MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches

MAC stylishlyyours MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatchesphotos: we heart this. From left: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red

Color lovers rejoice! But rejoice on the way to the MAC counter, because Stylishly Yours hit the shelves in late December and you want to make sure you get a chance to own some of these beauties. I love the idea of this collection. It contains 4 lipsticks, 4 pigments and 4 creme colour bases; all within the same families: orange-coral, medium red, bright pink and magenta-purple. For a monochromatic look, wear all the same family. Or mix and match for a modern, crayon-hued look that doesn’t quite match, but somehow does. It’s all about creamy, high pigmented color. And it’s downright gorgeous!

MAC stylishlyred MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches

My favorite item of the launch are the creme color bases ($16.50). My absolute must have (meaning, I bought this the second it came online!) is Movie Star Red (limited edition, medium toned blue red). Not so much as a bright “look at me!” kind of stop light red, as it is a more everyday but still sultry red. As you can see from the swatch a few photos below, you can apply these opaquely, or sheered out to stain for a more subtle burst of color (and these do stain!)

MAC stylishlymagenta MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches

I also received Madly Magenta to test (permanent Pro shade, vivid pinkish- purple). An amazing color, but way too cool for me. (I had to go outdoors to even photograph it, otherwise I just looked a little sickly!) But my gosh, a cool toned girl could rock this hard, it’s beautiful.

MAC stylishlyswatches MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches left: Movie Star Red sheer and opaque, right: Madly Magenta opaque and sheer

Worth noting, all four creme color bases from this launch are NOT for use on your eyes. If you want that bright pop on your eyes, go for the pigments ($19.50)

MAC stylishlypink MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches

EXCEPT the Madly Personal pigment (limited edition, bright fuchsia pink). This counterpart to Madly Magenta is not for your lips. Too bad, sprinkled in to a clear lipglass – it would make a beautiful gloss. On the positive side, as with all MAC pigments, it’s finely milled and blending is a dream.

MAC stylishlyburgundyB MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatches

MAC stylishlyburgundyC MAC Stylishly Yours review and swatchesJoining the collection are two beauty powders, a repromote of clear lipglass, and we got to check out 2 items carrying on the monochromatic idea, a Fluideline ($15), Dark Diversion (limited edition, blackened plum) and Zoom Lash Mascara ($14) New Hue (limited edition, blackened burgundy) that go to a totally different, darker direction on the matching scale.

Dark Diversion is one of those chameleon shades that somehow borders on black, brown AND plum. It has a subtle shimmer and because it’s a gel, applies smoothly and does not flake. But I wasn’t entirely sold on New Hue. On the brush, it’s a really beautiful color. But on my lashes, it looked black. I also found Zoom Lash to be a bit clumpy. If I combed it through, It was fine but I like my mascara to work straight from the tube.

Interested in more? For a complete overview, check out Temptalia’s always thorough Overall Review.

Readers, have you made any of Stylishly Yours, yours? Or, are you longing too? Share in the comments!

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

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  1. Profile photo of Amanda

    Woah! Talk about a world away from the Cham Pale collection! Those creme color bases are beautiful. I don’t think I could ever pull off a color like Madly Magenta (far, far too cool toned for me) but I can imagine how beautiful it would be on others. @LucyLemonade , I think that color is MADE for you!

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Wozza! Look at the colors we have here! Are they long lasting and creamy as usual? Leave it to MAC to have so much diversity in one place. Madly Magenta is so cool for the right skintone..I also love the Movie Star Red. It looks awesome on your lips @stef and the swatches are so pretty. That Zoom Mascara in blackened burgundy looks intriguing.. I think it looks REALLY nice on your lashes.

  3. Profile photo of tiffany

    Movie Star Red looks so pretty on you @Stef. I’m always wanting to wear red, but always afraid it will look like too much on me. This one looks quite perfect. Love that you can wear it sheer or darken it some.

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