Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products Online: 11 Top Picks

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If you’re wondering where to buy Korean skincare, you don’t have to look too hard.

Thanks to its booming popularity, many South Korean skincare brands have decided to expand their reach and offer their products to people worldwide. 

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A few years back, getting your hands on authentic K-beauty skincare items could be a hassle. Luckily, today, many people have seen the opportunity to share the wonders of this skincare regimen with a broader audience. 

With this, many retailers have started popping up, offering the best Korean brands. Today, the wide availability of K-beauty has only added to its already rising popularity.

Read on to find some of the best places to buy Korean skincare items online. 

What Is K-Beauty?

Simply put, K-beauty is a skincare and beauty trend originating from the country of South Korea.

The country is known for its beauty standards favoring flawless, bright, and youthful-looking skin which people achieve by practicing extensive skincare routines. 

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Why Is K-Beauty Popular?


To reach this beauty standard, many skincare brands have popped up in South Korea and started offering unique products that can work for different kinds of people. 

Through this competition, innovation has become one of the most defining factors considered in K-beauty. Brands race to find new and effective ways to achieve excellent-looking skin and attract customers. 

Natural Ingredients

Unlike a majority of western brands, Korean skincare favors the use of natural or nature-derived ingredients. If you’ve noticed, most skincare brands hailing from this Asian website use and advertise natural ingredients.

Some of the popular natural staples in this industry include propolis (bee glue), snail mucin, green tea extract, tea tree extract, and ginseng, among many others. 

Value for Money

Most Korean skincare items are pretty affordable compared to many other skincare brands. Usually, Korean product prices can go anywhere from $9 to $40, but higher-end brands go for around $80 to $100. 

However, in the realm of Korean skincare, even the cheaper, drugstore-priced brands can be just as, if not more, effective than luxury brands. With such prices, effective skincare doesn’t have to break the bank.

Quality and Effectiveness

Korean brands make sure they offer high-quality and effective items to their customers. The world of K-beauty is competitive, and if their products don’t have an edge over others, they’ll easily be buried by their competition.

Their items are designed to provide the best care possible for people’s skin. They offer nourishment, moisturization, hydration, and brightening properties; all of which are visible to the regular user.

Such products are also designed to provide long-term results instead of immediate visible but short-term effects. 

An Extensive Regimen

Korean skincare has become popular thanks to an extensive skincare routine that went viral a few years ago. Many have tried and tested the 10-step Korean skincare routine from beauty bloggers and influencers to the girl next door. 

What sets this apart from other viral trends is that many have noticed that, though tedious, it has brought in visible positive results for many. 

While you don’t have to follow such an extensive routine, the rules or tenets that go with it can work for those who practice it. 

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Where to Buy Korean Skincare Products Online?

1. Amazon

If there’s one place you can reliably shop for K-beauty products, it’s Amazon. 

This colossal online marketplace has been catering to anyone and everyone for a long time now, including the community of Korean skincare enthusiasts worldwide. This website is the go-to for most things that you can buy online.

When it comes to K-Beauty, Amazon hosts both official manufacturers and licensed retailers. Because of this, you have access to a wide range of brands, from popular stores to niche brands.

Buying via Amazon is also quite convenient. For one, it’s an online marketplace where you can click and choose products from multiple brands on a site.

The platform lets you quickly check out, even if you’ve chosen products from different stores.

On top of that, if you’re in the United States, you can get your orders with Amazon Prime shipping as soon as the next day. International customers may not have this luxury, but it’s the best place to look for products that are hard to find locally. 

2. Ulta

One of the most popular beauty store chains in the U.S. also offers online shopping services. On top of that, it also provides a wide range of Korean skincare products.

If you like to shop around, you may have seen or even been to Ulta. It’s a store with a wide array of makeup products, perfumes, bath products, skincare products, and more. 

Most of the brands that you may find on Ulta are western brands. However, thanks to the popularity K-beauty has gained in the past decade, this beauty store now offers a wide range of Korean skincare brands. 

Some of their most popular K-beauty brands include Boscia, COSRX, Banila Co., TonyMoly, and more!

In terms of convenience, Ulta has minimal shipping costs in the U.S. They also offer free shipping if your order exceeds $35. Additionally, they also offer a rewards program for frequent customers!

3. YesStyle

When you ask K-beauty enthusiasts where to buy Korean skincare products online, YesStyle might be one of their go-to answers. This website has been popular among people who love Korean beauty products, and we can tell why.  

This website has one of the largest catalogs of K-beauty skincare products online, so it’s a no-brainer why many people flock to it. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about authenticity since they get and ship the products directly from South Korea. 

Some of the biggest Korean skincare brands you can find here include TonyMoly, Purito, Some by Mi, and Neogen. 

Other than K-beauty brands, YesStyle offers beauty products from other Asian countries. So, if you’re also interested in trying out Japanese skincare items, you can check out this place. 

As for shipping costs, YesStyle has a minimal shipping fee. If your order exceeds $69, you can get free shipping to most places worldwide. You also get a lot of free samples added to your parcel. 

4. Soko Glam

If you’re looking for an online store that focuses primarily on Korean skincare and beauty items, SoKo Glam is the place to visit. 

The online K-beauty retailer has been providing customers with their Korean skincare fix for 10 years now, and it has remained a reliable site to order from. 

This online retailer offers a wide array of K-beauty skincare products, including ACWELL, Etude House, Dear Klairs, Neogen, Missha, TonyMoly, and more. On top of individual products, SoKo Glam also offers product sets that you can use together. 

Besides its extensive catalog, SoKo Glam also has a rewards program for customers who frequently shop there. 

5. StyleVana

Head over to Style Vana to get your hands on the latest Korean beauty and skincare trends. This website offers the trendiest products in South Korea when it comes to makeup, skincare, and even fashion. 

Apart from an expansive offering of K-beauty skincare items, this site is quite known for offering discounts and deals. You can get authentic and effective skincare items here at bargain prices.

Some of their well-known skincare brands include Beauty of Joseon, COSRX, Etude House, HaruHaru, and more. 

Thanks to a wide array of skincare products and their awesome deals, this site has been a go-to for many looking for the latest and greatest in Korean skincare. 

6. StyleKorean

Offering products from over 700 Asian beauty brands, the K-beauty offerings of StyleKorean is massive. Apart from niche brands, this site also carries big and popular brands like COSRX, The FACE SHOP, Jumiso, MISSHA, and Skinfood.

Apart from the extensive array of products, this website also offers worldwide shipping, so you can get your favorite items wherever you are in the world. 

There is one drawback, though. StyleKorean’s website can be hard to navigate for people who are not used to it. But, if you have the patience to learn how to use it, you have access to some of the best skincare products around. 

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7. Sephora

Sephora has taken off as one of the U.S.’ premiere beauty shops in the past decade. Many have started to flock to this store to get the latest makeup and skincare items that people swear by.

Like many other shops that have adapted to today’s way of living, Sephora also offers online shopping to its customers.

While it has a large array of western cosmetics and skincare brands, it has also started offering Korean beauty and skincare products. 

While its catalog of K-beauty items is not as enormous as many in this list, Sephora is a reliable place to go for some mid-range to high-end brands. These brands include AMOREPACIFIC, Dr. Jart +, Innisfree, LANEIGE, belif, and more. 

8. Peach & Lily

If you want amazing skincare products, Peach & Lily offers some of the best k-beauty brands that you can try out. 

However, what’s unique about this site is that they have also developed an in-house brand that is as effective, if not better, than many other K-beauty brands available.

Apart from their in-house brand, they also offer popular Korean brands like Aromatica, Holika Holika, Mizon, and more. 

9. Wishtrend

Another popular place to shop for Korean skincare and beauty products is Wishtrend. If you’ve been following the K-beauty community, you’ve definitely heard of this place.

A site loved by many, Wishtrend is one of the go-to places for finding tried-and-tested or new k-beauty brands that you want to add to your skincare lineup. 

This online retailer offers to ship to more or less 30 countries worldwide. The brands they showcase on their site are all cruelty-free and mostly vegan. 

While they don’t have an offering as extensive as Amazon or StyleKorea, they offer high-quality, authentic products for all your beauty needs. 

10. Olive Young

Some have described Olive Young as the equivalent of Sephora in South Korea, and with good reason. This place offers some of the best Korean beauty and skincare products that you can buy. 

Because of South Korean products’ rising popularity in the beauty sphere, Olive Young has expanded and has started an online store that ships worldwide.

It offers a wide selection of skincare items such as serums, sheet masks, makeup, and even health supplements. 

In terms of convenience, if your order exceeds $60, Olive Young offers free shipping anywhere in the world. Check this place out for your skincare needs. 

11. Official Product Websites

Many South Korean skincare brands have noticed the overwhelming popularity of K-beauty around the world. As such, many of them have decided to expand internationally, offering their products to a broader audience.

With this, many Korean skincare manufacturers and brands have set up online shops for international orders. Apart from having a store page on Amazon, they will likely have a standalone website where you can directly buy products.

If you wish to buy products that you’re sure are authentic, shopping directly from the brands’ international websites is the way to go. Their shipping costs and deals may vary, however.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic K-Beauty Products?

If you’re shopping online, buying at authorized retailers or the brands’ official online stores is the best way to ensure you get authentic products. This is easy to do nowadays since many brands have expanded their coverage internationally.

Is It Hard to Buy Korean Skincare Items Online?

No. It’s become reasonably accessible, and most retailers offer secure payment schemes for you.

Korean Skincare Is Taking the World by Storm

Korean beauty and skincare are rising in popularity worldwide, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. With high-quality product offerings at affordable prices, many have started swearing for their K-beauty skincare regimen.

Have you always wanted to try out K-beauty products? Hopefully, this article has provided a start.

There are many excellent brands and items that you can try. Knowing where to buy Korean skincare is a must so that you don’t have to worry about shopping for authentic stuff.

Start your skincare lineup or stock up on your holy-grail items by online shopping at some of these fantastic k-beauty stores!

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