Wolf Cut For Curly Hair: How To Nail This Hairstyle Trend

Wolf Cut For Curly Hair: How To Nail This Hairstyle Trend

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We’ve witnessed many styles in hair and fashion come back from the past. Cargo pants, bucket hats, and finger waves are just some of the trends loved by the older generation that are making a glorious comeback.

A beautiful woman with brown curly hair

And some trends that are coming around again are coming back with a modern twist, like the wolf cut curly hair. It’s the love child of two retro hairstyles – the shag and the mullet.

The wolf cut haircut that originated in Korea is becoming popular as young people are getting inspired by TV shows with retro settings, throwback vibes, and of course, all the DIY wolf cut hair tutorials found on Tiktok and Youtube.

Admittedly though, many of the vloggers sharing this cut look great. It’s no wonder it’s becoming a popular must-try style. But is it only workable with straight hair? Or can you do a wolf cut for curly hair?

We’re taking a closer look. If you’d like to know more about the haircut and why it’s a perfect example of past and future meet, then you’re in the right place.

Read on to learn more about the wolf cut style, how to get it, how to maintain it, and if it works with beautiful curly hair.

What Is a Wolf Cut

Are you a K-pop fan? If you’ve been following Korean bands, you may have seen the uber-popular wolf cut hairstyle trend they’ve started.

Inspired by a wolf’s mane, the style has choppy layers that give a lot of volume on top and longer layers that taper toward the ends.

The signature fringe of this cut is brow length, framing the face beautifully. However, you can tailor the bangs to your liking. 

You can opt for curtain or side-swept bangs or go for the wolf cut without the bangs. Many people who opt for a wolf cut for curly sometimes skip the bangs and go straight to the layers.

Now, if you’re wondering why this haircut gives old-school vibes, it’s because it’s a hybrid of the two iconic styles of the past – the classic shag and the unforgettable mullet. 

  • A shag is a style showcasing hair layered to different lengths, often feathered at the top and sides.
  • A mullet is when the hair is cut shorter at the front and top but longer at the back. This was extremely popular among rock bands in the ’80s and ’90s.

The combination of shag and mullet gives people with wolf cuts that carefree, rockstar look.

Wolf Cut vs. Mullet Style

The difference between these two styles is where the stylist puts the layers. In a mullet cut, the layers are focused at the top, giving a big crown and thin sides.

On the other hand, the wolf cut has more even layers distributed throughout the length of the hair.

Wolf Cut vs. Shag Haircut

It’s more challenging to pinpoint the difference between a shag cut and a wolf cut, especially for those with curly hair. 

Like a shag, the wolf cut has short face-framing layers that create volume around the face.

However, the wolf cut doesn’t have a specific shape. It’s a combo of choppy and short layers and gets thicker at the back.

This is straightforward for straight hair. Curly hair, though, gets a little trickier when planning out layers. That’s why the wolf cut for curly hair comes in many variations. 

If you want a wolf cut for curly hair, you may need to look for a specific inspiration and have a photo ready for your next salon visit.

While DIY is possible, a professional stylist is usually better at giving you exactly what you want.

Which Hair Type Works Best with a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is versatile and may suit straight, wavy, or naturally curly hair in medium to long lengths.

However, if we had to choose one, thick curls would be the best texture for this haircut. The shaggy, heavily layered style is easy to manage and maintain if you have healthy curls.

Since this haircut thrives on texture, fine, straight hair requires more styling time to create the necessary texture and volume.

If you have tightly coiled type 4c hair prone to frizz, it’s advisable to skip this style because it will be hard to manage.

How to Do a Wolf Cut on Curly Hair

If you want to try a wolf cut, we highly recommend you go to a professional hair stylist, preferably an expert in creating cuts with movement.

They can customize your haircut according to what would suit you best based on your current hair and lifestyle.

To better understand how the wolf cut looks, check out this detailed video of Japanese hairdresser Yuki doing a wolf haircut for curly hair.

As an alternative to the salon, DIY wolf-cut hair tutorials are getting millions of views online, and many people are joining the hype right in the comfort of their homes.

If you have enough courage and confidence in yourself (and your hands), you can try giving yourself this trendy style.

DIY Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

It’s relatively simple to do a wolf cut on natural curls. Thankfully, because of the texture of curly hair, little mistakes in haircutting are unnoticeable. 

We take you through the steps of a DIY wolf cut.

What You’ll Need

  • Brush
  • Hair scissors
  • Scrunchies or hair tie
  • Water in a spray bottle


  1. First, brush your hair to remove the tangles.
  2. Spritz some water to dampen your strands.
  3. Brush damp hair from the back toward the front of your head.
  4. Gather the strands to the center of your forehead and tie them into a ponytail.
  5. Add one or two more scrunchies down the ponytail, stretching as you do. The longer your hair, the more scrunchies you’ll need.

Cutting the First Layer

  1. Cut off the tip of the ponytail using a sharp pair of scissors. We recommend cutting a little at a time (about an inch).
  2. After chopping off the ends, you can also do point cutting or cutting upwards to avoid blunt ends for a more natural look.

Cutting the Shorter Layers

  1. Once you’re done cutting the first layer, remove the scrunchies and section the front part of your hair, beginning from the temples.
  2. Create the same front ponytail using the scrunchies to section the hair again.
  3. Cut off an inch from the ends like previously.

Cutting the Fringe

  1. When you’re done cutting the layers, you can do the fringe. Start by sectioning your hair down the middle and creating a triangle with two diagonal parts in the front hairline.
  2. Twist the parted hair and pull it straight down.
  3. Chop off your bangs according to the length you want.
  4. Point cut to remove the blunt edges.

Wolf Cut Curly Hair for Female

Now that you know how to do the basic wolf cut. Let’s get to know some of the wolf cut variations that you can try. These two are our favorite wolf cut styles for curly hair.

Waterfall Wolf Cut

This waterfall-layered haircut is a wolf cut for long curly hair. It’s best to add shape and volume without sacrificing the length and density of your locks.

In this style, the soft layers of waves and curls cascade like a waterfall, hence the name. The hair tapers towards the end like a rounded V.

Wolf Haircut with Curtain Bangs

This look focuses primarily on the curtain bangs that softly frame the face. It looks even better when done on curly hair.

This wolf cut that looks similar to a mullet with longer choppy layers in the back will make you look like you’re a part of a 70s rock concert.

Wolf Cut Curly Hair for Male

The wolf cut gives straight hair major volume by adding texture to the strands. It’s genderless and can be worn by boys or girls.

Now men with different curl patterns are embracing this hairstyle as well.

What type of wolf cut looks great on the guys? Here are our suggestions.

Korean Wolf Cut

If you want an effortlessly cool vibe, get this classic wolf cut. It’s an incredible way to add texture and movement to your messy waves.

With a classic wolf cut, the hair falls gently on the face and frames and highlights your features.

Choppy Wolf Cut

Another versatile style that men and women can wear is the choppy wolf cut. It suits all textures and compliments almost every face shape, but it works best on mid-length tresses.

The shorter and more uneven layers create an edgy look. This style can add texture to straight hair and remove the bulkiness in curly hair.

How to Style a Wolf Haircut with Curly Hair

Once you get your wolf cut, you can enjoy this low-maintenance hairstyle.

You won’t need much effort in styling if you have natural curls or wavy hair. You can just define your curls using a texturizing or curling cream and then scrunch your hair.

If your hair is fine, we suggest not using heavy creams when styling since this can weigh down your locks. This would be counterproductive for a wolf cut because it’s this cut all about the fullness and bounce.

Additionally, instead of a full blowout, use a combo of air drying and blow drying with a diffuser to ensure that gorgeous texture.

Maintaining a Wolf Cut for Thick Curly Hair

To get the most out of your wolf-cut curly hair, focus your haircare routine on adding volume and preventing frizz.

Here are some things you can do for your wolf cut upkeep

  • Brush your hair daily to prevent tangles.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize and define the curls.
  • Get a trim every six to eight weeks to maintain healthy hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is named after the wild wolf because of its untamed essence and its shaggy coat that’s full of texture. It also mimics a messy wolf mane that’s longer at the back.

What Face Shape Is Wolf Cut Good for?

A wolf cut generally works for all face shapes, but it’s especially fantastic for oval, square, and round faces because it creates movement around the chin and jawline and softly frames the face.

However, if you have a rectangular or heart-shaped face, you may want to avoid this haircut as it can make your chin more narrow and the top of your head heavier.

Is a Wolf Cut High Maintenance?

A wolf cut on curly hair isn’t high maintenance at all. It’s easy to style and manage.

But for straight or fine hair, this cut will need daily styling as you’ll need to add texture to get the most out of this look.

Try Wolf Cut for Your Curls

You can benefit from a wolf cut if you have naturally curly hair or permed locks. This haircut is ideal for curly, medium to long hair and can give you an edgy and pretty rockstar style.

A wolf cut is an excellent option if you’re looking for extra volume to the crown of the head and a fun way to go for tousled chic.

Consult your stylist at your next salon visit to see if it might work for you. Or, if you’re courageous, try to do it at home. You may be pleased with the results.

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