You Choose the Review: September 2015

You Choose the Review: September 2015

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Hello we heartsters! Would you check out those beyond fabulous products shown above that are on the review pipeline? The are:

Tammy Fender Purifying Luculent Masque ($215) – I have been DYING to try something from the line of the holistic Palm Beach esthetician. This detoxifier with highly active herbal ingredients seems like a perfect way to start. Bonus, it’s smells like an herb garden.

BPAL Carnaval Diabolique ($24) – I have been waiting for the return for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s legendary collection for so long! It was supposed to be released in five acts, but it went dark (i.e. you could no longer buy it) before it reached completion and was gone for years (3, at least). Well it’s back, and six mysterious bottles sit on my desk beckoning right now…

Sabon NYC Patchouli Lavender Vanilla ($23) – I am so excited to introduce you to this line. But I’m almost hesitant because it’s this delicious Tel Aviv by way of NYC secret. A secret with 130 stores, but I feel like a lot of people don’t know them. Yet. Prepare for gushing, especially for this scent combo.

Essie Fall 2015 ($7-ish) – This collection, gah! It has me yearning for boots and sweaters with it’s fall perfection. Two of my first-look favorites are the shimmer explosions shown above; Leggy Legend (bronze) and Bell Bottom Blues (blue).

So, the true question – which review would you like to see first? Because I’m equally giddy about all four. Let me know in the comments!

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.
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skin type: oily with a fear of rosacea
favorite beauty product: high end skincare and lip products

7 thoughts on “You Choose the Review: September 2015”

  1. That bronze Essie polish wants to be mine…I’m pretty intrigued about the BPAL…hmmm…this is a real Sophie’s choice… :/ lol I’m gonna say BPAL. Or Essie. Definitely BPAL.

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about the new Essie and BPAL lines! They look like perfect Fall delights. I am super excited to get my hands on something from both lines.

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