Too Faced Color Confections – review, photos & swatches

Dig into the sweet stuff over the holidays with this Ulta exclusive

TooFacedColorConfections Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

toofacedweek Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

One of my favorite things about the holidays – and I’m sure most of you will agree – is the over abundance of gift sets and palettes that come out from my favorite makeup brands. Most are just too good to pass up! Anyone else end up buying a slew of these as presents for themselves? Yes? Okay, good. I knew I wasn’t the only one.

Too Faced is no exception to the hit list of holiday palettes to check out for 2012. We at wht have so many reasons to love Too Faced already: cruelty-free, quality products, and ADORABLE packaging to boot. This year they’re offering an abundance of sweet treats that won’t cost us the calorie intake – and we’ll be taking a look at our faves all week long!

We’re starting with the Color Confections%name Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches palette ($29), a sweet assortment of makeup must-haves for eyes, lips and face. It comes in the cutest candy box packaging, complete with a removable “bow”, making it perfect for gift giving.

TooFacedColorConfections1 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesphotos: we heart this

TooFacedColorConfections2 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

Inside the adorable circular box you will find eight day to night eyeshadows, two luminous bronzers, two blushes and three lip colors. That’s a whopping $128 value. You do the math. The 15 shades in this exclusive to Ulta%name Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches palette are versatile for any time of day and will take you far into spring.

TooFacedColorConfections3 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

TooFacedColorConfections4 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

There are two eye shadow quads and the included shades are:

Champagne Sparkle – light shimmer highlight shade
Icy Pink – cool toned pink shimmer
Metallic Grey – slightly shimmery medium grey
Black Shimmer – soft black with silver micro glitter

Gold – shimmery yellow gold
Chocolate – light matte brown
Khaki Green – true mid-toned green with gold shimmer
Gilded Olive Green – highly pigmented dark brown-green with gold micro glitter

TooFacedColorConfections7 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

TooFacedColorConfections8 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesColor Confections Eyeshadows – Gold, Chocolate, Khaki Green, Gilded Olive Green

There are no crazy colors in this palette but you receive some really amazing neutrals with accompanying highlighters. My favorites were mainly from the neutral quad that has the greens and browns. I can see those being made into quite a number of looks.

TooFacedColorConfections5 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

TooFacedColorConfections6 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesColor Confections Eyeshadows – Champagne Sparkle, Icy Pink, Metallic Grey, Black Shimmer

The cool toned shadow circle will make for a great smoky eye during the holiday party season. I must admit I had issues with the two lighter shades of each quad, the Gold and Champagne Sparkle, which were on the chalky side. In a perfect world, I would love a little tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer included in this palette!

Moving on to the top part of the box, for the face, you get two bronzers in large rectangular pans, flanked by two blushes:

TooFacedColorConfections9 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches

Golden Bronze – light matte cool toned brown
Chocolate Brown – warmer, golden brown with micro gold shimmer

Pink – candy colored pink with gold micro glitter
Peach – light shimmery peach

TooFacedColorConfections12 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesColor Confections Blushes -Pink and Peach; Bronzers – Golden Bronze and Chocolate Brown

The bronzers will suit quite a range of skin tones. I can see Golden Bronze working best for those with pale complexions because it is a bit too invisible for my light-medium skin tone.

The Peach was definitely my favorite blush of the two. Pink can end up chalky on me, and the glitter in it is more chunky than the shimmer in the Peach. There is good pigmentation with both blushes and together they cover both warm and cool tones.

Finally, for the lips there are three glossy lip colors:

TooFacedColorConfections11 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesColor Confections -Hot Pink lip gloss, Pink blush

TooFacedColorConfections10 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesColor Confections – Beige Shimmer lip gloss, Peach blush

Beige Shimmer – a champagne highlight
Spice – warm neutral pink
Hot Pink – cool berry toned pink

TooFacedColorConfections13 Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatchesBeige Shimmer, Spice and Hot Pink lip glosses

I loved both Spice and Hot Pink. I’m not a huge fan of lip products in palettes, but these will give you a perfect touch of color and gloss in a pinch! Spice was more of a “my lips but better” shade for me and Hot Pink has that sassy 90’s lip look to it. Beige Shimmer was too light for my pigmented lips and totally washed me out. However, I can see this being used strategically by dabbing some in the middle of your lower lip for the illusion of fuller lips.

With all palettes, I do find both hits and misses, but this one is such an amazing value that I can oversee a couple of the shades I don’t see myself using daily.

Readers – has Too Faced sweetened the deal for you this holiday season with Candy Confections?

Click here to shop Color Confections%name Too Faced Color Confections   review, photos & swatches at Ulta!

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  1. Profile photo of mandabear

    I was so happy to receive and review this product to review and I hope that you all enjoy it as well! It’s a STEAL, my friends. $28 for a number of looks is pretty outstanding. The colors that I had issues with are not what I’d call “staple” colors that I’d want to work well, like the pretty browns and pinky lip shades. The ones I didn’t care for – mainly the highlight shades – are still usable for dabbing in the inner corners of my eyes, etc. Just not for full on use.

    Also for those of you who have a little girl in your life that loves playing with makeup, this palette is the perfect gift. It’s better quality than those junky palettes out there and they won’t be putting odd ingredients all over their face! I’m giving this product 5 stars based on how much use you can get out of this cute darn thing.

    I’m so excited to see the rest of this week’s Too Faced extravaganza!
    mandabear recently posted..Too Faced Color Confections Review on We Heart This!

  2. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    As the lucky swatcher of ALL the Too Faced sets we’re going to be bringing you this week – I have to say, I am super impressed with the quality of these kits. And it’s something that one of the founders Jerrod mentioned when I attended the press event: Too Faced uses the same formulas for their kits that they use for their individual products. They don’t have them manufactured cheaper just because you’re getting a bargain! SO many companies are guilty of that and it’s terrible. It’s not a deal if the products are sub standard. Just one of the reasons my love for this brand has sky rocketed.

    Color Confections is a beautiful, wearable palette. No crazy colors, just shades you’ll reach for all year long.
    Stef recently posted..Best of Too Faced Giveaway – 10 products, $236 value!

    1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

      @STEF! I had NO idea that companies did that, but it explains so much. I’ve had palettes or sets that just plain sucked, even though I normally like their regular products, this explains why! What a shady, shady deal…

      But I’m pretty excited about this week, and this gift set! You’re right, the colors seems super wearable, I love it!

  3. Profile photo of turboterp

    @mandabear – great overview of a palette that is sure to be on my Christmas list, if I can even wait that long! The eyeshadows alone make this kit irresistible. I’m very fair in the winter, so even the lighter shades should work on me.
    I’m so excited that it’s Too Faced week! Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us…

    1. Profile photo of mandabear

      The eyeshadows are really awesome – so wearable but you can still get creative. You hear the word “confection” and immediately think everything’s going to be clown-y..Nope! Just candy colored lip and cheek products mostly :)

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