You've Got Supper - don't worry about dinner.

You’ve Got Supper – don’t worry about dinner.

Perhaps you’re like me; you love to cook but planning what to cook makes you want to call for take out! If so, have I got a site for you. You’ve Got Supper gives you everything you need for a delicious meal plan, including a grocery list (which for some reason, is the biggest challenge of cooking for me).

It really couldn’t be easier. You sign up for their weekly email, which includes five entrees and up to two side dishes. And let me tell you, they’re relatively easy on the skill scale and so good! I have yet to make a bad meal. From there, you log on to their site, choose the meals you’d like to make that week (you can also choose from previous recipes that you’ve marked as favorites) and they will compile a grocery list for you (even categorized by sections of the grocery store) of all your chosen recipes! Gone are the days that I pull out a blank piece of paper, my dog-eared cookbooks and painstakingly try to plan for the week.

Once you’ve been getting the email for a few weeks, you start to build up a really great collection of recipes, all just a click away. And at anytime, browse their collection by meal or ingredient to add to your favorites.

Oh yeah, did I forget to say it’s free? Seriously, sign up now. You will not regret it. Nor will the people you cook for!

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7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Supper – don’t worry about dinner.”

  1. Cori

    I just signed up! I’m like you Stef, I don’t mind cooking, it’s just the process before that I don’t like, planning and shopping. I’m excited to get my first email!

  2. Mel

    This is awesome – i just signed up too! And I totally agree with you, too – it’s the planning and shopping that kill me. Once I’m doing it with a glass of wine in hand, I love it…now if they add to this website a link that actually does the shopping and delivery of the groceries right to my kitchen, I’ll really be in business ha!

  3. kellie76

    I am signing up asap! The husband and I are all about trying to stream line and get organized. He is going to love this!! Yay! Thanks for the introduction to the site Stef!!

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