Travel Tins - candle review

Travel Tins – candle review

I am just plain gifted! Seriously, I have talent. I never miss an opportunity to spill food on my clothes. When I walk (and trip) I always manage to scrape and scuff my shoes and dent my heels. And even though I don’t actually touch them when they’re burning – candles that are in a reasonable proximity to me always drip wax everywhere and all over the furniture! (It’s true, we’ve heard Katie mention this several times! ~wht)

So I really think that they invented Travel Tins, scented travel candles, with me in mind. They come in lightweight, non-breakable travel-friendly tins. You should definitely remember them next time you’re going away – to help banish that stale hotel-room smell from your room and help you escape from your escape! Even cooler, you can bulk order them and customize them as wedding favors or freebies for your clients, etc. Genius. Plus at $6 retail, they don’t break the bank.

Travel Tins are made in the good old USA with evenly-burning soy wax and the wicks are 100% cotton. I got Jamaica Me Crazy, a mango-pineapple-coconut DELICIOUS scent that fills the whole room when it’s burning, which has really been helping me relax while cramming for a Finance final. They have approximately 40 different scents with new scents being added all the time.

Dom Perignon taste and Boone’s Farm budget? Travel tins are for you!

Review team: let us know which scent you received and if you’re going to be grabbing these for your next getaway.



Cosmetics connoisseur, France fanatic, great gal; this post was brought to you by Katie. Currently living in San Antonio, Texas, she's a bargain-hunter who loves big-time luxury and small-time prices.

11 thoughts on “Travel Tins – candle review”

  1. stef

    I really had a hard time deciding which to keep, every scent seemed to be yummier than the next. I ended up with Sugar Plum, which is great. Just slightly sweet, I like foodie scents but only those that aren’t sickening sweet. This fit the bill perfectly!

    Best part? I took it with me on a wht girls getaway and used it exactly how Katie describes above, in a “seen fresher days” hotel room. But in the hotel’s defense, it did have 4 girls in it! It’s super easy to pack (very light) and scented the room and bathroom perfectly.

    I’ve decided I’m going to keep one of these WITH my suitcase, so I have no excuse for a less than perfect smelling hotel room again. Really nice product!

  2. Cori

    I received the lavender and was pleasantly surprised. I usually stay away from floral scents because I find they can be to strong for my sniffer and cause headaches. But the lavender was nice. I lit it upstairs and came downstairs and it wafted around my apartment nicely. I was headache free! It was very calming too, which is always a plus. They also burn down nice and flat, none of that weird uneven stuff, so you get the full use of the wax. I think I will try some of the other scents too, the price is great!

  3. christy

    I tried out the Blackberry Vanilla Travel Tin and I love it! It really fills the room with such a lovely scent. It is definitely more berry than vanilla, but I think the hint of vanilla keeps it from going into an over berry zone =)

    Over all it really fills an entire room with it’s scent without going into headache-ville, which some candles can do. I’m with Cori on that, some candles give me terrible headaches, but these don’t bother me a bit! They have just the right amount of fragrance.

    You can’t beat the price, and it burns so nice. Great idea to use it for “not so fresh” hotel rooms. I am anxious to try their Sweet Pumpkin Spice scent. I am a pumpkin nut so I think I’m going to love it.

    These would make great stocking stuffers!

  4. krista

    I received the Ocean scent. I typically do not enjoy faux water/nature scents because they all smell like detergent to me and give me a headache, so this wasn’t really my preference. I love anything that smells fruity or like a baked good. That being said, my hubby claimed this candle for his own because he has his own bathroom separate from mine and as he put it “it smells like a clean mens room”, so I guess that’s comforting for him??? In any case, he loved the scent. It is a bit masculine, so if you’re someone who likes more “clean” scents, this one is for you. It’s very fragrant and it does make a room smell like it’s just been cleaned, so this would probably be an ideal travel candle, especially if the room has that stale hotel smell. If you like foodie scents, this one is probably not for you, but from what the other ladies have said, the other scents offered give you plenty to choose from :)

  5. tyna

    Oh, I love the idea of keeping my Citrus Basil Travel Tin in my suitcase! I never remember to pack a travel candle on trips. Of course, it always pops into my head just as I enter my hotel room – “doh! why didn’t I pack a travel candle?”

    I received my candle in Citrus Basil – which is a very sweet and fresh scent with an almost minty top scent and orange-ish undertones.As the other girls mentioned, the scent is light enough for those that can be sensitive to strong fragrances. I also like that the cap of the standard circular tin is easy to open (I’ve had some I had to pry open) and recaps securely, it will stay put during your trip. Oh, I need to chime in on the great price for the nice quality soy candles – that’s always noticed and appreciated! And necessary as there are a number of other scents I want to try from their huge range of choices – especially Sweet Pea Blossoms, Fresh Clover & Aloe and Orange Crush.

  6. I received my candle in Fruit Slices and that is exactly what it smells like. It’s sorta orange mixed with lemons. This candle is amazingly powerful for such a small tin. Because I have small children around I don’t like to leave burning candles around my house all day, so I used this on one of those candle warmer plates. This candle melted almost instantly and filled my entire house with the most delicious citrus smell. I’ve left this warming now for probably at least 12 hours so far and the candle still looks brand new. I would love to try out other scents. These candles are worth every penny and would make excellent gifts. I highly recommend these.

  7. Mike

    The ocean scent was decent. It does have the scent of a clean mens locker room. A sort of combination of cologne and soap. A clean smell good for small spaces. Bathrooms, hotel rooms, perhaps your office (if your company lets you burn things at your desk.)

  8. I can never have too many scented candles! I think almost everyone who reads this site can agree. I always travel with one as well. it started back when i went on my first cruise. I had a feeling that the rooms would be musty and i was right. That candle was in such high demand from the rest of my group for their rooms. So since then if i’m going to a hotel i bring one. When I received The Travel Tin, i thought it was totally clever and couldn’t wait to use it. I was going to florida the week after and thought it would be perfect because i find since i live in a dry climate when i go to more humid areas i think it kind of stinks. I light it right away in the kitchen area and it was a great light lemony scent. Unfortunately, i left it down there! i was so mad! which is why i can’t remember the exact scent. but i do know it was a lemon something which i don’t have many of and i’ve started to really like lemony scents. Oh well! i’ll just have to pick up some more. Would for sure buy to have on hand when traveling. Perfect!

  9. suzan

    Kate I love the line “Dom Perignon taste and Boone’s Farm budget” it sums these candles up to a T!
    I received lavender and was very pleased with it. I am forever burning candles they comfort me and make everything feel cozy. Like everyone else has said they fill the room with a nice scent without overpowering and giving you a candle headache. I also love that they are soy and burn so evenly. Last weekend a bird flew into my husbands SUV while he had it parked outside with the windows open and pooped on his very light colored fabric interior. He was fit to be tied. Out he went with his spot remover to rid the interior of bird droppings. All was well again but now the entire interior smelled of very harsh chemical smell. I went out, popped this baby in the cup holder, let it burn for an hour and poof all gone. Please note, do not burn a candle while you’re driving!

  10. suzan

    Oh one more thing girls! Keep the candle in your go to travel make-up bag not your suitcase. That way you will have it even if you only use a weekender bag.

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