The Lipstick League BPAL Giveaway - 12 oils worth $235!

WIN The Lipstick League BPAL Giveaway – 12 oils worth $235!

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A hand picked BPAL giveaway…

The Lipstick League has joined forces with BPAL for a giveaway of 12 perfume oils, hand picked by our members! This indie perfume line (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for those not in the know) is exactly the kind of company that we all love: inventive, playful and affordable.

Check out our reviews of each glorious scent (click on the blog names below), then follow the instructions on the widget; there are 17 ways to enter!

One lucky winner will receive the following 12 oils…


Eat Me: Love for Lacquer
Josie: Glitter. Gloss. Garbage
Jezebel: we heart this
Shoggoth: Nouveau Cheap


Lady Amalthea: My Newest Addiction
51: Gouldylox
Wolf’s Heart : My Beauty Bunny


Dirty: Beauty Junkies Unite
Jack: Phyrra
Phantasam: Prime Beauty
Les Fleurs du Mal: EauMG

May the odds be ever in your sniffable favor.

BPAL 12 oil giveaway

135 thoughts on “WIN The Lipstick League BPAL Giveaway – 12 oils worth $235!”

  1. I love BPAL, Beth, & Ted. I’d love to win any of these, but the chance for all of them is too good to pass up. Most excited about 51. I had an imp and it’s sadly empty.

  2. I would be absolutely over the moon to win these! Lady Amalthea would be the one I would be most excited to try. The Last Unicorn is my favorite!

  3. I’m a BPAL fanatic.. going on 10 years now! I would be most excited to win Dirty. I seem to get the imp in orders a lot, but never get around to ordering a bottle.

  4. Ohhh, what a wonderful giveaway! So many good ones. I want to smell Lady Amlthea and Jack, and I LOVE Eat Me.
    They all look so good! I hope I win :D

  5. I love that you guys are doing this, but I have to say, some of the entry options seems difficult to accomplish. I already follow @bpal, for example, so it won’t register as an entry…

    1. If you already follow BPAL on Twitter that DOES count in this giveaway! You just need to verify your Twitter account and that will count as your entry for that option. Thanks!

  6. OH man, I would love a bottle of LAdy Amalthea! OR Jack! (Or probably any of the others, but those two are among my favorites!

  7. I love BPAL,
    I’ve been getting scents there for years, unfortunately haven’t been able to really branch out because of all my other bills.. I think it’s great to see them getting this attention

  8. Thank you for the detailed reviews! Yes, I’m a BPAL fan, and yes it can be overwhelming. This gave me new things to try and also steered me away from a couple. It’s worth ‘taking notes’ and not wasting cash. I appreciate this.

  9. I’ve been a BPAL addict since 2006 – “traditional” scents never worked well on me, as my body chemistry tended to just make them all smell like talcum powder. I was wearing men’s cologne until a friend introduced me to BPAL. So many options, so many musky scents.

  10. I would LOVE to win any of these! Eat me is actually my favorite (along with snake oil ofcourse) and there are several in this lot I haven’t had the honour of smelling yet :)

  11. These are hands down the most intense and magical oils I have ever had the pleasure to dab on my body!! I absolutely adore them! They have set my expectations for oils so high that I have a hard time finding anything else that satisfies. <3 Keep up the good work!

  12. I think I would do anything for BPAL. What a great giveaway, and a lot of scents that I don’t have! I’ve been out of the scene for a couple of years for money reasons (i.e. no job), so it would be so cool to get new things to sniff and try! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I’m so excited for this giveaway! I usually use BPAL in my oil diffuser; they’re all too delicious not to share with my guests.

  14. I’m hoarding Blackbear Moon bottles atm (my friend let me try her imp and I NEEDED more)… would love to try other scents!

  15. Oooh this giveaway made me a bit too excited! All of these beautiful oils sound amazing, but ‘Eat Me’ is one of my favourites – who can resist the delicious Alice in Wonderland themed scent?! *drools* Good luck to all who enter this fantastic competition!

  16. I would like to try “Dirty.” It’s description sounds like the fragrance “Clean,” making the name “Dirty” a sly reference to “Clean.”

  17. Ohmigod. I would quite possibly crawl over broken glass for this. Seriously. A 12-pack of BPAL, all things I’ve never tried, but lots that I’ve considered? Yeah, sign me up. I’m a complete fangirl when it comes to BPAL; it’s like Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all! Totally need and want more.

  18. This is such a rad contest! I hope I win. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is my favorite perfume company. Can’t get enough! I can honestly say that Beth and Ted Barrial are two of my most favorite humans in the multiverse!♥♥♥

  19. I would love to win these, as BPAL is difficult to procure in my country. I would love a bottle of Eat Me, it’s one of my favourite scents.

  20. I have been using BPAL since 2007!!! A friend give me some imps and I have a couple that old too!! I LOVE oil perfume the way it works with your body chemistry and learning the combinations of ingredients, instead of just going to a store and buying something chemical made!! Winning this would make my day!

  21. I’ve had my eye on BPAL for awhile, and this assortment of oils look fantastic! I’m interested to see what Shoggoth is like. Shoggoth sounds like a crazy combination of scents!

  22. I have a number of BPAL scents I like (I’m wearing Peacock Queen as I type), but I have to pick my way carefully through their catalog–I don’t wear fruitbombs.

  23. I would love to win them all. : ) Basically every single one I have I love. I would like to try “51” though the most right now. Thank you for the lovely contest. : ) Take care.

  24. I’m a walking advertisement for BPAL but I don’t get to indulge as much as I like, because bills and baby. I’m most excited about getting Jezebel!

  25. Such an awesome giveaway. BPAL oils are the only scents I’ll wear since being introduced back in ’03. Every time someone asks “what’s that delicious smell?” the culprit ends up being one of Beth’s delightful concoctions. Good luck to everyone!

  26. Hello, So far one friend has participated in the ‘refer a friend’ portion of this giveaway for me, from the link I posted on my FB page, but the extra entries are not showing. They’ve gone back and re-entered several times, still no additional entries for me. I really want to win as several of these BPAL formulas are on my wishlist, how do I get my friend’s entries via my link (generated from my trackboard) to register? Thanks

    1. If a user enters through the link that the widget generates for you, your extra 5 entries are automatically added and will show under “your entries”. Just tested this myself to confirm it’s working.

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! I would LOVE to win all of these but I’d be most excited for Jezebel I think; the scent description on that one is very enticing!

  28. Omg, all 12? At once?! I’m not sure I can handle that much awesome at once, but I’d happily sacrifice myself to the cause. I’ve adored this company ever since I first discovered them by happy accident seven years ago.

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