What Is Banana Powder + How To Use It Like A Pro

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Tired of doing your makeup for hours just for it to end up sliding all over your face before the day ends?

Or is your memory stash full of photographs where you look ghostly and cakey?

There’s a product for every beauty need. With every technology and product released, the evolution of makeup continues.

And thanks to the internet, new trends and hacks go viral. It also paves the way for the classics to be relived.

When it comes to baking and setting, one of beauty’s best-kept secrets went from being a theater and film staple to a vanity must-have. The time it took to be unraveled is worth it, indeed!

I bet you’ve heard of this by now. From Kim K to today’s top makeup gurus, all swore by this powder when it took the beauty world by storm in 2016.

If you still have no idea what the hype behind the famous banana powder is, let me tell you this…

It is the holy grail of loose powders.

The name may be fruity, but this classic hit is a game-changer — exactly what every beauty junkie needs in achieving picture-perfect, budge-proof makeup.

Keep reading to find out what banana powder is and how to use it.

 What is Banana Powder?

Before we jump into the magic of Banana Powder, let’s look back at its history, shall we?

The first banana powder and perhaps the OG of them all was originally developed by professional makeup artist, Ben Nye, around the 60s.

Since then, it has been an industry staple, and Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder has ultimately revolutionized the game.

Banana powder is a micro-milled, silky-smooth loose powder with a slight yellow hue but it is universally flattering on all skin tones.

It not only mattifies your makeup; it also illuminates, color-corrects, and smoothens it, giving out a picture-perfect airbrushed finish.

The Difference Between Banana Powder and Translucent Powder

The difference between a banana and translucent powder may be confusing. Although they give off the same flawless finish, what sets them apart is noticeable. 

The most distinct way to differentiate them is through their colors.

Most translucent powders often have white particles. This can be detectable when used to set your makeup, as it often leaves a white cast.

Banana powders have a golden or yellow tint. This illuminizes the face, reducing the risk of looking ghostly in flash photography.

At first, the color of banana powders may be intimidating. But it works like magic and offers a wide range of color selections…

Especially now that most brands offer “banana” shades for lighter and darker skin tones.

What Does Banana Powder Do?

The versatility of this product justifies the hype that it has been receiving. Banana powders are truly the fairy dust of makeup.

Here’s a rundown of what banana powders do for your makeup look:

1.     It gives the illusion of perfectly flawless skin

Closeup portrait of sexy whiteheaded young woman with beautiful blue eyes on white background

Banana powder belongs to the loose powder family. Its ultra-fine powder seamlessly sits into the face, giving extra skin coverage without making your face caked up.

Its color may be intimidating at first, but it’s there for a reason.

The warm tint from banana powders helps in color correcting face redness and pink undertones, and neutralizes blue under eye circles, leaving you an illuminated and brighter skin tone.

2.     It’s your ultimate “baking” need

In 2016, a new makeup trend was made famous by Kim Kardashian, and her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic as they expose one of Hollywood’s best-kept beauty secrets…

The use of banana powder for baking.

Baking is a long-wear makeup technique. It works by dabbing loads of powder to places where you applied liquid or cream products such as under your eyes, and your t-zone.

These are also the places where the makeup tends to crease and move over time. That is why you need to let that powder settle in before dusting it off.

If you want to keep your contour chiseled and snatched…

Banana powder is also the right product for that! Its highlighting abilities do the job of redefining and reshaping some of your facial features. 

3.     It helps in achieving filter-like skin, regardless of your complexion

When the trend began, banana powders were said to be universally flattering but worked best on medium to deep complexions with yellow, golden, or olive undertones.

But as the beauty world evolves, makeup trends such as this one destroys the barrier when it comes to skin tones.

Several brands now offer a lighter shade of banana powders that works just as good as the usual warmer tinted ones. No matter what undertone you have, you can now worry less about the patchy and ghostly flashbacks from your makeup base.

4.     It prolongs the life of your makeup

Banana powder is the ultimate fairy dust of makeup.

If you want to keep your makeup in place despite a busy day, or buzzing night, this yellow powder is what you should reach for.

Banana powders also extend the life of your makeup. It helps in controlling excess shine and absorbing oil, so you won’t have to worry about your makeup slipping all over the place.

It does the job of giving you a budge-free, picture-perfect look regardless of your skin type. But also, be cautious about the amount of product to use depending on how dry or oily your skin can be. 

How To Apply Banana Powder?

Generally, there are two ways for you to use banana powders: you can apply it like a traditional face powder, or you can use it as a setting and baking agent.

So, whether you’re a beginner who wants to know what works best for your look, or you just want to take your makeup game to the next level…

These are some simple steps on how to add the banana powder to your makeup routine:

1. Set your base

Perfect makeup begins with a perfect canvas.

Before putting on any makeup, prep and prime your face with your skincare products and makeup primer. Then proceed with your usual foundation routine and build the initial coverage based on your ideal look.

2. Conceal

Woman applying concealer around eyes

Now that you have built your base, you can see the blemishes you still want to hide and the color to be evened out. Bring out your concealer, and start covering out the imperfections.

Use a concealer at least one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it on the areas where the light would hit your face.

For additional highlights, don’t skip out on applying an adequate amount of product on your T-zone, or at the center of your forehead, bridge of your nose, and your chin.

Do not forget to blend everything seamlessly to avoid patchy-looking base makeup.

3. It’s time for baking

After blending everything out, focus on the certain areas of your face that tend to get oily the most or the areas where you put cream and liquid products.

Using a makeup blender, gently dab a generous amount of banana powder under your eyes. This is the most common spot where people bake.

Then apply it to your T-zone.

If you want to define your jaws, make your face look snatched, and your cheekbones razor-sharp, then apply it to the areas such as above your jawline and on the sides of the nose and then extend the baking up from under your eyes and up to your temples.

Give the powder a good time to bake and leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes, before you sweep the powder off your face with a powder brush or a fluffy brush.

If baking is not for you…

Then you might want to proceed to the next step instead.

4. Dust your face with banana powder

It’s okay to skip baking, the banana powder will still do the magic for you.

Set your makeup and lock your base by dusting on this fairy dust — banana powder — all over your face. Then you may proceed with the rest of your makeup.

Step-By-Step Banana Powder Tutorial

The Best Banana Powders

Are you ready to go bananas over banana powders? If yes, you might want to give these products a try:

Anastacia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder in Banana

Why is this product worth every penny? It does not just melt in your face perfectly, it also brightens and perfects your makeup leaving you a flawless matte finish.

lightweight; mattifying; oil-absorbing; illuminating


  • Loose powder formula
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free
  • It is clinically and dermatologist tested 

This finely milled powder is noncomedogenic and best for oily skin!


Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

This is a secret weapon used by makeup artists and Hollywood staples. The OG banana powder is where it all began.

mattifying; illuminating; color-correcting;


  • Diminish the look of fine lines
  • Leaves a picture-perfect finish
  • Neutralizes dark under eyes

It matches light to fair skin tones and highlights golden and olive skin tones, which makes this perfect for all forms of media. 


Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder

What’s not to love about this banana powder when it does the job and offers a wide range of banana shades perfect for all skin tones?

long-wearing; shine banishing; brightening


  • Locks in contour and highlight without taking it away from the face
  • Leaves a luminous, silky finish
  • PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan

The perfect universally flattering setting powder for your flawless makeup.

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