Goodbye bumps, ingrown hair and dead skin. Hello Le Edge!

Le Edge exfoliation tool review

LeEdge Goodbye bumps, ingrown hair and dead skin. Hello Le Edge!photos: we heart this

“An idea is salvation by imagination.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

I am not sure if it is salvation I am looking for but, the winter doldrums have gotten to me. Do you ever feel like you get caught up doing the same old thing? For better or worse, the same old thing often yields the same boring results. Some days I just want something new and exciting to happen.

Well it looks like spring is here! I was very excited when I received Le Edge, a new tool used to exfoliate the entire body. This tool is similar to a razor on steroids in design.

LeEdge2 Goodbye bumps, ingrown hair and dead skin. Hello Le Edge!

It is super easy to use. Just glide Le Edge ($34.99) over wet skin and it removes dead skin cells and debris. The handle is made of a non-slip ergonomic plastic and the blade is made of surgical stainless steel. I am a person who likes to see the results. The dead skin and debris is right there for you to see under the blade. I could not believe it, it is such a simple concept that works so well.

LeEdge3 Goodbye bumps, ingrown hair and dead skin. Hello Le Edge!

Let’s get down and dirty, I love a good hot bath after a long hard day. It just soothes my soul. The thing I hate about baths is there is often an ugly ring that has to be scrubbed off the tub. Well, that ring is actually dead skin cells and debris. Guess what? When you start using Le Edge there is virtually no bathtub ring!

I also loved that I could exfoliate my whole body more evenly than using my typical exfoliating/scrubbing products. The handle of Le Edge also helps me reach places that I would not be able to get to with traditional exfoliation. My skin just felt better after using this. I felt RENEWED. My products were able to soak better because they were not sitting on dead skin. My skin was healthier and my skin tone was more even.

LeEdge4 Goodbye bumps, ingrown hair and dead skin. Hello Le Edge!

In fact, according to Le Edge regular use of this tool may help with a number of skin issues including dry skin, blemishes, ingrown hairs and Keratosis (those little bumps that sprout up on the upper arms).

Easy and Effective
No mess
One time cost
Great for travel because nothing can open up in your suitcase

Different tactile experience (some folks might prefer the feeling of scrubbing)
No aromatherapy

Tip: I missed the aromatherapy part of exfoliation so I started adding essential oils in the experience. Problem solved!

Readers – How do you exfoliate? Would you be willing to try Le Edge?

Click here to learn more and order your own LeEdge!


Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. Holly is always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible.

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      I love the fact that you can clean it and actually have some control. In testing I used diffrent methods bleach, vinegar and perioxide– they all did the job and did not affect the intergity of the blade.

    2. Profile photo of hao9703

      Sometimes–you just have to try something outside the box. Think about the clarisonic- it was considered outside the box at one time. Now people can’t “clean” their face without it.

    1. Profile photo of hao9703

      Removing the bathroom ring is one of the worst cleaning job in the bathroom as far as I am concerned! I really have grown to love this product. In fact, when I forget to pack it– I really miss using it. I know to some people the price may be a bit high. But, you should think of it as equal to buying sugar scrub–plus it lasts much longer.

      I give this product a solid four stars.

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    Tyna Werner

    Great point @hao9703 on the pricing vs an expensive sugar scrub. At first this may seem expensive, but for those with skin issues it could be a lifesaver.

    I tested Le Edge and found it to be really simple to use and pretty darn effective. I have lots of problems with ingrown hairs no matter how I choose to get rid of them (shaving, waxing, depilators – all lead to red bumps and ingrowns). One way to keep they away is with good exfoliation. And so far, so good! I’ve used Le Edge after shaving (a day after not right after) and the red bumps and ingrown hairs are not appearing on my legs or thighs. Woot.
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