces like my back or quads. It’s like having a bunch of little hands all kneading out the knots at once! The bar melts with body heat easily, gliding over skin with zero pulling. Best of all the oils easily absorb into the skin leaving you with a baby soft feel and no greasy residue.

I’m one of those lucky ladies with a husband who loves to give massages. The only catch is that if he gives one, he wants to get one in return! One of the best things about this bar is that the smell is perfectly gender neutral. No crazy fruity smells here! I can give the hubs a nice massage and have no fear about what rumors his coworkers or friends are going to start. The scent is spicy yet warm. I mainly pick up on the pepper and vanilla scents with only the slightest hint of ginger, making it perfect for a base scent to layer other perfumes over if you’re going out.

My only complaint about the Hottie Bar is a tiny one- it melts almost too easily! Too much rubbing with the bumpy side of the bar and you’re quickly going to have a flat surface. And since this bar is made with ingredients that allow the product to melt at temps close to body temperature, be sure to store it in a cool, dry space.

On the plus side, the easy melting abilities of this bar mean it’s perfect for melting into a bath! Add a little bit of the bar to your bubble bath to get a perfectly moisturizing experience. Just be careful when you stand up, the tub will be slippery!

Finally, it looks as if other massage lovers (it’s February after all) have snapped the current supply of Hottie Massage Bars right off the online shelves. You can sign up to be emailed when the Hottie comes back online, or check your local LUSH for a bar. And while you are online check out all of the other LUSH Massage Bars, like the Bewitched Massage Bar, a violet and lime scented bar featuring the same two-sided design as the Hottie.

Did the other testers warm up to the Hottie Bar as much as I did? Give me a shout out, Lush fans!

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16 thoughts on “Time to get physical – LUSH Hottie Massage Bar”

  1. I have been a long time Lush fan! They have great products and a beautiful commitment to the environment! I did not receive this to test. But I have used many a Lush massage bar. Using one is a messy and sensual experience! It feels great! But use towels!!

    I give these 4 stars because I agree that they melt too quickly. :(

  2. This is a great review, I’ve been thinking of getting this bar for my boyfriend so I’m glad your husband enjoys the scent. You are crazy lucky that he likes giving massages, my boyfriend hates it! I worked at Lush for 2 years, and I’ve been a huge fan of their products for ages. That’s a great idea, using the massage bar as a bath melt. I usually use these by running them between my hands and then give the massage instead of rubbing the bar on someone. Also in the summer you can store them in the fridge and then use them, it feels awesome. My favorite of the massage bars is definitely the therapy, it’s a best seller so it’s almost always in stock, and the orange and lavender scent is one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever come across.

  3. I love the Lush massage bars. I have Therapy at the moment which smells amazing, as well as one of the holiday scents for a season ago. These are the best thing in the winter, especially on freshly shaved legs.

  4. Agree on the cloning of the husband of @mandaleem – I could use a massage myself.

    I love what I’ve seen from LUSH but honestly do not know too much of their line – I need to find an LA store to browse! The massage bars sounds great – especially as part of my at home pedicure system! A little massage and natural oils for tired dry feet? Sold.

  5. I love Lush products. Feel in love with them when I stumbled into their store in Chicago years ago. Left with a ton a stuff. Haven’t tried the massage bar, but your review sounds great.

  6. haha, @mandaleem, that’s great that your husband loves LUSH! My boyfriend might love going to the LUSH store even more than I do ;) I’m a huge fan of their company and their products, particularly the bath bombs (Dragon’s Egg is awesome, AND glittery!)

    I received one of the “Hottie” massage bars to test, and LOVE it. My boyfriend says it’s “neat” and that he likes it. The scent is spicy and mostly peppery. It’s kind of intense, and I usually prefer girly floral scents, but it kind of grew on me. I loved the little nubs and how they felt on my back. The bar melts quickly and only a little is needed for a massage (I’ve used mine 4-5 times, and you can still see part of the nubs). The oil feels great on your skin and stays nice and slick, so you can give a massage for as long as you’d like without applying more. I personally like to shower off afterwards, or at least wipe off the excess. Unfortunately, LUSH doesn’t make a container that fits this particular bar, and it can get a little messy because it melts so easily. I haven’t tried using it in the bath yet, but I might in the morning.

    I give the Hottie massage bar five stars! I’ve bought it in another scent already (Each Peach), and want to try out more LUSH products soon :)

  7. I also got one of the Hottie bars to test and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic! It has a really nice warm smell and does a fantastic job of not only soothing and relaxing the muscles, but it left my skin feeling very soft. A little does go a long way, so I found after using the nubby side to do the initial massage of my muscles, that rubbing it in my skin with my hand helped work in the excess.

    And as everyone else has pointed out, this stuff really melts easily. Just holding it in my hand for a while, I found it start to melt a teeny tiny bit. @pinkshaya, I’m going to have to try the fridge trick.

    5 stars from me!

  8. This sounds wonderful! I wonder though, why they don’t make a container to hold it since everyone’s talking about the melting problems…seems like that’s solve alot of issues.

  9. @Turboterp and @tyna – Haha, I should clone him, or at least rent him out! He’s a good guy :)

    @Lipglossandspandex – I keep seeing rave reviews about the Dragon’s Egg but I haven’t sought it out yet. I need to get my hands on it soon!

    @Pinkshaya – Putting it in the fridge is an awesome idea!

    @LucyLemonade has seen a small part of my collection, what I could transport for a small massage class I was teaching. For the container issues I’ve found my own system. The massage bar/shampoo bar tins don’t really fit much (but the shampoo bar tin is great for taking little bits of shampoo bars on vacation, etc) so I have a tupperware system. Don’t laugh, I told you I was a hoarder… I have 3 tupperware containers, one for bath bombs, one for bubble bars/bath melts, and one for massage bars. Each container fits around 12 products, sometimes a little more. Anyway, I separate the massage bars with the thick cardboard from other cosmetic containers/packaging. The entire container can come into the room with you and once you’re done with the bar it gets popped back into place! I keep the containers in my linen closet and guests always comment that my sheets and towels smell amazing, LOL!

  10. I usually don’t like bar soaps in the bathtub/shower because they get so gloppy and it sounds like this is no different. I love special bar soaps though, and do keep a dish by the sink. I love that this is a massage bar…now how do I use that at the sink? Hmm…

  11. @LipglossandSpandex – Oh yeah, it can be messy in the tub! When I use it there I use just the tiniest bit, not much at all. It reminds me of using a bath melt but a little extra moisturizing. I use it with a bubble bar and that way it’s a little easier to clean up. (The soap cuts down on the oils, etc.)

    @Sherrishera – It’s not a soap, more like a solid butter. You potentially could use it at the sink (maybe melt it a little under hot water and use it to moisturize your neck and shoulders?) but it’s defiantly meant to be used directly on the skin, no water involved.

  12. I <333 LUSH so this review definitely excited me. I love spicy warm scents too! Yes, I do agree that the massage bars can melt easily with any touch, but they're worth it in the end :)

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