Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

MAC DaretoWear Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?photos: we heart this

Your answer should be yes! And if it’s not, let me try to persuade you. Dare to Wear could be nothing but a summer collection. They call it “Gaga-inspired”, I call it crayon inspired! And who doesn’t like to color?

MAC daretowear Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

The 12 mostly matte eye shadows (six permanent, six limited edition) are bright and downright primary. But if you’re the type to shy away from the bold, never fear! When Tyna and I attended the MAC Fall sneak preview event a few weeks ago, the makeup artists were surprisingly more excited about using these sheered out then at full-on crayon strength.

I got to test two of these. Crazy Cool is a veluxe pearl; a shimmery, cool, pale lavender. It’s pretty sheer, even with multiple applications I couldn’t build much color. But I would imagine the right person (a lilac and sheer color lover) will flip for this.

But Sassy Green summed up this collection perfectly for me, and rather fabulously too; bright, pure, matte grass green. If you are a green lover, you’re going to wonder how you’ve existed without this!

MAC SassyGreen sheer Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

Here it is worn very sheer; over a layer of subtle gold shadow, no eyeliner and only a coat of mascara. Who would have thought that loud green could be worn like this?

MAC SassyGreen fullB Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

Using only the same two eye shadows, here is a bolder, but still everyday wearable application; I added more layers for a brighter pop of color and used a wet liner brush to make a cat eye. (I need more mascara though!)

MAC SassyGreen fullC Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection? I felt like a comic book heroine! (That’s Wham, a Dazzle lipstick on my lips.)

MAC DaretoWear lips Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

But lest we forget, Dare to Wear also has six limited edition liplass formulated specifically for this launch. With these you have the pigment of lipglass (but not as sticky), with the glimmer of a dazzleglass (but not as gritty). It’s really the best of two lipgloss worlds! We can only hope these make it into the permanent lineup eventually. I got to test 2 shades…

MAC DaretoWear So bad Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

I really wanted to like So Bad, it seems to have my name all over it seeing as I’m a coral and orange lover. So, what went wrong? This shade taught me that I’m a coral and orange purist. When other colors join the mix, I’m not happy (the exception being gold). So Bad has fuchsia micro glitter in it (see it above?) and I feel like it takes away from what could have been pure coral glittery goodness.

MAC DaretoWear Gimme That Do you Dare to Wear the new MAC collection?

Gimme That! made up for my disappointment. I learned something else about myself testing these. I rarely fall for a pink, but give me a true fuchsia and I’m in love. This is just that, and so much more. Bursting with fuchsia and purple micro-glitter, it’s nearly opaque and wore forever on my lips (anyone else notice MAC fuchsias seem to almost stain your lips? Love that!)

So, another fabulous summer collection from MAC! Like we’re surprised…

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

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  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    Oh I LOVE this Sassy Green Shadow! Looking at your photo of the entire beautiful collection, it’s the one thing I would have reached for first! Using it as a liner too is a brilliant touch. I guess I need Crazy Cool, too, to complete the ensemble…

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    What a great look, @stef! I’ve always loved pure greens but haven’t really been able to wear them, so I’m envying that bold green eye look! AND the Gimme That! lipglass, it’s SUCH a fun pink.

    I’ve been venturing into oranges and corals, so I’m really curious about So Bad. Even with the fuschia flecks, I kinda dig it! Is it a personal preference on the glitter, or do you think it detracts from the overall color?

  3. Profile photo of krista

    Okay, So Bad looks scary orange, but I am not afraid of orange lips…I bet I could pull that look off *ponders*
    That Sassy Green shadow is also calling my name…I’m such a whore for green shadows, I should feel shame and yet I do not…

  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    That green is divine on you @stef. But I think that I might also enjoy “Crazy Cool”.Sometimes I love sheer shades. And I always love cool grays and lavenders. But “Gimme That” is sick!! I love it! I am not generally a pink person either. But MAC fuchsias are insane. I always see one and think that it is just too much. But then I put it on and I am instantly hooked. And I almost always wear them like a stain. They are as you have said so good for that. Great review!!!

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  6. Profile photo of Amanda

    @Stef , I love the two looks! I admit, bright colors scare me off and I wouldn’t really give these eyeshadows much of a 2nd look for fear of funny, but it looks great put on so sheer! Finally, an eyeshadow that can double in both my daily life and as my roller derby eyeshadow! (Roller derby bouts are about the only time I venture into crazy makeup. It’s also the only time I go out of the house in not much more than my ruffle-butt panties and knee pads, LOL!)
    I kinda like the mix of fuchsia and coral in So Bad, but I can see where you’re coming from. I would still totally go for it (if my local MAC counter had any) but to each her own.

  7. Profile photo of irene

    Great review @stef! You look really sassy in these colors.. I’m the same way about loud bright colors, but if applied lightly they look fab! I may go downstairs and have them apply this on at our MAC store to see what it looks like on.. I’m interested in the Dare to Wear limited edition liplass.

  8. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I love green eyeshadows – but have a hard time finding ones that work on me. My light blue eyes can turn greenish with the right hue (and I love making them turn sea green) but other greens, that keep my eyes looking blue, many times fight against me (could be my pale, sometimes with redness skin tone).

    Anyway, while Sassy Green looks to be the wrong hue for me in the pot, the first application is exactly the shade I strive for – especially in the crease! Must. Have. It.

    Fabulous pictures as always @Stef.

    Happy Friday everyone!
    Tyna Werner recently posted..wht primer- A chicks guide to Comics

  9. Profile photo of katezena

    I love bold looks, especially if they’re purple (can anyone tell I love purple).

    @tyna –Look for colors with bluer undertones if your cool. If your warm, look for ones with red undertones (i.e. the Fire vs. Ice I teach in “What’s Your Skintone?” post). If you have trouble at the counter, bring with you three squares–one painted/colored (whether it’s paint, crayon, pencil, etc) primary blue (cool), one primary yellow (neutral) and one primary red (warm). Alternatively, you can make a rectangle, fold into thirds and color square each color.

    If you don’t know if it’s warm, cool or neutral, take out the squares. Those with a warm base will look redder when compared next to blue; the vice versa for cool tones. If it’s neutral, it’ll look the same next to all three colors.

  10. Profile photo of kari

    Those colors are so bold! I love it!
    That green is gorgeous on. I probably would’ve passed on it in the store thinking it might be too much, but it looks great both sheer and bold.

    So Bad is pretty orange looking, but still really pretty. That fuschia though, wow! It looks fantastic.

  11. Profile photo of Mel

    I love both looks Stef just gorgeous!! Gimme That reminds me of an LE lipglass I have from…ugh I can’t remember right now and I’m not at home, but I think you have it too Stef – is it called maybe Hollywood Nights? This one may not be quite as bold but totally stunning none the less.

  12. stephanie


    I came over here from Temptalia and I love this look! I tried it today with Naked Deep Dark pigment, my subtle gold, very sheer with shimmer (I am Mufe Mat Velvet 80 for reference) and sassy grass in the outer lid and crease. I am going to try adding a little more and lining with it also. thanks! It looks good!

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