5 Ideas for Ripe Strawberries

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There’s something about those displays of little green cartons – full of plump, red strawberries – I’m helpless against them. If I go to the grocery store or farmers market this time of year, and happen to see a display of my favorite berries, I’m leaving with a carton.

Yet sadly, in the past this has led to me throwing said strawberries into the trash, overripe and untouched a few days later. Don’t let your perfect summer strawberries meet this unworthy fate!

If you find yourself with a bowl of so-ripe-they-must-be-eaten-now berries, I give you five simple solutions:

5 ideas for super ripe strawberries

1) They say the best defense is a good offense, so the first step is to prepare the berries for easy eating as soon as they enter your kitchen. Carefully rinse, trim leaves (without exposing flesh) and pat dry your just purchased berries.

Display them in a nice bowl on a high-traffic table or counter. People are lazy – you’ll be amazed how quickly a big bowl goes when they’re sitting pretty and ready to eat.

2) If a few days later you have more than a mouthful of berries left in the bowl, it’s time for action. Cut off tops of the berries, cut into quarters and place in a bowl with their juices (don’t use a cutting board, quarter berries over the bowl, if you can do so safely).

Add a few sprinkles of sugar and just a squirt of lemon, mix well and let sit for an hour or so. Spoon berry mixture over or into ANYTHING – ice cream, cereal, bagels, oatmeal, etc. Refrigerate left overs.

Bonus tip: Adding a dash of balsamic vinegar to this mixture, only makes it better!

3) Make strawberry infused banana bread.

StawBan bread 5 Ideas for Ripe Strawberries

Honestly, I don’t have an exact science for this one. I use an easy banana bread mix and prepare as directed (you can find all sorts of mixes in your grocery store and I think Truly Organic Bakers Basics Banana Bread%name 5 Ideas for Ripe Strawberries is worth the splurge).

In a separate bowl, I give the strawberries a good mashing and add them as a last step to the prepared banana bread mixture. Stir a few times, just until it gets a nice marble-y look and bake as directed. Tada! This bread looks fancy, is so easy to make and will be gone in no time – a true win.

4) Make a smoothie! You’ve probably got all sorts of smoothie bases – ice, yogurt, ice cream, juice – in your fridge already. I like to check Allrecipes.com for an ever expanding collection of strawberry smoothie ideas. I find their reader ratings pretty spot-on and you can do a search for recipes using the ingredients you have on hand.

5) Drink some bubbly! Why not? If you have a bottle you’ve been saving, pop it open. It’s perfect on summer nights. And, if you’re sharing with a sweetie, hopefully you won’t reach the bottom – if you catch my drift…

Here’s a simple cocktail from Jamie Oliver that just screams summer, and still feels a little sexy – Strawberry Champagne (and don’t forget to save the best looking berries to use as garnish).

Readers, what are your favorite ways to polish off a carton of strawberries? Share your specialities in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I admit, I don’t like strawberries unless they are crushed up in something. (I know! Weird. I’m the same about tomatoes. I like the taste of strawberries, but if there are chunks it’s over for me….)

    BUT, I will definitely be trying the 3-5!! I love smoothies (no chunks!) and the strawberry-banana looks so pretty that it has to be tasty. And strawberry champagne?? Done. I’m a massive champers fan, so if I can pretend it’s healthy by adding a little strawberry juice, I’m on it!

    I wonder what you’d call it though. I mean, oj and champange is a mimosa, cranberry juice and champagne is a poinsetta; what flower name would strawberry juice and champagne be called?

    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      I hear you on the tomato thing – I love pasta sauce, pizza, thin salsas etc, but I couldn’t eat an actual tomato until I was veggie over 10 years! I still pick the tomato slice off most sandwiches, unless they are perfectly ripe and sliced.And I like the taste of pears, but the texture make me shiver!

      Try the banana bread idea – the baking makes any “chunkiness” disappear!
      Tyna Werner recently posted..Budget Beauty- Hard Candy Take Me Out eyeliner and Kal-eye-descope shadow

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Great ideas for sure!
    When they are in season you really can’t eat enough of them around our house. @tyna, you should have been with us over Mother’s Day weekend. Not kidding, we ate not one little carton of those lovely strawberries, but a flat of them over three days from my Mother-in-law who knows how to bake she also gave us one of her homemade Italian Pound Cakes-You know what goes on that? Yup, topped with the ripe and delishous stawberries and Trader Joe’s whipped cream.. to die for!

    1. Profile photo of irene

      Strawberry Preserves – I’ve never made them, but a friend has and boy was I ever happy to be on the receiving end of one of her jars! It’s so yummy! She said it’s not hard to make. Gotta get with it and learn how!

  3. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    I’ve been a strawberry masher every since I was a little kid! My Grandparents and I used to go strawberry picking. I can remember eating almost as much as I picked! It seems gross now but a fresh strawberry, warm from the sun, YUM! Anyway, we’d come home with big flats full of berries.

    The recipe? Wash, remove leaves, cut in quarters, mash with a fork and cover with a bit of sugar (sugar draws the juices out) and no lemon if you’re planning on using it for cereal, which we were. We’d freeze them, and we had strawberries for our Rice Krispies for months! (they freeze great)
    Stef recently posted..MAC Surf- Baby! Eyes &amp Cheeks – review- photos &amp swatches

  4. Profile photo of Mel

    Beautiful and perfect strawberry picture and that bread looks and sounds delicious! I usually cut, sugar, and refrigerate mine right away, so thanks for the reminder to just set them out on the counter cleaned but uncut – what a happy decoration, too! I’m going to try your bread. I just usually use mine for vanilla ice cream or vanilla yogurt.

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