How-To: Rag Wreath and Lighted Garland Display

Double the fun: This DIY shows you how to create two customized holiday decorations!

ragWreath3 How To: Rag Wreath and Lighted Garland Displayphotos: rachel for we heart this

Creating your own holiday decor doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Today, I’m sharing with you two ways to turn left over fabric and/or old clothes into customized works of art!

These rag wreaths and garlands can be used for a variety of occasions. Beyond the Christmas season, I’ve made these projects for Valentine’s Day and 4th of July decor. Best of all, they’re easy to make and inexpensive to boot!


ragWreath1 How To: Rag Wreath and Lighted Garland Display

Wire circle for wreath (or a metal coat hanger bent into shape – it already has the hook for hanging)
Small strand of lights, if you are making the light garland
10 to 12 different patterned fabrics in color scheme of your choice

Tip: Old clothes are a great, and free, resource for fabric scraps.


ragWreath2 How To: Rag Wreath and Lighted Garland Display

1. Cut Fabric strips into 1 inch by 6 inch strips.

2. Line up the cut strips in the pattern you would like them to appear.

Common Sense Tip: If you are working in a common space, or near pets or children, it is helpful to lay the strips on a tray for quick and easy removal.

3. Get knotting: use the fabric pieces to tie a knot onto the wire frame for wreath, or on the wire between the lights for garland. Tie knots as close together as possible.

Tip: I recommended that you test the string of lights prior to starting this project.

4. Continue until wire wreath frame or string of lights is full.

5. Once complete, hang or display your work of art!

As you can see in the above image, I hung my wreath in the center of an antique frame, and added a large, colorful bow. It’s was a simple way to add visual drama to my front door.

ragWreath4 How To: Rag Wreath and Lighted Garland Display

Indoors, the lit garland adds a warm, festive glow to a room. It can be hung from mantels, around a Christmas tree, down a banister, around a door frame…anywhere you can imagine.

Readers – what DIY projects are part of your holiday decor?

Rachel is a stay-at-home Mom that never seems to be home. She’s a military wife, mother to The Danger Boys and a self-proclaimed craftaholic that enjoys photography, knitting, baking and all things handmade.

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    Tyna Werner

    Another welcome to @rachelshay – can’t wait to see what you have in store for us (and our homes!)

    I love both of these simple How To’s – especially since they can be customized to match your color scheme and because there is no sewing involved. Even these klutzy hands can tie a know. Add in being able to recycle old cloths or use spare fabric and it’s a DIY dream.
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