How to: Jazz up your T-Strap Heels with Fabric

Our easy DIY adds some fun to your party shoes!

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For many women, a great pair of shoes are their statement piece when planning an outfit. I love wearing an eye-catching pair day or night, which is why they are one my favorite DIY subjects.

These fabric enhanced T-strap heels are charismatic and very simple to make. In fact, you could probably start and finish them while you’re rushing to get out the door to a holiday party.


FabricHeels2 How to: Jazz up your T Strap Heels with Fabric

Pair of T-strap heels
Scrap Fabric (I used t-shirt material in two different shades)


FabricHeels3 How to: Jazz up your T Strap Heels with Fabric

1. Cut your fabric into strips, about 4 inches in length and 1/2 inch in width.

2. Starting at the bottom of the T-strap, tie the fabric around the shoe making a tight knot.

3. If you’re using different colors, repeat with alternating fabric colors up the length of the strap until it is filled.

4. Repeat the process on the other shoe.

FabricHeels5 How to: Jazz up your T Strap Heels with Fabric

Option: Try this DIY with vibrant or sparkly fabric – or mix it up with multiple colored fabrics – for shoes that will really stand out!

How simple was that? Another bonus about this simple DIY is that it does not permanently alter your heels. You can easily remove the fabric knots without damage to you shoes, so you can wear them as is, or switch it up with different fabrics.

Readers – What are your DIY tips for adding some pizzazz to an old pair of shoes?

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