Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets review

Move over bubble bath – these tablets turn showers into spas!

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It seems like all of the fun bath products of the world are made for those who actually enjoy taking baths as opposed to showers. Since I’m a devoted shower girl, things like bath bombs, oils and bubbles and the like are lost on me. Well, today I’m here to tell you that finally, there’s a fun product for us gals who prefer the stream of the shower over the steam of the bath.

Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets are designed specifically to be used in the shower. Unlike similar products that are designed to help relieve congestion and contain ingredients like menthol, Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets are packed with soothing ingredients like chamomile and neroli to give you a true spa experience at home. There’s no medicinal quality to these tablets—they are a pure spa-like indulgence!

For around $5 you receive five individually-wrapped tablets. The Spa Tablets have been recently redesigned and are available in two scents. I received the De-Stress with Chamomile & Neroli for review, while other wht review team members received the Orange, Geranium and Peppermint Energize. Since I have used Smith & Vandiver products in the past, I can tell you that S&V really do chamomile RIGHT. The chamomile essential oil they use in their products truly makes you feel like you’re standing in a field of chamomile flowers. It’s amazing.

SmithVandiverB Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets review

To use these little tablets, simply open up a package and place the tablet on the floor of your shower, away from the direct stream of water from your showerhead (you don’t want the tablet to dissolve prematurely). Then, just go about your business and allow the tablet to work its magic. Almost instantaneously, you’ll be able to smell the wonderful, soothing aroma of essential oils. All that’s left to do is breathe deeply and relax.

These tablets are multi-functional, as you can also toss one into a sink filled with warm water for a spa-like experience outside of the shower, or you can put one on your nightstand to emit a soft, relaxing fragrance as you sleep.

Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets are certified 100% natural, and my Neroli & Chamomile tablets contain sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, maltodextrin, chamomile essential oil and neroli essential oil. That’s it!

• Provides an at-home spa experience for about $1 per shower
• Natural ingredients
• Powerful enough to fragrance a 15-20 minute shower
• A great option for those who prefer a shower over a bath

• You may require 2 tablets per shower if you tend to take longer showers
• Fragrance might be overpowering if you’re not a fan of essential oils

So I guess you bath gals don’t have the corner on fun products after all! Please check the comments, where the wht team will weigh in with their thoughts on the Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets.


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  1. Profile photo of irene

    Yeah, I’m a sucker too. But I’m glad to be one when it comes to spa-like experiences! I reviewed the Neroli & Chamomile Spa Shower Tablets by Aromatherapaes. I thought it was fantastic. Did anyone think this reminded them of thier Grandmother? I remember loving her soap called “Cashmere Bouquet” I’m betting it had some neroli in it! It really was pretty smelling! Mine lasted quite sometime as I blocked the shower stream from it by putting it behind my pillow (inflatable pillow that sticks to the back of the tub) I often would put essential oils on a wash cloth in the shower to create this effect so I was sold on the idea of a tablet. I like that they are wrapped individually too. My hubby really liked the product. I would like to try this in Orange, Geranium and Peppermint – AM Wake Up. I’d also like to see it offered in eucalyptus and say peppermint.. I’m a huge fan of the essential; oil and would also buy that if it was available! Great product – just expand the selection please! Four Stars!

  2. Profile photo of Shaya C.
    Shaya C.

    Where can I get these? I NEED them! I don’t take baths as much as I’d like to, so all my bath bombs sit there un-used and sad, and Lush doesn’t make the calming shower bomb anymore. I would use these every single day.

  3. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    I’m a shower girl too, so I was excited to get to try a “shower bomb” type of product. But sadly, my excitement fizzled away with the first use. I had a really hard time finding where to place these in my shower. Too far form the water and they just sat there, too close and they seemed to disappear immediately. And while I got a tiny bit of scent, it wasn’t enough to feel refreshed.

    I like the looks of this line, and would love to try something else. But these? I just didn’t see the point. Sorry, these are a 1 star from me.

    1. Profile photo of irene

      That’s a bummer Veronica! I think my experience was inhanced by the extra hot shower I take and the way the water hit the tablet hiding behind the head pillow I have in my tub. It’s so steamy in there that it’s hard to see! Which ones did you have to test?

    2. Profile photo of nouveaucheap

      I agree with Pamela Irene, that IS a bummer, Veronica! I put the tablet *just* beyond the stream of my shower, but not on the far end of the shower. It seemed to do quite well there, and I could seriously smell the essential oils the moment the tablet hit the water. By the end of a 15-min shower, the scent still lingered (but not as strong as at first). Which fragrance did you test?
      Gianna recently posted..Giveaway- 9-piece Milani St Pattys Day Makeup &amp Nail set!

    3. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
      Veronica Lane

      I tried the Energize ones. Maybe I had a bum batch? Or a bad sense of smell! Either way, I’m sad I wasn’t as happy with these as everyone else was. Oh well, back to the tub!

  4. Profile photo of katezena

    These are intriguing. If I weren’t so allergic to scents (even essential oils trigger all of my allergic reactions), I would try these. When I had pneumonia, my dad bought me the Vicks shower tablets for me. I could only use the blue ones because those smelled like Vicks; therefore, I wasn’t allergic to them! (Yes, I’m not allergic to the smell of Vicks and I find it peculiarly pleasant when I’m sick or when my muscles are really, really sore. Everything else will give me hives and/or a migraine. Weird indeed.)

  5. Profile photo of tiffany

    These couldn’t have come at a better time for me to test. I was just getting over a really bad cold and I put the energize tablet in the shower with me. It smelled so good and quickly filled my entire bathroom with the wonderful citrus scent. I didn’t have trouble getting this to last through my entire shower. I put it in the back corner and it worked perfectly. I would buy these again just for the spa like feel you get from them. Loved having my bathroom smell so good!

  6. Profile photo of Marilyn

    What a bargain! I loooooove taking a luxurious bath, but sometimes I need the convenience of a shower. I like that these shower tablets could possibly give me the best of both worlds… I’ve tried the kind from Lush but didn’t love them.

  7. Profile photo of Mel

    I thought these worked great! I tested the Neroli and Chamomile De-Stress and I thought it added a really refreshing yet calming element to my shower. I had no problems with it getting used up too quickly or not enough from the placement – and I have a very small square shower. I had to put it on the floor where water hit it, but not directly. It lasted through my entire very hot, 15-20 minute showers, and was still going. It’s strong enough that you can smell it throughout the surrounding rooms but not too strong or overpowering. I don’t take many relaxing showers showers anymore but when I have used these a couple times at night, they have helped to remind me to slow down and enjoy life a little rather than just powering through everything. I have a few of these left that I’m saving for particulary stressful nights when I have the opportunity to shower, thinking that it will help relax me, or when I have the time to just enjoy my shower and do all the hair mask and shaving extras. I rate this 4 stars – it’s good for what it claims to do – it’s definitely good aromatherapy and it’s well-priced. I just don’t have tons of use for it since my showers are usually pretty utilitarian. But if I did slow down and enjoy them more, this would definitely help!

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