We heart 7 Charming Sisters jewelry

We heart 7 Charming Sisters jewelry

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Jewelry is a lot like makeup: it always makes you feel good. It doesn’t care if you went up a size, you’ll never say you can’t wait to get home to take it off (can’t say the same thing with heels, can you?) and it’s the most economic fashion pick-me-up you can buy.

To prove my point, let me introduce you to 7 Charming Sisters. Check out their gorgeous jewelry and just try to tell me you wouldn’t feel great in it!

But, these smarties have even taken it a step further. Have you ever been overwhelmed when shopping for jewelry? Rows and rows (or pages and pages) of shiny, pretty things that bedazzle you to a point of confusion. You began to wonder: Will this look good on me? Is this my style? What did I come here for, anyway?

$17! Can you believe it?

7 Charming Sisters has simplified the process for you. And in turn, made it a whole lot more fun! Their premise is simple, but genius. Pieces fall into 7 style categories based on 7 sisters. Take the quiz to figure out which style/sister you are, then shop that category to see selections just for you.

Are you a fashionista? Is sparkle your thing? Or maybe you prefer simple, classic looks? They’ve got you covered. Turns out I’m mostly a bohemian Kimberly with a touch of Jessica, a sexy nerd who loves color, and the pieces that fell in those categories were PERFECT for me.

The Hit The Ground Running ring ($27) is beyond beautiful in a antique gold tone with warm champagne crystals. It’s a bold statement ring, that’s somehow understated at the same time.

It pairs perfectly with the Twilight earrings ($17). These antique gold earrings are shaped like curved arrows with pearl and crystal accents. They’re the epitome of elegant!

The necklace shown here has sold out (it went on sale for $7 and that’s all she wrote!) but check out the other drapey options like the suede and gold Gone With the Wind ($17).

Now, how would you like to win a $50 gift card so you can check out the line yourself? There’s 9 ways and 2 weeks to enter. And if you don’t win, you should still check out 7 Charming Sisters. Because you deserve some new jewelry, damn it!

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  1. My favorite is the CLASS ACT NECKLACE. The colors are just lovely and I really like the simplicity of it.

  2. Wow what beautiful and exquisite jewelry! I just adore the Twilight Earrings they are sort of classic and trendy all at once, just perfect!

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