Top Ten Tuesdays - what's in my purse?

Top Ten Tuesdays – what’s in my purse?

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What is in my purse 

As a little girl I used to love nothing more then digging through my Mom and Grandmother’s purses and making discoveries; from gum to lip balm to the pictures in their wallets. So today, I’m going to let you dig through mine virtually.

1. See by Chloe Nellie Bag ($595) – Let’s start with the purse itself. This gorgeous cobalt blue beauty is soon to be mine. It’s Pantone’s #1 color for spring 2014, so it may just be the first time in my life that I’m early for anything.

2. Benefit Rockateur icon ($28) – I’m loving light shimmery blushes at the moment, and Rockateur fits the bill nicely with its rose gold hue. The box is sturdy enough to carry around, and it even has a brush.

3. Lypsyl Lip Balm ($2.99) – Hands down, my favorite lip balm in a LONG line of lip balms.

4. MAC Blot Powder/Pressed ($25) – It doesn’t matter what season it is, I am never without my Blot Powder in Medium to keep shine at bay.

5. Travalo Refillable Rollerball ($19.99) – You never know when you’re going to need a bit more perfume. This super easy-to-fill rollerball lets me create a portable version of any scent I like.

6. First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Rollericon ($24) – I never seem to get quite enough sleep, and my eyes are usually proof. Beauty Detox helps to alleviate puffiness and dark circles, and the metal rollerball is a soothing pick me up.

7. Gelaskins Charley Harper iPhone case ($34.95) – I’m obsessed with iPhone cases! My latest may just be my favorite; an illustration of a plethora of creatures big and small.

8. Hourglass Femme Rouge in Icon icon ($30) – I usually have a red lipstick with me at all times, even if I didn’t leave the house wearing it. You can dress up even yoga pants if you add a red lipstick! Icon is a gorgeous classic deep red in the most beautiful packaging money can buy.

9. Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Aviators ($98) – I find myself reaching for the classics when I reach for sunglasses lately. These Marc Jabobs’ take the tried and true aviator shape and updates them with a rose gold hue.

10. Sephora Collection Crystal Nail Fileicon ($10) – At home, I prefer a rounded file. But on the go, a pointed file comes in handy for poking things!

How about you we heartsters, what’s in your purse right now?

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays – what’s in my purse?”

  1. I might need that First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller. It looks kinda awesome. And you bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love cobalt blue and I’m so glad it will be the color of the season next spring!

  2. Blot powder, red lipstick and aviators? You’re my kinda gal, Stef!

    I have: one of the MAC Archie lipglasses (Betty), aviators, MAC Viva Glam leopard coin purse (filled with emergency items like bandaids, spare contacts, and hair elastics), a hot pink MAC prolongwear lipgloss, some stickers from local breweries, my Hello Kitty checkbook, and a few gel pens.

  3. I echo the masses – that bag is lovely!

    My purse always contains: Blistex Complete Moisture for everyday lip emergencies, a versatile light raspberry lipstick, spare concealer, clear hair bands, sunglasses, and listerine strips. And the wild card – headphones! You never know when you might need to be in your own soundscape!

    @Brooke if you are down with the cheapies, I was in a Ragstock a couple of weeks ago and snagged some great rose gold shades!

  4. Oh I want that purse. I need that purse. Shopbop has the best selection of purses ever. I’d take everything in your picture if I could (except for red lipstick).

  5. I love your picks, @stef , especially that BAG! I want it!!

    In my own boring, black tote, I’m hauling around way too much stuff today, like: huge Lumete sunglasses, MAC sheer pressed powder, Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Midnight Cowboy, a nude Milani lipstick, a teeny jar of Vaseline Lip Therapy, a Betsey Johnson leopard watch that needs a battery, Bazooka bubblegum, dog biscuits. And a small wrench I forgot was in there—so that’s why my purse was so heavy!

  6. @stef – I just picked up Rockateur, too! I like it–it’s a nice, soft flush of color. I heart Benefit.

    My purse is not as exciting. It’s a Vera Bradley purse–currently in the Happy Snails print. The thing is HUGE. I could fit a person in there. Not an *intact* person, per se, but maybe a torso?

    Anyhoo, I’ve got a retro Barbie print mini notepad, a pen, a Gerber Gear Bear Grylls folding knife in a sheath (I’m rugged, yo!), a L’Oreal lippie in Andie’s Rose Carmine (my favorite color that was discontinued–I bought so many of these up, there is one in every purse I own), some Clean & Clear blotting sheets, a tube of Revlon colorstay concealer, a matchbook of emery boards, a pack of heavy duty tissues that are beige with a gold “K” on them (I’m fancy, yo!), and my iPhone–the case resembles an Etch-a-Sketch (I’m a grown-up, yo!). There’s also a buttload of receipts and coupons in there.
    SUPER exciting :)

  7. I want everything in your purse…and I want that purse! Seriously, I looked in my bag, and I found a glass tube of sewing needles, orange thread, orange fabric with white polka dots, a fabric yo-yo maker, a par of scissors, and a Benefit lip gloss. Something tells me I am a DIY writer! Ha!

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