MAC Fabulousness: Primped Out Perfectly Plush Essential Brush Kit – review, photos & swatches

The tools you need to perfect your holiday look

Holiday 2012 is in full swing and MAC has teamed up with artist, film-maker and fashionista Liz Goldwyn to create makeup bags with vintage style. The granddaughter of film studio founder Samuel L. Goldwyn, the lingerie expert gets her inspiration from vintage burlesque.

Using the idea from a pair of vintage leopard print panties and her own lace and nets, Liz created the bags for the Primped Out sets with a pastel satin exterior covered in leopard print plastic and matching interiors lined with lace print plastic. You can find her signature atop the MAC emblem inside. And oh, the goodies inside are typical MAC genius!

I tested the Perfectly Plush Brush Kit: Essential ($49.50), a gorgeous boudoir-mint shaded set (one of three sets, Essential, Mineral and Advanced brushes). The zip clutch is perfectly sized and so bad girl vs. good girl chic with the leopard and lace details. The extra special touches are there too. The interior of the bag contains not just the compartment holding the brushes, but a side with a snap, see-through plastic lace pocket for a few essential makeup pieces.

On to the brushes! This kit is called Essential because it includes the ideal brushes for what you need to create your perfect look.

Inside the leopard print bag you’ll find the following Special Edition brushes:

129SE Powder/Blush Brush
190SE Foundation Brush
275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush
226SE Small Tapered Blending Brush
266SE Small Angle Brush

These really are the essential brushes for me too – I’ve been using them exclusively since they arrived and not missing any of my others a bit. The brushes are travel sized, but completely comfortable to hold and work with. The brush heads are soft and clean easily – and are even colored to match the gorgeous pastel hue of the bag.

I’m impressed with the lack of eye shadow fallout from the eye brushes and how well the bristles hold up on all of them. They are the ideal kit to have for travel, your purse or even carrying from room to room in your home as I sometimes do for better light.

I would highly recommend these as a treat for yourself this holiday, but if you’re going to gift it to another lucky lady, she’ll be thrilled with the extra special touches, and even the box it comes in.

The chic and stylish leopard print is duplicated on the box along with an embossed black bow right in the center – no extra wrapping needed. So check out this brush kit at your MAC counter this holiday or let us know if you’ve already seen it and what you think!

Readers – is it essential that you pick up this Primped Out Kit for gifting this season?

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Holiday 2012 – Primped Out: Perfectly Plush Brush Kits:

Perfectly Plush Brush Kit/Mineralize
187SE Duo Fibre Face Brush
130SE Short Duo Fibre Brush
282SE Duo Fibre Shader Brush
286SE Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush
SRP $49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

Perfectly Plush Brush Kit/Essential
129SE Powder/Blush Brush
190SE Foundation Brush
275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush
226SE Small Tapered Blending Brush
266SE Small Angle Brush
SRP $49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

Perfectly Plush Brush Kit/Advanced
167SE Face Blender Brush
168SE Large Angled Contour Brush
217SE Blending Brush
239SE Eye Shader Brush
212SE Flat Definer Brush
SRP $49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

Wht contributor Mel is a new(ish) Mom to the absolutely adorable Kellyanne, an avid makeup junkie and a junior high science teacher. Beauty and brains – just what we want in a wht author!

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  1. Profile photo of irene

    Some of my favorite brushes are MAC’s. I think a liquid eyeliner brush was my very first one about 16 years ago! Yikes, that’s some time ago and I still have it.. somewhere.. lol! These are too cute.. I am tempted.. very tempted..

  2. Profile photo of Mel

    Yes, these are really great brushes and the packaging just makes me happy every time I look at it! I can’t wait to take them on vacation this Christmas. @kellie76 and @lipglossandspandex they are my first MAC brushes too, so I’m really excited to have them, and agree they’re an excellent intro into the line. So, I can’t compare them to the regular line. Online I’ve found some customers who say they’re not as soft and some who say they are! Some don’t like the smaller handles and some don’t mind them at all – so to each his own I guess. I think the eye brushes are perfect. Very soft yet lots of control – no fallout. I can only compare them to another big companies line that I own and I think these MAC brushes are much better. The foundation brush I think is a little too soft, actually. I like the bristles slightly tougher to spread the makeup. But it’s still fine and the others are absolutely perfect. So I think this set is total fabulousness!

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