What's your favorite ornament?

What’s your favorite ornament?

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carmen mirandaI’ve seen some ornament sharing going on around the blogesphere these last few weeks and wanted to join in on the fun and show you one of my favorite ornaments. It’s Carmen Miranda! A simple cardboard cut out that gets a prize spot on my tree every year.

What about you? Tell us what ornament makes you smile every time you hang it.

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8 thoughts on “What’s your favorite ornament?”

  1. My grandmas name is Betty. She passed away a few years ago around Christmas time. And when I moved into my own place I inherited her old Christmas tree. That next year when I was decorating it I knew I had to get something to hang in memory of her. She was always a big fan of Betty Boop, so I found an ornament of Betty Boop in a Christmas outfit. Every Year Betty Hangs front and center on my tree and every time I pull it out of the wrapping I get a big smile and a flood of memories.

  2. I have a small bunch of dried red roses I saved from my Nana. It has to be from at least 25 years ago.. they are on the tree every year.. Oh, our tree was also inherited by my husbands grandma.. It’s soooooooo old but we love it all the same..It stands only 4 feet! It has enough decorations on it for 2 trees! I love this time of year.. it brings back so many memories and always makes new ones! Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. Okay, so my tree is covered in things that make me smile…I have an assortment of “A Christmas Story” ornaments (including Randy in his snow suit, Ralphie in his Liberace cowboy outfit, the pink nightmare, the flagpole scene, complete w/ stretchy tongue affixed to a flagpole, and more…), Mike has a ridiculous assortment of “Star Wars” ornaments, there’s a glass monkey head, glass chicken w/ jointed legs holding a tree, a ballerina pig, a giant glass Bumble from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, a Star Trek “Trouble With Tribbles” ornament, Indiana Jones w/ the gold statue, Ecto-1, and a bunch of other oddball ornaments.
    I am jealous of your Carmen Miranda :)

  4. Mine is a handmade baby ornament from Germany that a parent in my kindergarten class gave me after the birth of my son. Reminds me of when he was so tiny and new. Makes me smile every time I put it on the tree.

  5. She is fabulous Stef!! Everyone sounds like they have some pretty special and sentimental good ones!! My favorites were my Grandma’s, the same lovely lady whose photo is on the Jo Malone Lipstick review that I did.
    She collected all these adorable little elves and they make me smile every year!! So much so I keep most of them out all year :)
    Merry almost Christmas everyone!!!

  6. Is this selfish? – My fave ornament is one that my l’il bro and I made as itsy bitsies. It’s got so much sentimental value, and heck – it’s cute too boot.

    Eek – I’m not logged in – oh well though!

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