UncommonGoods: gifts that make both you and them happy

UncommonGoods: gifts that make both you and them happy

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At the risk of sounding like a braggart; I’m a good gift giver. I thoughtfully ponder over the recipient and occasion, and won’t stop until I have found the perfect item. It makes me happy, it makes them happy…and those are two things you should always aim for!

There’s a site that’s been helping me achieving this dual gift nirvana for years: UncommonGoods. I’ve turned to them countless times and they never let me down. From gifts for my booze-loving guy friends to the perfect items for little ones; I always end up with something unique, just as their name would imply.

Take my recent purchases. I was looking for something perfect for my friends and I found exactly that. (Friends, look away…because you are about to see your upcoming gifts.)


• For the burger connoisseur; a set of 3 fruit ketchups ($24.95)
• For my boss’s desk; a glass baggie candy bowl ($16.50)
• For my spa fanatic bestie; an upcylced sari robe ($58)

While I’ve known for years what great gifts they have, I had no idea what a cool company UncommonGoods was. I’m talking, I kinda wanna move to New York and work for them! Housed in the Brooklyn Army Terminal warehouse, they have promoted the work of over 600 independent artists since opening in 1999. Most items are made in the USA by hand, and many use recycled materials. They treat their employees well too. Hourly employees are paid at least 70% over the Federal minimum wage.

Ready to experience gift giving nirvana yourself? Click here and get shopping!

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2 thoughts on “UncommonGoods: gifts that make both you and them happy”

  1. I always use Uncommon Goods when I have no starting point for a gift. I’m usually an excellent gift giver, but sometimes I just draw a blank. The gifts they carry are so unique and fun, that I know that I can’t do wrong. Love them!

  2. I’ve never heard of them before but I just visited their website through your link and fell in love! What an awesome online store!

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