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faceatelier FACE atelier review   Ultra Foundation and moreToday, we’re taking a closer look at FACE atelier, a cult favorite of makeup mavens since 2003 that quickly made a meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the beauty industry. Word of mouth and behind the scenes buzz propelled this high quality line of wearable color to the top of everyone’s Must Have list. From locked-in lip colors to highly pigmented, shimmering eye shadows to a dream-coverage foundation; beauty junkies spread the word of this coveted line. Soon even Madonna was a convert and tapped the line to be the official sponsor on her 2006 Confessions Tour.

What a ride for this upstart company! FACE atelier was founded by “niche retail expert” Debbie Bondar, a divorced mother of two grown daughters. She dreamed of empowering woman by helping them look their best and she strove to create an easy, effective line of makeup. The result? This “carefully edited collection of versatile, sophisticated makeup and tools that simply work. And work simply.”

This philosophy is apparent in the FACE atelier Ultra foundation. I was ecstatic to try the most buzzed about foundation in years (see my personnel review in the comments). For now, I’ll say that this silicone-based foundation can be found in the toolboxes of makeup artists around the world for three reasons:

• The long lasting, stay put coverage (you can skip the primer) that glides over the skin without sinking into pores and fine lines.

• The blendable, wearable, medium-weight coverage that looks and feels as light as most moisturizing/foundation combos (and there’s plenty of time to blend, blend, blend for a flawless look).

• The amazing versatility and customization of shades to match all skin colors. You can choose a shade that’s your best match – then mix with a dab of Zero Plus to go a shade darker, or a dot of of Zero Minus to lighten. Genius – one foundation (with a “mixer”) to wear all year – from the depths of your winter pale to the height of your summer color.

Additionally, we were thrilled check out items from the whole catalog of FACE atelier products. Our we heart this review team will be along shortly to leave their thoughts and experiences on the following from FACE atelier:

Lip RX – this moisturizing, tinted balm is packed with anti-oxidants and essential oils to help prevent (or soothe) chapped lips and offers organic ultra-violet protection.

Lip Lock – is this the answer to disappearing lip color? Lip Lock is a clear liquid that is brushed over lipstick, liners etc., and forms a long lasting protective “shell” over lip color.

Transforming Gel – this miraculous gel “transforms any loose or pressed powder into a pool of easily applied, lasting color.” Turn your favorite shadows into stay put, intense eyeliners or use to shape and define brows.

Eye Shimmer – Highly pigmented, ultra fine and shimmering loose powders in gorgeous colors that can be used wet or dry. Or combine with the Transforming Gel for the ultimate in intense, locked in color. Add some to your favorite body moisturizer for a sexy, sparkling look (appropriate for all ages – not just the tweens).

Ultra Blush – finish it off with a sweep of color over the checks. FACE atelier offer five shades of sheer colors guaranteed to layer without creasing.

I know some of our beauty obsessed readers have tried the latest “It” foundation and make up line. What do you love about FACE atelier? Testers – let’s hear your reviews!

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    I got the eye shimmer in Khaki Glaze (SOV 5), a deep army green with a gold hue color that I wear over and over again (I seem to have quite a few brands in the same color). I can say this one is one of my favorites. It’s kind of perfect! I love doing a smokey eye with it. It’s very shimmery, but not glittery and that’s a very good thing. And VERY pigmented.

    It’s a loose shadow. And as much as I buy them and tell people “oh, loose powders are easy!” I just don’t like them quite as much as pressed ones. They just take more time and I usually don’t have it. I will say this, this blends really easily. It’s a super fine powder.

    There’s also a ton of product in the container. So except for a spillage incident, I shouldn’t have to buy this for ages. But I would, despite the extra work required for loose. Cause the color really is gorgeous. If you’re a green shadow addict, you will be quite pleased.

  2. Profile photo of irene

    I received FACE atelier’s Lip Rx in a (pretty) but light color called Sahara. It appears sheer on my lips and offers that healthy hint of color our lips so often need! I admit my lips see a lot more glosses and lipsticks but rarely do I treat them to the nourishment they need most. What I also love is this provides organic ultra-violet protection, which scores big brownie points to me.. We have to protect them from the elements! It’s rather neutral in color and is perfect for summertime.. This also feels creamy on, my lips have been a little dry from the weather, and they are a tad sore, this sure did ease that quickly. So, I say to myself, why not look nice and have a little moistureization (just another made up word) at the same time! I like this as a base and then I add some extra color to it when I want to add some drama to the scene! I also like the simple black and silver packaging; I think the combination is elegant.
    I would love to try this in Naked. I also took the Pro-tip and put some on my cheekbones and really loved the way that looked.. I highly recommend FACE atelier Lip Rx to anyone looking to treat your lips with tender loving care!

  3. Profile photo of Rebecca Z
    Rebecca Z

    I tried out FACE atelier’s Transforming Gel. Having never departed from pencil liners and pressed shadows (shame on me, I know), I was quite nervous about using this product! Transforming my shadow was a breeze, I simply added a couple drops of the Transforming Gel into my shadow pot and mixed it with a brush. The result was a creamy version of my eye shadow! It was easy to work with, even for a novice like me! Not only was it great for lining my eyes with, but also for shadow – it didn’t crease! Most importantly, all the product I put on stay put. It lasted through a Spoon concert and many (inevitably regrettable) trips to all the overcrowded bars within walking distance from my dorm! The Transforming Gel definitely helped me out of my pencil liner/pressed shadow rut!

  4. Profile photo of christy

    I really love the eye shimmer in Pink Glaze (SOV 1). It’s a gorgeous color and you can get it as light or dark as you want depending on your mood.
    It’s a soft pink but has a golden hint to it in certain light, quite lovely!

    I like that it sparkles without glitter and I love how you can add it to your moisturizer for a sparkle, or your lipgloss! The package is really handy as far as powders go. It has the stopper with three little holes to let just enough product out. As Stef said the amount they give you is very generous and should last a LONG time, and you can mix it with other shimmers for your own invented color combo.

    Really nice quality and good staying power! Love this!!

  5. Profile photo of Mel

    I tested the Lip Rx in Sahara also, I believe. I don’t remember the exact color b/c I’m in the hospital waiting for my contractions to start right now – whoo hoo!! Well, I guess! Anyways, what’s funny is that at first I didn’t know this was a lip treatment – I just thought it was a lipstick when first putting it on. My first thought was – ok this color is way too light for me – but WOW, does this stuff feel great!! I kept putting it on b/c it felt so rich and smooth and moisturizing, then when looking into it, I realized why it felt so good – it was serving its exact purpose! And then I appreciated just the slight color. I wear it quite often now just for the moisture – and it’s often nice to have just the slight color, too. I’ve been going very light on makeup this summer – especially with being pregnant – so this is really quite perfect. I think it’d be nice if they could also make it a little darker -esp for fall – but I haven’t discovered if there is a reason why the 3 colors are indeed all light though. That foundation sounds like a real winner, too – love how you can change your color up and down. Great products!!

  6. Profile photo of krista

    Mel, you have truly shamed the rest of the testing/review panel. You are dedicated! Congratulations!
    I didn’t get to try this line, but I have an obsession with blush and was wondering if anyone could tell me if this line’s blush is a powder or cream? I’m trying to decide if I “need” it or not :)

  7. Profile photo of tiffany

    Hey Krista I tested one of their blushes. The product I received was a powder blush called Ultra Blush in Pink Satin. It’s a very pretty rose pink blush. You just need a tiny bit on your brush because a little of this goes a long way. It comes in a slim round compact with a mirror. It’s the perfect color for summer. Gives you nice rosy cheeks! It also has great staying power.

    Wow Mel! You should get tested of the year! That is some true dedication!

  8. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    I got to test the Lip Lock, the aptly named product that you apply over lipstick so it stays put. I tried this on a work day, over a red lipstick. It looks like a clear nail polish. It doesn’t smell too fab, it has kind of a alcohol smell (not a pina colada smell either, the rubbing variety!) so it’s not too pleasant to apply. But it works, it really, really works! My lipstick was still on after lunch, even after a sandwich. By about 3, it didn’t look super fresh and my lips felt pretty dry, but that’s 6 full hours of wear.

    I think this is a special occasion product. I wouldn’t use it every day. But it would be great on a night out or a big event. I don’t know how it lasted through kissing, no one kisses me at work! I’ll have to test drive that and let you know…

  9. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Ahh – sorry peeps – I forgot to write up my own review. Doh! As mentioned in the above post, I received the Ultra Foundation to test. I’m fairly pale with some red undertones and tried the Shade #2 Ivory. It was a good match for my skin and the colors on the site seem pretty true (from my computer at least) for determining your best shade.

    This foundation has a silicone base that may seem odd for people that have not used primers before. Like all silicone primers, you’ll notice consistency is a bit heavier (and that slippery texture is odd at first) and you have to blend more – but the silicon really locks everything into place and helps with shine so it is a worthwhile exchange. I love that this foundation has added the primer already – so you get double the product in one – And save timed applying your makeup. .

    I am not a huge foundation wearer in the summer (mostly stick to tinted moisturizers) so this is a change of pace for me. I really appreciated the extra coverage this provides. On days that I can go with a lighter look, I’ve been mixing this with my SPF 15 for a really great all-in-one light coverage that last all day (even in 90 plus degrees). This is a great foundation for girls with shine issue or have the disappearing makeup problem.
    .-= Tyna´s last blog ..Sonia Kashuk for Target – review =-.

  10. Profile photo of Mel

    I’m back! And wow, I’ve missed alot – it’ll take me alot of feeding and sleep sessions to catch up with all the articles I’ve missed! I appreciate the props from everyone – really when I read back through my review, it’s probably the worst I’ve ever written – but I do love the lip rx – in fact it prompted me to send Greg home to get it – I needed it right away that day for the moisture and the slight bit of color when people came to visit!! Labor went quite well actually, and now I have my little bundle of joy, Kellyanne Mary – she’s a petite little thing – 5 lbs, 12 oz and 17 3/4 inches long! I’ll send pics to Stef to get posted – just can’t figure that one out…thanks for all the well wishes and excited to catch back up with the site =)))) ~Mel

  11. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    Congrats Mel! Can’t wait to see her. And with my Lip Lock, I could give her tons of kisses without a ton of mess. I’m happy to report I did do a kissing test with it. It passed with flying colors and no color on my man’s lips. This is a date night product if there ever was one!

  12. Profile photo of irene

    I wanted to be sure to sing the praises of my newfound foundation to you! FACE atelier –is remarkable.. It’s so choice! So very nice, and I have it in Ivory.-quite a nice match for my skin tone. I am usually pretty rutty without any makeup, so I wanted to put this to the test.. If it was to pass, that meant it had to look good all day and not need a touch up. It has a nice consistency.. Not too loose, not too thick, just right for application. If you had a foundation (make-up) brush this is the kind of foundation that would work well with it. I always run what I’m wearing past my friends at the office, and let me tell you, they can be honest to a fault, thankfully for me, they liked this and thought it was “nice and smooth looking”! . I wore this yesterday and again today.. It lasted all day (yesterday) and was impressed that it looked perfectly fine without any touch ups. Today I added some zero plus to go a shade darker.. That is amazing stuff too. I like that I can change this up depending on what I want to achieve. It looks smooth and it really doesn’t take much to cover your whole face. The only negative is that the writing on the bottle is hard to read. It’s a frosty/matte finish bottle and the light silver/gray writing is lost.

    1. Kate

      FACE atelier Ultra Foundation is a million miles better than anything that over-hyped, (now) drugstore quality M.A.C. offers! (M.A.C. made some great products, but when Lauder bought them out in 1996, many of the formulations were cheapened.)

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