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Our review of the UK hit, STEAMCREAM…

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When I first received this adorable little tin for review, I must admit that the name alone intrigued me. Just what exactly is STEAMCREAM? Originating in Japan, with a growing cult following in England that’s spreading throughout Europe, STEAMCREAM is an eco-friendly brand of cream for face, body and hands. Warning: packaged in ever updated, limited edition, colorful tins; buying this product can become habit forming.

But how did it get its intriguing name? Per the STEAMCREAM website: “High quality, natural, traceable and ethically-sourced raw ingredients are bound by a steam-infused manufacturing process to create a hydrating, easily absorbed and luxurious vegan cream for face, body and hands”

While most lotions and creams use chemicals and waxes for emulsification, STEAMCREAM uses nothing but good ol’ steam, which instantly emulsifies their cream and gives it its light, glossy texture. I found STEAMCREAM to be a joy to use and I love how it lightly coats and protects my skin with its natural ingredients. I’ve been using it on my arms and legs for a few weeks now and boy, does it leave my skin smooth!

As if the steam technique and lovely texture weren’t enough, I love the fact that you’re not bombarded by scent choices when you visit the STEAMCREAM website. There is just one unique herbally scented formula.

The one thing that does change are the graphics on the eco-friendly aluminum tins (no landfill-polluting plastic here). As a bonus, I see no reason why the tin can not be washed and re-purposed to store paper clips, vitamins or a teeny treasure. Depending on your taste, you can choose the Original tin (basic silver) or one of a variety of other limited edition designs ($18 per tin), each cuter than the next.

Each limited edition tin is like a miniature piece of art, designed by Tokyo-based artists Takayuki Totsuka and Hiroyuki Takahashi. Our wht review team received a variety of these darling tins, including:

SteamCream Its true, steam makes cream better

(Left to right, top to bottom) Masquerade, Planetarium, Stripe, Stripe,
Flower Garden, Blue Secret, and Kalidoscope

Now let’s get to the ingredients, shall we? Taking a look at the ingredients page on the website, you will quickly discover that this little tin of cream packs a powerful punch. Loaded with skin-loving ingredients such as oatmeal, cocoa butter and organic jojoba oil. I also love that STEAMCREAM ’s formula is cruelty-free, AND they only use third-party suppliers who are cruelty-free as well. So, literally, nothing in their unique formula has been tested on animals.

Let’s not forget what might be the most crucial element to any good lotion or cream: the fragrance. I’m hit with a lovely burst of lavender oil when I first open the tin. This instantly calms me, and I like that as I work this cream into my skin, the other notes start to make an appearance. Eventually orange blossom makes it way to the surface, and I can also detect a hint of chamomile, which makes the entire experience very soothing and natural.

The wht team will be by in the comments leaving their reviews. In the meantime, are you as captivated by STEAMCREAM as we are?


Gianna is our expert on drugstore and budget beauty. She is the writer/editor of Nouveau Cheap, a blog that’s devoted to finding quality products that don’t break the bank.

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  1. Profile photo of Katie

    I really like the constellation tin! I tried the Steamcream in the Flowergarden tin. Sooo cute! I love seeing the tin as a part of my routine every morning but I also really like the product. It is super smooth and leaves my skin soft. It’s a great moisturizer – smoothing and slightly moisturizing but not greasy.

    The only drawback I experienced was the scent – the very thing @gianna likes! :) After I got used to the scent, it is okay. It just seemed strong at first (lavender & orange blossom are both strong scents). I didn’t realize all the tins are the same formula – I thought because my tin was Flower Garden, I had a more natural, floral scent – haha!

    Thanks for the review @gianna! 4 stars from me – good product!
    Katie recently posted..Weekend Collection- Caged

  2. Profile photo of Mel

    I tested the Flowergarden tin too, and I am madly in love with everything about it! The tin itself with it’s pretty red and white theme matches my room and is such a pretty accent on my nightstand. I love the size of the tin (well I wish it were bigger so I had more product!) but the size fits perfectly in my hand and I love how the cap unscrews. The soft texture of the cream feels great and spreads easily and absorbs instantly. And oh, the smell!!!! I’m a lavender lover – especially this one. It’s strong but not overpowering. It takes me back about 15 years when my mom brought me home some lavender cream from Provence, France. I cried when that cream ran out! So I was obviously thrilled when I first opened this jar and was transported back to that time! I’m not sure what I’ll use the tin for when my cream runs out, but something fitting for my nightstand – oh, just had a great idea -sorry if easily offended but it just hit me – I am going to keep those items in it that keep a lady from getting pregnant haha! And of course order more cream probably in the stripes container as that will match my other bathroom. 5 huge stars!!

  3. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I tested this in the Blue Secret tin and I have to admit, when I read the name I got excited because I thought it was a cream that works with the steam of your shower to clean/moisturize/do fabulous things to your skin.
    So I was a little disappointed when I realized that it was a body cream. And it is a LOVELY little product. I wasn’t in love with the scent at first, but since I’m keeping it by my bed, I found it’s very soothing to use right before I go to sleep.
    I use it on problem areas on my hands and feet and I love it. It soaks in, so there’s no greasy sheets or slipping and falling in the bathtub the next morning when I shower.

    AND, it’s done something that no other cream has. My husband hates, HATES, lotion and creams. His elbows and hands drive me crazy because I know he’d feel better if he’d just take care of them and stop itching! But I’ve found that he does like hand massages and his favorite so far has been SteamCream! He gets a nice little massage before bed and I get a chance to attack his rough hands and elbows so he’ll stop looking quite so raggedy! :-)

    I already have plans to use this tin for some of my BPAL imps. I give it 5 stars!

  4. Profile photo of Amanda

    I tried out Steamcream in the Planetarium tin. The tin is absolutely adorable, it looks great on my night stand. I love putting the cream on at night, the lavender herbal scent is so relaxing, and I wake up with soft hands and feet every morning. The formula is nice and light so it soaks right in and doesn’t feel weird or sticky on my pillow/sheets and it’s not greasy so it doesn’t leave a mark anywhere.

    @Lyssachelle , I have used Steamcream on my face because it is such a great, light formula. It’s certainly not for everyday use (unless maybe you have very dry skin) but it was great when I had a rough “I’ve been blowing my nose too much” patch on my upper lip. It feels really good around the eyes, too.

    @Melinda – LOL, I can totally see it being a prophylactic case ;) You crack me up!

    Overall, for the great design and the wonderful formula, I rate Steamcream an easy 5 stars!

  5. Profile photo of irene

    I received from our fabulous English brethren, STEAMCREAM – Moisturizer for Face, Body and Hands in Masquerade. I love that these Aluminum tins are Limited Editions and are as cute as can be! I have the pretty one with the gorgeous pink tulip and black background. I only wish I knew about them sooner, because some of the previous tins are just to die for adorable and indeed collectable. I immediately could tell that this cream is made with high quality ingredients. But what I really like, is that this is handmade. It has found a home on my coffee table and reach for it often while I’m watching TV. It’s light and quickly absorbs into my skin. It has a wonderfully fresh scent of lavender and not overwhelming at all. I noticed this is available at Henri Bendel’s in NYC.. How cool is that? And, for us on the West Coast, it can be found in Los Angeles, at BeautyHabit Modern LUX Apothecary. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next! I give this product four stars- only because I think the tins could be bigger!

  6. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I tested STEAMCREAM in the Stripe Stripe tin – so cute and colorful – it looks like a retro fruit stripe gum tin. As a container freak, I think I love these tins even more than the cream! I love the idea of having multiple tins to store things – especially the BPAL imp idea @Lyssachelle ! oh, and sewing supplies @nouveaucheap – but
    @Melinda takes the prize for best idea yet – hee!

    As for the cream itself, I love the texture and it does a great job on rough areas. However, I also wasn’t a huge fan of the scent – I’m sort of meh on lavender and not a fan of chamomile. I’m hoping that they may expand into one or two other scents someday, because the packaging and formula are so great. 4 stars
    Tyna Werner recently posted..wht primer- A chicks guide to Comics

  7. Profile photo of nouveaucheap

    I love everyone’s ideas about repurposing these tins! And I agree w/ @tyna, @Melinda wins the prize for best idea yet. Hee hee.

    And @Melinda, you bring up an excellent point about how it fits so perfectly in my hand. I love that and I can see myself traveling with this tin for that very reason.

    @irene, thanks so much for the info about where to find this product in-store (on both coasts)!
    Gianna recently posted..This weeks deals &amp steals!

  8. Profile photo of brooklynshoebabe

    I tested Steamcream in the Planterium tin. Boy, talk about your packaging porn. I just loved opening the pretty tin every morning, dipping fingers in the thick cream, and massaging it into my feet. The cream really softened my heels–roughened by wearing open-heel sandals. The lavender smell was intoxicating and relaxing. I was sad when I finished the tin. :-( I am not sure what I’m using the tin for but it is on my dresser. I wavering between using to for spare change or my earring studs. I wish I could think of a more glamorous use for the empty tin.

  9. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    Love the packaging! How could you not? I received Stripe Stripe, and I agree with @tyna – very Fruit Stripe gum like. And it’s wonderful that you can reuse these, rather than being thrown in a land fill.

    BUT…while I like the way STEAMCREAM felt (very silky and moisturizing, but light too) I wasn’t crazy about the smell. I didn’t get any orange blossom, it was a total lavender overload for me. Not being a fan of lavender, it just wasn’t the cream for me. Also, for $18 I’d personally need to get way more product to feel ok about a purchase.

    So, this is only a 2 star for me. Sorry!

  10. Profile photo of tiffany

    I tested Steamcream in the Masquerade tin…the one with the pretty tulip. First off, I love the texture of this cream. So silky and soaks right in. I also really like the scent…lavender is one of my favorites. I love the reusable and very adorable tins. @Melinda love your idea! This cream is perfect for a nightstand or vanity because it looks so pretty sitting out for everyone to see. I give this cream 5 stars and think these would make excellent gifts. Thinking of ordering a few for teacher gifts.

  11. Profile photo of spitfire77

    I also tried the Blue Secret one and I adore it! The little blue tin is so pretty and I love the size! Yes, I wish there was more product, but it’s a great size to throw in a purse or travel bag! I love that the tin can be used after the product’s gone…I may use it to put jewelry in when I travel! I actually really enjoy the scent too. I know lavender can be somewhat overpowering, but it’s also known to relieve stress and be calming, so I use it a lot at night, before I go to bed. It’s very soothing! Five stars for me… I will definitely buying more of these cute little tins!

  12. Profile photo of christy

    5 Stars 5 Stars for Planetarium!! I Love this cream! Having pretty dry skin I was really happy with the way this just soaks in, really leaving your skin quenched. Doesn’t hurt that it comes in an adorable tin, and smells amazing. But for me the way this truly moisturizes is the selling point. I have used it on my hands and face….happy to report that no reaction when I used it on my face.. just happy moisturized skin! I think as some of the ladies have said this is the perfect night-stand cream. a dap hear and there… hands & elbows, dry spots on the face before sleep, leaves you well hydrated and waking up to smooth skin.

    I love this stuff & will happily reuse the adorable tin and order more when I finish it. 5 stars :)

  13. Profile photo of krista

    I got to try out the Planetarium tin of Steamcream and let me just say, this is the cutest tin ever! The cream inside is more of a thick lotion, but definitely thinner than most creams I’ve used. That doesn’t mean this product isn’t effective. I am not really a fan of botanical smells, which this has, but it’s soothing for bedtime. I leave mine on my nightstand (like everyone else seems to do) and put some on my hands, heels, and neck (I’m not brave enough to use it on my face, but I think it could help keep neck lines at bay—they’re just like tree rings–you can count how old I am unless I’m careful)right before bedtime. This absorbs quickly and instantly softens my skin. When I wake up in the morning, everything is still soft. It’s really made a difference for my heels and I usually only trust a heavier cream for that. Overall, I’m very impressed with this cream and even more impressed with the cuteness of this tin! 5 stars!

  14. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    I tried the Rose steam cream on a hot day when my skin was parched, parched, parched. First problem, I could never get the tin open without it exploding all over the floor/vanity/clothes. And it was just greasy. And not in a good way. I really was disappointed because it really really smelled good!

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