About Us

We Heart This was founded in 2008 by Stef Andrews and has been a major voice in the beauty space ever since.

Over the last fifteen years, with the help of over thirty industry expert contributors ranging from makeup artists, freelance hairstylists, color specialists, stylists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and more We Heart This has become the trusted go-to source of millions.

We strive to create a welcoming space where everyone feels empowered to express themselves and explore their personal style. From skincare tips and makeup tutorials to hair hacks and product reviews, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Our Mission

At We Heart This, we believe that beauty is all about embracing your unique self and having fun along the way! Our mission is to be your go-to destination for all things beauty, providing you with the latest trends, expert advice, and a dose of playful inspiration.

What sets us apart is our vibrant community of authors and contributors who share their passion and knowledge with you. Our team consists of beauty enthusiasts, industry insiders, and creative minds who are dedicated to curating engaging content that resonates with your beauty journey.

Meet Our Review Board

At We Heart This, we’re committed to delivering top-tier, reliable content. Our dedicated review board, comprised of industry specialists, rigorously evaluates our content to ensure its accuracy and usefulness.

Review Board Members

Jessica Hoelscher

Licensed Cosmetologist

With thirteen years in cosmetology, Jessica Hoelscher is a seasoned stylist recognized for her modern techniques. A graduate of Paul Mitchell the School in St. Louis, her expertise has been showcased on Fox Two News and in People Magazine. Self-employed at Salon Lofts, her work has graced TV screens, styling for renowned events and Ole Miss cheerleaders.

Emily Zink

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

With ten years in healthcare, Emily Zink bridges adult and pediatric medicine with cosmetic dermatology. A certified Family Nurse Practitioner, she’s an expert in treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Sculptra, also diagnosing skincare concerns and offering wellness counseling. Specializing in neuromodulators and dermal fillers, Emily leads injections at her practice.

Amanda Meehan

Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Amanda Meehan, a licensed esthetician and massage therapist, brings holistic beauty to the forefront. Trained at the Aveda Institute Denver and the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, her accolades include the High Honors and Beauty Is As Beauty Does awards. Beyond skincare, she’s a certified Reiki Master and yoga instructor.

Rebecca Green

Professional Makeup Artist

With ten years in the beauty industry, Rebecca Green has mastered the art of makeup. Trained by celebrity makeup artist Debra Macki, she’s worked from Macy’s to Bobbi Brown, freelanced for high-profile clients, and even launched her own brand, BeccaPink Makeup. Her versatility spans from everyday looks to editorial shoots, and her work has been featured in Greek Cosmopolitan.

Madeline Hall

Hair Coloring Expert

With ten years in hairstyling, Madeline Hall has trained with elite colorists Naomi Knight and Lupe Voss and assisted celebrity stylist Alex Chases. From building a solid clientele at San Francisco’s Code Salon to impressing Nashville’s finest, Madeline is a force in the industry. Passionate about educating clients and staying updated on trends.

Jasmine Moore

Licensed Nail Technician

Jasmine Moore, a licensed nail technician with 3 years of expertise, offers specialized services in Acrylic, Gel X, and Dip Powder applications. Trained by Lena Fam and a graduate of NexGen Nails and Beauty School, Jasmine’s accolades include nominations for “Best New Nail Tech” (2021) and “Best Nail Artist” (2023). As the founder of Jazzy Belle Beauty she stays updated on the latest nail trends.

An asian woman in a black dress posing for a photo.

Mary Lois

Permanent Makeup + Lash Expert

Mary Lois is a seasoned beauty expert and permanent makeup artist with a rich educational background from top international academies, including Yumi Lashes and PhiAcademy. Mary has learned from grandmasters like Dovile Zilinskaite and Anastasia Gilmanova, ensuring her clients receive unparalleled service. Despite challenges, she continues to thrive as a home-based artist, committed to delivering excellence and innovation in beauty aesthetics.


Professional Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

Noelia boasts eight years as a professional makeup artist and 6 years mastering skincare. She is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist in New York and her expertise spans from transformative makeup looks to in-depth skincare solutions.

Kelly Goforth

Licensed Cosmetologist

With ten years in the beauty industry, Kelly Goforth has mastered the art of hair and makeup. Trained at The Redken Exchange in NYC and mentored by industry legends like Sam Villa and Lauren Hagan, she’s a sought-after bridal specialist in Colorado Springs. From managing a Denver salon to now offering bridal hair, makeup, and airbrush spray tans, Kelly’s expertise shines.

Anna Mastenbrook

Licensed Cosmetologist & Esthetician

Amanda Mastenbrook is an accomplished beauty professional and salon owner with a decade of experience in the industry. Educated at NDSU and licensed from Josef’s School of Hair Design, she’s a master of color and balayage. Amanda founded The Chair in 2015 after launching a successful mobile spray tanning service. Known for her award-winning avant-garde styling and expertise in toning, she continues to redefine beauty standards and client satisfaction through her work.

Our Editorial Team

At We Heart This, we have an incredible team that ensures that our content is helpful, factual, and fun for our readers.

Each article goes through at least three rounds of edits. The initial edits from the writer, a thorough edit and fact-checking by an editor, as well as a final review before publishing.

Our writers have diverse backgrounds with degrees from Journalism to Pharmacy, but they all hold a commonality. They love to write, and they LOVE beauty.

Minxie Villaver

Content Manager

Minxie is a content manager and editor by day and a freelance makeup artist and stylist in her free time. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and is currently pursing a Master of Arts in Literature. Professionally, she has been an editor for seven years and a content writer for four years.

Nicole Serrano

Senior Editor

Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature and four years of experience as a freelance writer and editor. Since her college days, she’s been obsessed with all things makeup, fashion, and hair care with a particular fondness for ’70s and ’90s trends.

Michelle Alejandro

Senior Editor

Michelle has had a lifelong love affair with makeup. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Communications /Journalism, she began an illustrious career as a writer. Michelle penned a beauty and lifestyle national newspaper column for over a decade and became the Beauty Editor for Chalk Magazine and Editor-in-Chief for Metro Weddings for over nine years, working with some of the biggest makeup artists and trusted beauty brands in the business.

Angela Ramos


Angela, an astute Business Administration graduate, pivoted her career from the corporate world to the creative sphere of writing and editing. With four years of experience in crafting compelling blog posts, she blends her analytical acumen with a flair for storytelling. Her journey into beauty writing was fueled by a personal quest to conquer acne, sparking a deep-seated passion for skincare and makeup. This pursuit has transformed her into a dedicated explorer of the beauty world, constantly seeking and sharing the most effective and transformative beauty products.

Felice Albay


Felice has a Bachelor of Science graduate in Food Science and Technology. Since 2017, she has honed her skills as a content writer and editor, with a special interest in the ever-evolving worlds of skincare, makeup, and fashion. Juggling her role as a devoted mother, Felice finds inspiration in the dynamic landscape of TikTok, where she keeps a keen eye on the latest trends. Her expertise lies in transforming these discoveries into engaging content, connecting readers with the pulse of the beauty and fashion industries.

Janille Gultiano

Beauty Writer

Jan is a skilled freelance makeup artist and communication specialist. With a BA in Mass Communication, she excels in the beauty industry with her creative flair. Additionally, Jan brings over four years of experience in freelance writing and public relations, skillfully blending artistic expression with impactful communication strategies. Her expertise makes her a standout professional in both beauty and corporate sectors.

Rachelle Bio

Rachelle Velasco

Beauty Writer

Rachelle is a skilled hair and makeup artist, known for her expertise in creating vibrant, unconventional hair colors and stunning makeup looks. She specializes in hair color – ombre, balayage, root color, and even crazy-colored hair – you name it, she can deliver it. With over five years in the beauty industry, she has transformed her passion into a thriving career. In addition to her artistic talents, Rachelle brings a decade of experience as an English teacher, blending her educational skills with her creative pursuits. Her professional journey showcases her as a dynamic and versatile professional, excelling in both the worlds of beauty and education.

Shai Urbano

Beauty Writer

Shai has a unique talent in the realm of pharmaceuticals and beauty, combining her role as a registered pharmacist with a fervent interest in creative writing. With a Bachelor of Arts in Pharmacy, her expertise shines in her deep understanding of ingredients and formulation. This passion has led her to innovate in the beauty industry, specifically developing safe and effective products tailored for naturally curly hair. Shai’s distinctive skill set bridges the gap between health sciences and cosmetic creativity.

Ashley Pena

Beauty Writer

Ashley is an accomplished writer and editor with over 13 years of experience in the industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. With a passion for the written word and the beauty niche, she has honed her skills and expertise in crafting engaging content that captivates readers. Whether exploring new beauty products, sharing skincare tips, or delving into the makeup world, Ashley is a trusted voice in the beauty writing landscape. She aims to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and discover the transformative power of self-care and self-love.

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Product Tester

Our OG contributors have tested products, written reviews and shared their love of beauty with us over the last decade and beyond.


Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. Her favorite beauty products are high end skincare and lip products.


Erin is a secondary science teacher who adores makeup and fashion. She spends her free time pursuing her other passions which include cooking, antiquing, and decorating. Her favorite beauty products are lip gloss and bronzer.


Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Her favorite beauty product is eyeshadow.


Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Bellarina.


Sherri is a writer, dog lover, old movie fanatic, history detective, political junkie, fashion pundit and social media consumer advocate. Her favorite beauty products are anti-aging anything.


Amity is a writer and teacher of  rhetoric, composition, and creative writing in Central Pennsylvania. She loves testing out new makeup and skincare products whenever she has the chance! Her non-fiction writing has appeared in xojane and Story, as well as on Snap Judgement and This American Life; her fiction has appeared in Hobart.

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