We heart Kiehl's

We heart Kiehl’s

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If there’s one thing that Tyna and I are, it is beauty product obsessed. And obsessed is really putting it mildly. There’s very few people who can put up with a day of shopping beauty with the two of us. Most lightweights get that blurry look in their eyes about an hour in. T and I? We once spent over 3 hours in the 3-floor San Francisco Sephora. We’d separate, meet up every 45 minutes and compare baskets (“Oh no, I read this is awful.” “Ooo, I didn’t know this came in travel size!” “OMG, where did you get this?”) It was a magical day.

Another magical day? The day we were introduced to Kiehl’s. We were at a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills in about 1994, visiting with our beloved Trish Mcevoy makeup artist. We could (and would) sit and chat with him for hours. He was one of those rare breeds of makeup salesperson who didn’t sell you things you didn’t need. He’d literally grab things out of yours hands and say “Girl, I know you have a color like this already!” So on that day, after he rang up our Trish purchases, he asked “Have you tried Kiehl’s yet? No? Oh my gosh, let’s go!” Leading us by the hand like a makeup messiah to the new Kiehl’s counter.

Now, it’s somewhat shameful that we had never tried the line, seeing as it had been around for 150 years. But in the mid 90’s the only way you could buy the line was through their catalog or in their New York location. This was before the internet was common place (gasp!) and before they had locations in numerous states. This counter at Saks was new and it was a BIG deal.

We fought through the crowd of women and had our first encounter with the beautiful and knowledgeable people in the white lab coats known as the Kiehl’s employee. She looked at our skin, asked questions about our daily routine (what we were using now, what we liked and didn’t like about it) and asked what we were hoping to achieve with our Kiehl’s purchase.

It’s there I was introduced to my number one, can’t live without skin care product, their Calendula Toner. Now, Toner is a real underdog in the skin care line up. I constantly see articles or “ask us” questions where people ponder “do you really need a toner?” Surprisingly, lot of experts say no. But I highly disagree. I’d skip moisturizer over this toner. If you are acne prone or have oily skin-this product will be your new BFF. Made with Whole Flowers and Pure Extracts, Calendula soothes irritations (so it’s great on cuts or razor burn too) and keeps oily skin at bay. It’s light, refreshing, smells great and my skin loves it. Plus, show me the woman who doesn’t like a product with flower petals floating in it?

Another tip? I was told by a facialist that women with oily skin should not wash their face more than once a day. By over-stripping the oil, you’re actually creating more in the long run. So I wash at night with my Clarisonic , and use only a swipe of Calendula toner only in the AM. I’ll tell you, my skin has NEVER been happier.

No matter what your skin type is, there are 9 other Kiehl’s toners to choose from. And while their toner happens to be my favorite product, there are tons of other amazing things to choose from. Lines for all sorts of specific needs-dry skin, blemish control, aging, plus products for babies, men and even dogs. It won’t be hard to see why we heart Kiehl’s!

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  1. Oh how I heart Kiehls. My fav product has to be the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. For dry cold PA winters you can’t ask for a better product. I also love the Essence Oils, Stef I know you love oils have you tried these yet? I very much want to try Simply Mahvelous Legs” Shave Cream and the Eye Alert. Have any of you tried these? I can’t imagine that any Kiehls product isn’t worth it’s weight in gold. I also love that I can buy most of these products at Target. What girl doesn’t love a Target. A Target with Kiehls is like heaven.

  2. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Kiehl’s! It’s hilarious to look at my bathroom counter-top.. You would think I was related to the family. Surprise, I’m not, but have been a solid and loyal customer for years! It started with the lip balm! HA! You should see my collection now.. It also helps that we have a boutique conveniently located here at South Coast Plaza, to which I’m employed for 19 years. I personally can’t wait to try one of their newest products out, “Highly Efficient Skin-Tone Corrector”. It’s been clinically-demonstrated to help reduce the appearance of brown spots and uneven skin tone. Yes, I have a brown spot that is on my left check –around the jawbone. I’d love to see if this will help this area. I will report back as soon as I know the results!

  3. Kiehl’s is amazing! I first discovered them when I was in college, I lived a couple blocks from their store in NYC. Within moments of walking in, one of the salesgirls took me around and asked all kinds of questions, then sent me out with samples. I tried them out and my skin was happier than it had been in years!
    The Rare-Earth Oatmeal Milk Facial Cleanser along with the Calendula toner, followed up with the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and I was set! Of course I went back and bought them all! & over the years as my skin has changed and different needs pop up, Khiel’s has something for every need. Their Blue Herbal Spot Treatment is great for the occasional break out, and the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is great to nurture under your eyes.
    I’m also a HUGE fan of their Bath and Shower cleansers!
    The scents are all amazing, and they don’t dry your skin out like some liquid soaps can tend to do. The Cucumber has the cleanest & happiest smell! I LOVE IT!
    & if you have any dry patches (elbows, hands, etc) the Creme de Corps is the go to cure!
    Wow I could go on there are like 7 or 8 more products I could bring up. I would say if you have never tried Kiehl’s, go to their site, type in your concerns and pick one or two products, then ask for samples of the rest and I have no doubt you will be happy with the results, and quickly become a super fan like me =)

  4. Oh boy, do we love Kiehl’s! Stef and I almost had to have a dance-off to decide who would get to do this write up! Before, I get into my fave Kiehl’s items; I must say Susan – why didn’t you point me towards the Kiehl’s when we were at the target in Reading?! You’re slacking! I can’t even imagine having access to Kiehl’s at my target – lucky, lucky!
    So, back to the products. I think my #1 favorite is the Crème de Corps lotion. This stuff is the best and soothes even the driest skin! I love that it doesn’t have an overpowering or fruity/flowery scent. It doesn’t need to distract you with good smells because the lotion does all you could ask for in moisturizing. Hmm. My runner up items would be the Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub or the classic Lip Balm #1.
    Oh and I have to add how much I love the staff at Kiehl’s. Their people are always so nice and knowledgeable and never push products on you. Plus, they are the most generous with samples. As well they should be, I’m sure once you test their amazing products, you’ll go right back to buy the full size version.

  5. I too used to live a couple of blocks away from the store in NYC. Then i remember it became such a big deal when they started selling in Barneys. I’ve always loved their products. But i will admit i always bought stuff for men from there. I would be lotions and some stuff here and there for me but i never used any of their face creams, just because i was always using something else at the time. So last year i received the Abyssine Cream for Christmas. Well, once i started using it, i never stopped! I LOVE it! I put tons of it on and it absorbs into my skin so fast! and it has an spf 23 which is awesome since i live in Los Angeles and the god damn sun is always shining here!

  6. Oh Kiehls…my most loved line of all time!! My bathroom countertop could probably go head to head with Pam’s. Every product is just as it should be – nothing overdone – just maximum effectiveness to get the job done no matter what product you try. I have the ultimate confidence in everything they make – and you don’t even need to because you can always try before you buy with the excellent sample system. As many have said already, their sales associates are extraordinary – very knowledgable but never pushy – and very willing to load you up on samples of anything you ask for – i agree – it’s because they know you’ll be back. I’ve used 4 of their toners – my favorite being the Tea Tree Oil Toner – tea tree oil being great for breakouts – this has kept my skin pretty much acne-free for as long as I’ve been using it. It’s blended with aloe, thyme, lavendar, and sage to as they say give you a calming yet mildly astringent effect – and it does the job – all while being alcohol free. It’s my number one product for good reason! I’ve used their creme de corps lightweight and regular body lotions for years and recently discovered their suberbly restorative line, too – which is slightly more scented – but nothing is ever overscented with Kiehl’s. One of my fav products they make is the creme de corps soy milk and honey body polish -this stuff is amazing!! The smell’s divine and it makes your skin so creamy soft. I use tons of their hair products as well. My two fav shampoos are of course the tea tree oil one – hair is sooo clean and full of volume – and the protein concentrate shampoo. Their Heat protective silk straightening cream is some of the best pre-blow dry product I’ve used – never weighs the hair down, keeps it stylish and frizzies down. A good follow-up product for that too is their silk groom serum. Two products my guy uses are the deodorant (with orange, lemon, and linseed) when he’s over – it’s unisex smelling – and I forget what it’s called- but it’s a muscle rub cream that works quite well for his golf elbow, etc. I wash my dog with their shampoo and conditioner – I’d never use anything else now on him – it makes him so soft, shiny, and gives him a refreshing, light smell that lasts quite a while! There’s alot more that I use too, actually – but these are some of my favorites – and I just couldn’t leave any out…whew!! Next on my list though has got to be that skin tone corrector…I wonder how it compares to a certain grapevine product we love so much…

  7. T, if you weren’t so busy oogaling over the fact that we have Bumble and Bumble you would have seen it.
    Funny Mel I was wondering the same thing about the Skin Tone Corrector in comparison to a certain grapevine product. Bronwen does the Abyssine Cream have an SPF smell to it? I’ve been on a mission for an SPF face cream that doesn’t feel greasy and smell like SPF. I have never gotten any that meet both of those requirements.

  8. Ooooh I love Kiehls too!!!!!
    My favorite is their Creme with Silk Groom! It leaves my hair so silky smooth!!! & Susan I say go for it and try the “Simply Mahvelous Legs” Shave Cream. It works really well, no nicks and super smooth skin after shaving, especially if you follow up with their Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal, I adore the Coriander scent! SOOOO nice!!
    And if I ever need a super relaxing soak, their Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe does the job. I usually fall asleep within minutes of getting out of the tub!! So relaxing.. YAY! I’m so excited to be able to talk about how I heart Kiehls!!!
    Oh and I agree with everyone about their staff.. they
    are so knowledgeable and generous!! I always get lots of samples and they really take their time with you to make sure you get what will work for your skin!!!

  9. I truly love Kiehl’s hair products also Wednesday! What I love most about the hair line, like the Creme Silk Groom product, is that it really last forever too! If anyone is looking for an amazing conditioner, i would love to plug the, Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak! It’s insanely, umm, is that a word? wonderful!! I highly recommend it to everyone with hair on their head! You will thank me one thousand times over!

  10. YO Mel, lets take pictures of our vanities and see who’s got what! HA! Stef says, “Pam, you’re out of control”. I said, “I know”.What’s even more pathetic is that I have stuff put away out of sight- on top of my stock piles! Oh, I know I have a weakness to amazing products. There are just so many many!

  11. We should Pammie! From what I’ve heard you would probably win, though!! I did a count – I currently have 22 products – and most of them are in the regular rotatation. One I forgot to mention earlier is the dry oil…it’s wonderful how it soaks in almost immediately and leaves the skin sooo silky smooth…

  12. 27 and 10! Mel, At first I was thinking I don’t have that many items, do I? i just returned from counting the Kiehl’s products in my bathroom and the total sum was TWENTY SEVEN lovelies. They were on the counter top, in the shower/bath and under the sink (that’s where most of my hair care is). Then I thought I’d check what the old man has in his bathroom.. suprised to find TEN products he uses regularly! He has become a fan by choice too! He’ll say that they are a bit pricey for him, but they are worth it! How dang funny is that! He is right, the ole chap is right on! I agree completely that the Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil is wonderful. It is great for your face, body and hair too! It is instantly absorbed by the skin and you are left with such soft silky skin! I just put some on and am loving the way it makes my face feel. Just Tuesday, Stef actually said that the shower shelf that houses the many products looks pretty..I agreed, the light coming through the window makes it look heavenly-pretty cool! HA!

  13. I guess you could say I’m a Keihl’s virgin. I’ve always heard great things about this line, but I’m not sure why I’ve never tried them before. I’ve also heard Stef raving over the Calendula toner. I’m still cursed with oily skin and blemishes at the ripe old age of 36, so when Stef mentioned I should try this toner, I took her advice. I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but I do have to say I’m thrilled how much I like this toner already. I usually stay away from toners because they make my face feel so tight and dry with all the alcohol they contain. This toner is the complete opposite…it makes my face feel softer and more refreshed and best of all it’s alcohol free. Thanks Stef for the recommendation! I can’t wait to try more products from Keihl’s and can’t believe it took me this long try them out.

  14. I know that its supposed to be all natural with no fragrance added – but I sort of feel like all their products end up smelling like the plastic bottles they’re packaged in. What am I missing?

  15. So glad to see all the love for Kiehls!

    I think the Creme de Corps line would follow as my next favorite. Mel, I have yet to try the CDC soy and honey body polish, it sounds amazing.

    Susan-I haven’t tried their essential oils (and I am an oil lover). I’ve been eying their Musk Oil for ages though.

    A couple of you mentioned the Highly Efficient Skin-Tone Corrector. One of us have to take the plunge and make that purchase and report back.

    Pam’s right too-the Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak (which I tried at her house of course) is probably my favorite deep conditioner of all time. My hair was amazingly soft afterwwards.

    And just a note on Pam. I counted the beauty products on her sink just the other day (kiehls and others). I stopped at 80. Yep, that’s right-80! The girl is an addict.

    Lastly, Kate-welcome first and foremost! So glad you found us. Second-I have to believe you got a bad item to test. I’ve never tried anything I didn’t think smelled great. Lots of their items have natural ingredients, but I don’t think they claim to be a all natural company. If you’re up for trying again, I’d recommend the Creme de Coprs line, which has a light kind of cocoa butter scent, very nice!

  16. I’ve used Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment for a few years now and it’s a really fabulous product. It gently treats blemishes and has never dried my skin out or made it peel like some other notable spot treatments. It’s also clear, which is great when you want to put some on before you put on makeup because it doesn’t show like a cream would. Love, love, love it! Kiehl’s lip balms are also divine. You really have to appreciate the fact that Kiehl’s has been in the beauty biz for over 100 years—that alone speaks for their products, in my opinion :)

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  18. I love the Botanical Brightening Spot Treatment. I actually apply it all over my face at night and it has not only gotten rid of some unsightly hyperpigmentation but it has also brought back the rosy glow to my cheeks that I haven’t seen since I was a back in school (many many years ago.) Another favorite is the Re-texturizing Microdermabrasion. It is like a microdermabrasion treatment so I do not recommend this for daily use. But it works to reveal younger skin underneath without the nasty red-faced after effects of a real dermabrasion treatment. For those with sensitive eyes, who tend to rub their eyes and are also contact lens wearers, I recommend their mineral mascara. It has jojoba oil and it is actually good for your lashes it does not destroy your contact lenses. My optometrist recommended this when I complained about mascara irritating my eyes and ruining my contact lenses. However, this is not going to give you that fake eye lash look that some women love…but it does darken and thicken lashes with mutiple sweeps through your lashes.

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