we heart this: Benefit Roller Lash review

we heart this: Benefit Roller Lash

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Here’s why it’s our Product of the Week…

Name: Benefit Roller Lash ($24)

What it does: The mascara’s Hook ‘n’ Roll brush catches even the smallest lashes to separate and lift, while the formula curls and holds them.

Why we heart it: If you would have told me Benefit would come out with a mascara that I’d like as much as They’re Real (easily one of my top 3 favorite mascaras) – I wouldn’t have believed you. But they have, and I do!


As with all Benefit products, the retro packaging is adorable. The rubber cap is not only comfy to hold, but it reminds me of my Grandmother’s pink plastic curlers.


But the magic in this product is in the deceptively simple brush. A slightly curved wand with small plastic bristles (hooray for small plastic bristles, why do they even make any other kind anymore?) that hide tiny barbs that hook and grab your lashes. The other side has even tinier ones that you can use for the corners of your eyes.


The formula is no slouch either. As it dries, your lashes curl. Skip the barbaric curler, you don’t need it!

Here’s the proof in before and after photos. I’m wearing no make-up other than the mascara (well, and some brow powder because I’m not a heathen.)

Benefit-Roller-Lash-beforeSo straight!

Benefit-Roller-Lash-afterSo curled!

That’s with just one quick coat of Roller Lash and nothing else. Impressive, no? If you want to get fancy, Benefit says adding a coat of They’re Real on top of Roller Lash is just like a big ol’ cherry on top.

Benefit, you complete my lashes.

we heartsters, have you tried Roller Lash yet? Share your thoughts!

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11 thoughts on “we heart this: Benefit Roller Lash”

  1. Great review! I LOVE Roller Lash–somehow I ended up with 3 deluxe samples and will buy the hell out of it when they are gone. I am too lazy to curl my eyelashes ever, but Roller Lash does it for me, and the curled, wide-eyed look lasts all day.

  2. I’m fetching this! I need some mascara, if you can believe it!
    Reminds me of my Nana’s rollers too! LOL! Yay, for Benefit doing I again!

  3. This sounds like a great mascara! I am pretty lazy with the eye lash curler myself. So I could use something with a nice lasting curl. The results look amazing @ stef!! I can’t wait to get a tube for myself. I love that this is no spider eye kind of a mascara. I can’t stand too much oompf-you can cross a line! LOL

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