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Virtual Mad Men Party winners: New York, here we come

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Remember the virtual Mad Men party for the mid-season 7 premiere we were part of? You know the one; 50+ blogs shared their favorite Mad Men inspired food and drink recipes (many from the Unofficial Mad Men cookbook) and Heather whipped up Shrimp Curry Canapés and Whiskey Sours.

Well, what you may not have known is that there was a contest involved with the event. An esteemed panel of judges (including Evan Kleinman, who I listen to every week on KCRW’s Good Food) awarded REALLY AMAZING prizes in nine categories.

And guess what? We are so excited to announce that we won the top prize; The Don Draper Best in Show Award for best overall blog: writing, creativity and visual excellence! Our prize is a NYC dream; two nights at the Roosevelt Hotel and dinner at Grand Central Oyster Bar.

We are so unbelievably excited to have been chosen. Especially from amongst all the amazing blogs who were a part of it. But I’d like to think our devotion to the show showed in the post, and the judges saw that. This was one of their comments.

Great, varied visuals, from the first juxtaposition of the show’s logo with a food shot, and including priceless stills from the show, hilarious video of Pete sliding down stairs, and amusing stills created especially for the post. Choice of finger foods is perfect for a Mad Men party. Good step by step instructions. This blogger provided a “total” Mad Men experience. Kudos!

Thanks to Heather for always making such great food, the photography gods for being on my side that day, Tyna for her careful eye in editing and to Amity, who didn’t work on this post, but who has beautifully recapped every episode for us for the past two years and kept this Mad Men train chugging.

You know, our How To Have a Mad Men Party post back in 2009 brought us one of the most exciting bits of press we have ever received, when AMC listed it alongside Epicurious and Oprah on their website. We were humbled then, and we’re humbled now.

Mad Men has been very, very good to us.


6 thoughts on “Virtual Mad Men Party winners: New York, here we come”

  1. OMG CONGRATS! That was such an awesome post and recipe; so glad it got the recognition it deserved! And extra lovely as Mad Men is ending–like a wonderful final tribute. *insert Don Draper toasting y’all gif here*

  2. This is just about the best thing ever!!! We Heart This is a classy bunch! Of course you won the top prize. Congrats!! It is a wonderful way to end years of excellent Mad Men coverage.

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