Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (regular strength and extra rich) review

Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (regular strength and extra rich) review

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zelendaycream Next up in our overview of Zelens Skin Science is the Cellular DNA Protection Day Creamicon as well as the Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (extra rich)icon formula. Since all the Zelens products are safe for use by all skin types, the regular Day Cream should have all types of complexions covered. However, if you have extra dry or mature skin, Zelens now offers the DNA Protection Day Cream in an extra rich formula. If you’re looking for a super moisturizing cream with all the Zelens benefits, now you have it!

These luxurious, yet surprisingly lightweight creams are formulated to provide maximum daytime coverage and protection in the around-the-clock Zelens line of advanced skin care. The weightless protective creams have a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection SPF 15 and provide maximum protection from the suns rays and other hazards of the environment, like pollution. This long lasting protection also supplies continuing moisture to keep skin supple and firm and over time reduce the appearance of fine lines. For those that need it, the Extra-Rich Day cream contains a “selected blend of higher concentration emollients, offering extra moisture and hydration to the skin.”

Like all of the products in the Zelens line, both creams are packed with good for the skin, plant based ingredients and anti-oxidants that comprise the unique Zelens formula. There are 20 natural, plant based active ingredients in all, including 14 potent antioxidants. Key ingredients include Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme “that protects against the effects of free radicals thus combating skin aging”, Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that “plays a key role in protecting from free radicals” and defends against the effects of photo-aging, as well as Pycnogenol, a plant ingredient extracted from pine bark which also counteracts aging and is an natural anti-inflammatory. Additionally, Pycnogenol helps to strengthen and rebuild skins natural collagen.

Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, if my experience with the Zelens formula with the Advanced Luminescence Serum is any indication, the DNA Protection Day Creams should be another miracle in a jar. Your skin just laps up all the goodness and it shows in clearer, better textured skin! Our review team will be here shortly to give you the details on their results from the both the Zelens Day Creams.

Reviewers – did Zelens fight off pollution and the sun leaving your more radiant then ever?

Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Creamicon
Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (extra rich)icon

9 thoughts on “Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (regular strength and extra rich) review”

  1. I received Zelen’s Skin Science Cellular DNA Protection Extra Rich Day Cream. First, I nearly fainted or better put, lost my mind when I saw the gorgeous box in my bag. I look back at how I reacted and chuckle.. Like a child who just learned, she was headed to the sea shore for the day- yeah, just insanely excited!

    One of my concerns in the world of beauty is why all the exceptional and superior products usually wind up costing A LOT. Yes, you may have to sell your first born to pay for this. HOWEVER, let me explain that it may be worth it (just a figure of speech, don’t sell your child). Well, I have come up with a valid answer. In this particular cream, I was and you will be to, shocked to learn that this is no mere day cream. There is an exclusive blend of 20 (yes, I said 20) natural active ingredients, and almost forgot, has 14 powerful antioxidants and soothing extracts. Tell me that isn’t IMPRESSIVE and worth selling a kid or two? I also went to their website to read more about it. Please take a look at it as well, I think you’ll see what I’m trying to convey. I had to get out my reading glasses to read them all. Each ingredient has a great descriptive in their uses.

    This cream is awesome and so beyond me. I’m trying hard to find some fault and the only thing other then the price ($200.00) is that I would like to see this in a larger container, and perhaps placed in a lovely pump to dispense. I hate that it’s open to the air at all! That would really make a difference to me as I consider purchasing this again. My heart tells me that this is a product I may have to have from now on! It’s done wonders for my aging skin! It loves my face- it whispered that to me just last night. Another point to make and is a very important issue at least to me was that my skin had no reaction from it at all. Everyone has heard me bellow how dang sensitive my skin can be… So as sensitive as I am, there was not a smidgen of-my face talking, “what are you putting on me now?” So, is it working? I have to admit.. I BELIEVE it is and has! My skin has improved on many fronts. It is definitely better looking- meaning fresh and dewy apposed to blotchy red, sluggish and hard looking. So, it feels nice and hydrated, and the skin tone and those fine lines are close to being non existent. It’s been almost four weeks since I started using this and I can say that my findings are pretty much exceptional! I think that blend of moisturizers they have in this jar of magic have made a vast difference in the smoothness and texture of my skin. Oh, God, please send me lots of money so I can always have this stuff!

  2. I also received the Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (extra rich) and have nothing but praise! Like Pam my skin is really sensitive, so I was waiting for an adverse reaction and got the opposite! My skin drinks this up. And the fact that it’s fighting off pollutants, and protecting me from the sun are major bonuses. The scent is wonderful too, a very rosey and clean smell. My skin instantly absorbs this lotion and feels super hydrated. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and have noticed a nice texture change. My skin seems better hydrated and smoother!

    The packaging is gorgeous, another bonus, you really feel like your getting a major remedy in a jar, and you are :)

    The price is of course, a bit of a drawback but hey I will forgo my fancy coffee and extra lipstick that I don’t need and save up for more. You only get one face, so if you want to splurge and really give it a treat you will not be sorry. I love the description of every ingredient! You can read these and see why this is a 5 star product, I’d give it 6 if I could! My skin tends to be dry and the dry summer heat isn’t helping..Enter Zelens and it’s saving my parched skin and making it look better by the day!

    I’m using it every other day to help it’s longevity, and I’m really wanting to save up for the serum, it sounds amazing.
    Zelens DELIVERS !!!!

  3. I tried the Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream. This cream is amazing from the packaging to the ingredients inside. It’s the first moisturizer with sunscreen that I’ve really fallen in love with. It’s not filmy or sticky like a lot of sunscreen moisturizers are. It makes my face feel plump and soft while protecting me from the harmful rays. I’ve been applying this not only in the mornings, but also right before I go to the pool with my little ones. I’ve noticed this moisturizer really protects my face better than other facial sunscreens I’ve used before. I haven’t come home with sunburned pink cheeks all summer. While the only draw back to this product is the price, I would definitely consider buying it again because a little goes a long way. I’ve yet to put a major dent in my jar and I’ve been using it a ton!

  4. When i first received the Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream, i thought it was an expensive scented candle! When i realized it was face cream i almost died! I’ve never seen anything like this before, amazing packaging! I was excited to try this because its great to get a green, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly company that can put out a great product. Second, that it has an spf 15. I’ve had a hard time finding a face cream that has an spf that isn’t too heavy.
    When i first started using this we started a crazy heat wave in our city (los angeles), so in its defense its been tested under difficult conditions. I was worried that with the heat and using a new face cream, i’d be doomed! And i always have to remind myself to put it on in the first place because you’re so hot. But i remembered reading that this is the most important time to consistantly put on moisturizer. So, at first i was like, there is no way i’m going to be able to use this in this heat or anytime during the day because it went on very rich and a little heavy (again remember it wouldn’t of been so bad if it wasn’t 100+ degrees outside). I then noticed that it absorbed into my skin pretty quickly, i didn’t have that greasy feeling or anything. It then turned more into a sheen, but a good one. I’ll be excited to see how it feels once the weather calms down a bit. I’ll come back and report.

  5. Okay, so this is probably the most visually impressive packaging ever. It just LOOKS expensive. The green glass jar really stands out when it’s sitting pretty on my dresser. I kind of wish it came in a pump bottle because I hate having products on my face being exposed to air and bacteria and the lid wasn’t on very tightly on mine, so there was face cream all over the lid when I first opened the box. The cream itself (I tested the regular strength) is a peachy shade and you really only need to gently dip one fingertip in it to get enough for your whole face and neck. It absorbs quickly and initially feels great. Okay, so the downside: my skin broke out like crazy. I broke out in cystic acne on my cheeks and I NEVER break out on my cheeks and my forehead got so bad, I considered giving myself bangs. I’m not sure if this is because of the cream itself, or because the seal on the jar wasn’t tight when I got it and maybe bacteria grew in it, or maybe it’s just too rich for my sensitive skin in the summer. I will guinea pig myself and try this again when it gets colder out and update my review then. I think I’m going to have to save up for the serum because everybody seems to have loved that :)

  6. Hey Krista,
    What a complete bummer! I feel bad that happened. Feel free to send what you can’t use right over here to me in Costa Mesa, CA and I’ll retest it! Only kidding..But really, I love this stuff, and am starting to become saddened in my heart that my jar is almost empty! Sniff sniff.. If I had more left in my jar I’d share this with you to see if you are dealing with a bacteria issue.. If the company see what happened to you maybe they can send another jar to you? Just a thought.
    I could not agree more with you about wanting this in a pump container. I’m glad you’ll give it another try later on, and see what happens. I just hope it works as well for you as it did for me.. It’s such amazing stuff! I would love to try the serum as well.. Oh, the wants I have!

  7. I forgot to mention in my post that my acne has actually been better since using this, so don’t give up hope yet Krista. I break out very easily, but since using this cream I have been almost blemish free. It’s also been blazing hot here and like Winnie I haven’t had any problems with this causing me to be an oily mess…it’s very moisturizing, but it doesn’t leave me greasy at all. Love it!

  8. Krista, I wonder if there’s not some ingredient in there that you’re skin just does not like. I would def. stop using it for the summer, and give it another try in the winter (when you’re nowhere near a big event!) If your skin acts up again, then sadly-this is just not for you. It happens, it stinks, but it happens!

  9. I so want this to work for me!!! Wahhhh! *sobs like a baby* I’m totally going to give it a try in the Fall/Winter and hope for the best then.
    Irene—nice try. :P (you made me laugh)

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