Win our MEGA beauty giveaway, over $600 in products!

Win our MEGA beauty giveaway, over $600 in products!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Welcome to the fourth of four weeks of giveaways for wht members, and we have saved the best for last! That’s right, it’s our 2nd annual mega giveaway. And you could be the lucky winner of over $600 in prizes. Squee!

We gathered some of favorites of the past few months, like good little beauty squirrels, so that we could give one lucky winner the package of a lifetime! We’re givers like that. (See the list of products at the bottom of this post.)

Entering is easy and as always, we’re giving you three chances to win! Here’s how you enter; choose one, two or all three ways for the maximum chances to win.

*Please note: you will not win if you are not a we heart this member. (But joining is simple and takes all of two minutes. Sign up here.)

  1. For your first entry, make sure you are a we heart this member (see above) and leave a comment telling us your all-time favorite we heart this post. Did one of our reviews help you decide on a purchase? Try and like one of our recipes? Did we make you laugh? Think? Craft? Let us know!
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    RT @weheartthis: Win our MEGA beauty giveaway – over $600 in products!

  3. Want to automatically get a third entry? Members who enter and have the Tell Me More section of their profile filled out will get just that. (Don’t know where to find these? See FAQ #10 for profile page help.)

We’ll accept entries until Tuesday, August 17th at Midnight (pst) and will announce the winner soon after that. Good luck!

Important: Please make sure you are signed in to your we heart this account when you comment, otherwise we won’t know you are a member.

Here’s what the lucky winner will receive the following (not all shown in pic)
Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque ($105)
Kronos Liquid Theory 7- In -1 Conditioning Spray ($40)
St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion ($30)
Urban Decay Stardust eye shadow in Bobby Dazzle ($20)
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Oil Slick ($17)
Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L208 ($35)
McBride Beauty Multi-Purpose Repair Stick ($15)
Mario Badescu Oil Free Mositurizer ($26, review coming soon!)
MOR Snow Gardenia perfume oil ($20)
Living Proof Full Thickening Cream ($24)
ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can ($30)
Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Kashmir ($19)
Rosebud Salve Mocha Rose lip Balm ($7, review coming soon!)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish in Pomegranate ($7)
Green & Spring Exfoliating Body Balm ($45)
Julie Hewett Jacqueline lipstick ($20)
Pin Up Cosmetics Loose Mineral Eye Liner & Shadow in Raven ($15)
• From Lucky Scent Monyette Paris Coquette Tropique Fragrance Oil ($45)
Make-up Designory Lip Glaze in Java and Magnolia ($24)
Bubalina Tropical Lime Body Butter ($24)
Nature’s Gate Persimmon & Rose Geranium Body Lotion ($7)
Kiss My Face Brightening day Creme ($23)
Plus, a handful of other surprises that we’ve been saving for the right winner-you!

Wow, right? Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

224 thoughts on “Win our MEGA beauty giveaway, over $600 in products!”

  1. 1. I am a member and my favorite post is Zena getting Pet of the Month (I’m biased, I know!)
    2. No Twitter. I’d need a clone for twitter. I have a Facebook, does that count?
    3. Tell Me More is filled out!

  2. My favorite is the eos lip balm review. I needed a reason to try it out since I have so many other lip balms, but the review gave me a push, and now I’m in love with it! It really is a great line.

  3. I have to agree with @Cheng, the Eos lipbalm post made me go out and buy one for myself. I got the honeydew green one and love it. I get so many comments on it.

  4. I haven’t been here tooo long, but so fair my most useful (and therefore favorite, i suppose) article has been this one :

    I really didn’t think of searching youtube for how-tos much until this post. And the very first video was very very helpful, because I had always distrusted just reading the instructions for false lash application and therefore never tried them. Watching that one made me feel more confident about buying them~

    Oh, and yes, i’m a member!

  5. I like your entry:Get Fit at the Office – Work Out at your Desk!
    I heard about the Bosu Ball from that and am checking it out.

  6. How I got started in love with We Heart This is when you got involved with the Race for the Rescues last year. My daughter and I went to your booth and we each bought 3 of your goodie bags. We were really intrigued with your website but you won our hearts when you joined in to help with the dogs. You rock!

  7. I retweeted this and my favorite iHeart is the one I read this morning,”On the Other Side”. My Sister just miscarried a set of twins, so the story really touched me.

  8. I am a member
    My favorite article was the one about The Myth of Disappearing Baby Weight. I have 3 children so I understood completely how the author felt. I would see other women who had children around the same time as me and the were so tiny months later and I was still struggling. I realized they were practically killing themselves exercising and eating rabbit food. I was too busy enjoying my new bundle of joy and that second helping at dinner. LOL!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  9. 1) One of my all time favorite posts is the English Pea Pie recipe! You’ve also featured some really neat young women over the months, and those are always enjoyable though I can’t recall one favorite at this time

  10. my favorite review was on julie hewett cameilla balm. I love JH and it is really hard to find pictures that aren’t stock photos and reviews of her products.

  11. Oooh awesome goodies! My FAV We Heart This post was the Clarisonic Skincare Brush feature, it’s what made me decide that I wanted to get a Clarisonic! Thanks!

  12. I’m a member, and the WHT siren call for me was that first Ellis Faas post. All those seductive lips beckoned me to try a company that could truly make any women’s kisser look spectacular. I’ve been a big fan of EF every since — and of course I mounted a one-woman campaign to get her line better space at Bergdorf Goodman’s — but the great discovery was this site itself. A real blessing and a gathering of congenial minds.

    Oh, and speaking of my efforts to get Collin Robison out of that damn corner at BG: Ellis was listening. In a very few weeks Ellis Faas will be available at Space NK boutiques across the country, and my beloved Collin will be managing all the East Coast operations. My work is done. Sigh. Next campaign, anyone?

  13. i love the silk pillowcase article! its definitely something important for all ladies to know, and i’ve never seen an article about it :) i’ve been planning to get a silk pillowcase to see the results!

  14. My favorite We Heart This post would have to be The Secret of Organizing 101. It was basic but had a few helpful hints to get even the messiest person (me!) going.

    I am a member, I retweeted under username mandabearcom, and I have my Tell Me More filled out :)

  15. I have to choose???
    I heart alot of the articles.
    Being a DIY I’ll go with Green Monday How-To: DIY All-Purpose Cleaner as ONE
    of my top faves.
    taulya at hotmail dot com

  16. It is hard to make a single choice, but since I am a cookaholic the post Oak Leaf Salad would be my choice. I have tried it and it is delicious.

  17. I have bought the Murad exfoliating wash based on your recommendation. I have been struggling with acne and bad skin for years and now, going back to school in a new state without any friends or family, I have been searching for products that will help my self-confidence. Reading your site has been a great source of information and inspiration! I would definitely say I search for your skin care reviews the most, but that is an area I struggle with constantly.

  18. My favorite post was one about because I’ve been able to find so many good deal on make up there, that I’ve been able to move out of the drug store and into the brands I’ve been in love with for years! It’s litterally changed my make-up life and I have even started my own blog because of it.

  19. Oh, I’m going to be so corny, and say one of my favorite posts is the one I wrote “Mommy, I’m not Beautiful” because it got link love from Temptalia. :-)

    I also follow you guys on Twitter.

  20. My favorite post was a Green Monday How-to, for making your own all purpose cleaner! After having a baby, I began to be more aware of all the toxic chemicals I use to clean my home. That baby is now 19 months old and getting into everything. Now I don’t have to worry about putting locks on the cabinet to my cleaning supplies! Thanks for such a terrific blog!

  21. I am a member…Recipe flashback: Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad is a favorite of mine…I made this for my husbands bosses summer BBQ party & everyone loved it so much, the bosses wife even asked for the recipe!

  22. My fav is your recent one on theo chocolates because me and my best friend just were there for a tour and had an amazing time. their peanut butter and jelly truffles things are so good they are like crack they are that addictive. yum.
    tweeted and tell me more is filled out.

  23. My favorite post was the Green Monday How-To: DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. I’m trying to remove as many toxins as I can from my life and this was a good to know.

  24. I like lots of posts, can’t pick an all time favorite, but I can say I like beauty product reviews. Not always afford the items, but nice to know

  25. Its hard to choose my favorite post on here, but I’d have to say that I really enjoy all of the go green diy tips that yall give.

    and i tweeted and my tell me more section is filled out =]

  26. I love all the Benefit reviews. I had never tried Benefit before this and now it is my favorite brand!

    This is one AMAZING giveaway!

  27. my favorite post was the Green Monday How-To: DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. the harsh chemicals in regular cleaners not only irritate my skin on contact, but im scared to breathe them in :(

  28. Hi ladies!
    I had to enter myself for the beauty loot eventhough I am on vacation in France! This is too good to miss!
    My favorite post was the best beauty products of all times… it finally gave me the push to buy my Clarisonic brush!!!
    Au revoir les filles!!!!

  29. That’s pretty much the tops of everything we’ve reviewed in the last few months. My personal faves include St. Tropez tanner, Julie Hewett Jacqueline Lipstick and the Armour lipgloss!!

  30. this is my first post that I have had the pleasure of reading ever. I stumbled upon this site while just google-ing around on the net. Love the concept. Love the article. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  31. The Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow review! It was actually the first wht article I read, and it got me into reading it daily… and I love the recipes too :)

  32. My favorite review was for the EOS lipbalm. I had seen it all over YouTube and wondered. Once I read your review, decided to go give it a try. Love it!

  33. My all-time favorite We Heart This post? The review for Hourglass Extreme Sheen gloss in Fortune (after seeing it on WHT, I splurged on it and I LOVE it!)

  34. I really liked the Lost makeup tutorial that you posted a couple months ago! It also made me more interested in trying out tarte’s products!

  35. I only recently stumbled upon wht, but I’m glad I did! I can’t wait to try the blueberry muffin recipe and I loved Stef’s recent post about the fair (I love fair food too!)

  36. I am a member and I like the Why use a silk pillowcase article.I have been looking for a silk pillow case all week now.

  37. Strictly speaking, I can’t truly narrow it down to a single favorite article–generally dig them all. However, due to financial stuff, I recently had to give up Dr. Hauschka for my moisturizer and had been considering Kiss My Face. Y’all’s article on Kiss My Face was very useful in making my decision; so, I guess I’ll say your Kiss My Face article.

  38. I absolutely went wild for the corn and tomato salad with the avocados recipe. Thanks for the chance to win. We Heart member too.

  39. I love all your reviews of beauty products, and just as important, the great quality of the color swatches of the make up. I generally decide whether to spend the money on a new product on whether you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. I particularly like your recent review of MAC Dazzle Lipsticks, which I liked so much, I purchased 5 gorgeous colors. Had it not been for your review, I probably would not have bought them. However, your pictures showed me that when worn, there was just the right amount of dazzle without being overpowering.

  40. One of my all time favorite posts is the Gloveables – do-gooders that help you look great. I used to think that I would have all this time to be the Donna Reed housewife and keep the house sparkling clean all the time. Then I had children. But it was nice to see items that can make one feel a little more like her.

  41. My most favorite post was last years post about the Race for the Rescues. It’s when my mom and I discovered you! We also were able to get involved with the wonderful event Race for the Rescues and had so much fun!

  42. Okay. Oh my gosh. Could this giveaway get any better or bigger? It’s awesome!!!

    Right now my all-time favorite post of yours was “Here’s why you need a Clarisonic…” on April 15, 2009. It totally got me hooked on the Clarisonic!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

  43. I’m new here, but so far my favorite Heart post is *We Heart Weekly 7.17.10* !!! I’m an animal lover and that picture of Jena is JUST ADORABLE!!! What an awesome cause :D

    You guys ROCK!

  44. And I filled out the *Tell Me More* section on my profile :)

    I’d do the tweet thing but I don’t have Twitter :(

    Thank you for such a majorly awesome giveaway!!!!!!!

  45. I just discovered your site today and became a member, so I haven’t had a lot of time to look around yet. So I guess my favorite post must beabout this giveaway.

  46. My favorite article was “Do you dare to wear the new MAC collection?” because I tend to shy away from color. This article opened my eyes to the ways bright colors can be used tastefully everyday.

  47. I tweeted that message! The unselfish me wants others to sign up for this amazing giveaway, but the selfish me want to keep the prizes all to myself.

  48. My favorite blog was the Celebrate the 4th with a Trio of Patriotic Cocktails because I was hosting my first ever 4th of July party and wanted some creative ideas for it, and this was it! Everyone loved the idea and the drinks!

  49. My favourite is actually the very recent A chicks guide to Comics. I absolutely love comics and it is cool to read that I’m not the only one!

    (and I’m a member) :)

  50. The Article “Do you Dare to Wear the New Mac Collection” made me laugh out loud. Especially the comment about the ‘gaga inspired’ being crayon inspired!

  51. The Article “Do you Dare to Wear the New Mac Collection” made me laugh out loud. Especially the comment about the ‘gaga inspired’ being crayon inspired!

  52. right now i am loving the English Peach Pie recipe recipe post. I am a new member but when i saw that i knew i had to try it! so far i havent had a chance but my friend and i are planning on tackling it this weekend. :: crosses fingers::

    In all honesty i just like staring at the picture and pretending. ;)

  53. The first post I ever read and the one that made we want to be a part of WHT – Rakisha’s post on teaching her daughter about beauty. Insightful and revealing!

  54. I was looking for reviews on Kérastase haircare, as they are super expensive and wanted some guidance before parting with so much money, and I came across this site! So ‘Kérastase review
    September 10, 2009 | By: Katie Groves’ is probably the review thats influenced me most in terms of this site, I’m a member now and totally in love with all the cute kitchy vibes flooding from it. Also I bought that shampoo and conditioner, and my hair is like that of a mermaids!

  55. My favorite post is on Kiehls. I learned so much about the product and knew exactly what to expect when I bought it! The post was on November 10, 2009

  56. I loved your post on the green boot guide! Im trying to go vegan and I love boots, so it was the perfect post for me.

  57. I about lost it when I saw the English Peach Pie recipe. Why would you go and do something like that? I have skinny jeans to fit into, people.

  58. My all-time favorite we heart this post is “My intimacy bra fitting – the day my life changed!” This has inspired me to go for a bra fitting. I have always wanted to and after reading this, I am going for it! Thank you!

  59. This giveaway is now completed and the comments are closed. Thank you for all the entries. A winner will be announced shortly. Check our Winners Page for a list of all giveaway winners.

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