Oribe Signature Shampoo and Volumista spray review

oribe Oribe Signature Shampoo and Volumista spray reviewIt’s not every day we’re sent a shampoo that comes in its own box. But this is no ordinary shampoo: this is the Signature Shampoo, part of a new haircare line by Oribe (pronounced OR-bay). And when a person has only one name (think Madonna or Cher), you know they mean business.

Oribe, for those of you not familiar with him, first shot to fame in the 1980s, when he was hairdresser to the stars, sought after by supermodels and photographers alike. Jennifer Lopez is credited with raising his profile in the late ‘90s (and vice versa). Nearly 30 years after he started out, he’s still at the forefront of the industry, working with the likes of Beth Ditto and creating the coiffures for a major Louis Vuitton campaign in 2008.

Back to the shampoo…

The dark bottle is beautiful; indeed, it would look more at home on a dresser rather than in a shower tub. Reading the list of ingredients, it’s nice to see some natural ones. For instance, there’s Watermelon Extract, said to “provide natural protection against oxidative stress and deterioration of natural keratin”, and Edelweiss Flower Extract, which “protects hair from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the sun and environmental aggressors”.

So far, so good. But it only gets better. The bottle itself is etched with three little words. No, not those three little words, but “A Daily Indulgence”. Likewise, the press release cries out: “prepare your hair for glamour”. Can I get a margarita with that, please?

Pouring it into your hand, it’s a pale golden color, with a runny yet thick consistency. The smell is subtle – a little citrusy, and ever so slightly floral. It’s thick enough to cling, and lathers well. No need to repeat (not at these prices!)

We didn’t test the conditioner, but we did try the Volumista, a “weightless mane-plumping mist”. In other words, spray it on and you’ll get BIG hair. The dark bottle is similar to the shampoo’s, and it smells nice too.

However, as I started to dry my hair it took on a horribly sticky, hard consistency. I thought I’d accidentally forgotten to wash my conditioner out! But I persevered, and by the time I’d completely dried my locks, they were smooth and sleek. I’m not sure about the volume – I believe it’s very hard to get the same results as in a salon – but, put it this way: my husband – who normally wouldn’t notice if I came into the room wearing a burka – said ‘your hair looks lovely’. Maybe not quite J-Lo, but I’ll take ‘lovely’ any day.

As for the rating, I’d give both three and a half stars: the Signature Shampoo for the ‘experience’ (!) and the Volumista for the results. They only don’t get more than that because of the cost (a whopping $29 each). If you already spend a lot on your hair, I’d say: go for it. If not, get them for a treat, although you’re taking a risk, because once you’ve crossed over, there may be no going back


Lesley’s clever words (and lovely locks) can also be seen at the OC Weekly’s food blog Stick a Fork In It.

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    Stef Andrews

    It was literally painful to pass these on to Lesley for review! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such gorgeous looking hair products in my whole life. I imagined JLo shaking a well manicured finger at me. Now that I see it wasn’t just a pretty package, I’m wondering what the first product I’m going to buy is, hmmm…

    Great review Lesley!

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    Yeah, it is very special (and thanks for letting me try it!). You feel like you should be going out to a movie première every time you use it – not down to Ralphs to buy groceries!!

    I’d say try the shampoo and conditioner the first time – and make it last!

    The line also includes something called ’24K Gold Pomade’, which, according to the website, is ‘excellent for use on pleasure craft, in convertibles or anywhere a little 24-karat seduction is needed.’

    Now if that isn’t sheer luxury, I don’t know what is!!


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    Tyna Werner

    Welcome Lesley and thanks for your great review! Make sure to check out her blog over at the OC Weekly – especially if you live in the OC and/or are a foodie!

    I’ve never tried an Oribe product, but I really want to try one now! Getting a “you’re hair looks lovely” out of most husbands is a huge victory!

    Finally – I love the look of the model in this post. She looks like the 1980’s version of Elizabeth Taylor (much younger of course) – remember Liz’s big hair then? And I assume she (Liz) must have worn purple colors a lot (those violet eyes!) because I totally picture her in exactly this shade!

  4. Profile photo of irene

    Stef, you are an angel that’s why, I always knew it. Certainly a better person than most! I wonder if this might be available at Sephora? I would like to sample Oribe’s product line before forking out 30 bucks! The bottle of shampoo looks more like a men’s cologne to me.. Maybe because the photo is black on black. – It’s just dark- still it’s lovely! Nevertheless I’m intrigued by this product. Especially after reading the great review by Lesley. By the way, it was a pleasant surprise to see her name as another fine writer/reviewer for WHT. Small world isn’t it? She’s from my neck of the woods! I have read her food blog in the OC Weekly – so clever- even the name of her blog cracks me up, “Stick a fork in it”. That’s what we do best around here!

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    Thanks v much, guys – I really appreciate your kind words!

    As for the products, you can buy them at http://www.oribe.com or by calling 1-888-ORIBE-99 for your nearest salon. They’re also sold at Bergdorf Goodman – so it’s a good excuse to visit NYC. Am I right or am I right?!

    And, yes, the bottle is gorgeous – it looks like perfume. Bloody lovely!

    Wish I could take credit for the Stick a Fork In It name, but I agree, it’s a fab name!

  6. Julianna Cordy

    The salon i work at carries the whole Oribe line. As a stylist who was using Bumble and Bumble products making the switch to Oribe was a bit tricky. You see with BandB their whole concept is layering products… cock-tailing if you will. They encourage trying 3 or 4 different products and piling it on! With Oribe the whole line is paraffin free meaning there isnt a ton of crap in the bottle just to fill it up. You dont get the product build up feel and a bottle of product lasts forever because it is so concentrated! It was hard to get used to using just a tiny amount of product and i thought how could it even work when you only use such a small amount?! Well it does! My first experience with Volumista was the same… i over did it and it was super sticky. If you use it properly, only 4 pumps on the whole head max it really is an amazing product! And unlike Thickening spray from B and B it nourishes the hair and doesnt dry it out. I think of the entire line not only as styling products but also as a treatment line. After using these products your hair will look and feel so much better. Try the supershine mosutire creme! it will change your world!

  7. Hasti

    I don’t know about this shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair extremely greasy and takes at least four shampoos to get even close to clean. I thought it was a big waste of money. I can’t wait to finish this bottle.

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