Benefit Primping with the Stars Review

Anyone can be a star with this “fake it” line up!

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I have a few guilty pleasures, one of them being Award Shows and more specifically, the Red Carpet Show! I want to know all the behind the scenes prep work of how these stars look so stunning. Did Nicole Kidman have dark circles to disquise? Did Jessica Alba have a blemish to cover? Or how did they give Jennifer Lawrence that glow while having the flu?

It has always been a dream of mine to be styled, jeweled and transformed into a Hollywood starlet. Unfortunately, I will most likely never walk the Red Carpet, but I can still prep like I am with Benefit’s Primping With The Stars%name Benefit Primping with the Stars Review Kit!

BenefitStars2 Benefit Primping with the Stars Review

This handy kit has everything a ‘wanna be’ star should need to look like a million bucks. The kit comes in a cute cardboard box (thank you for not using plastic, Benefit!) with minis of Benefit’s best sellers guaranteed to cover, conceal and get you that Hollywood glow!

BenefitStars3 Benefit Primping with the Stars ReviewNot to mention a large mirror and flip out instructions

The kit is touted as the “All Time Greatest Fake-its Kit” and it contains some of Benefit’s most popular products:
Stay Don’t Stray, a primer for concealer and eye shadows
POREfessional, a lightweight lotion to minimize the appearance of pores
Some Kind of Gorgeous, a medium shade of foundation faker
Benetint, a rose colored lip and cheek stain
Girl Meets Pearl, a liquid highlighter for killer cheekbones
They’re Real, a lush lash mascara

BenefitStars4 Benefit Primping with the Stars ReviewA tiny all star lineup. How tiny? iPhone tiny!

This kit is adorable, and very handy for travel. There is an instructional step by step ‘Tips and Tricks’ pamphlet which shows any beginner or pro how to use the different products. At $32 the Primping with the Stars Kit is a great way to get familiar with a wide range of Benefit’s products.

BenefitPearlB Benefit Primping with the Stars ReviewGirl Meets Pearl (one of Stef’s favorite highlighters!)

My two favorites from the set include, Stay Don’t Stray, a great lid primer which covers and helps the eye shadow’s staying power for those long after parties. And Girl Meets Pearl which gives a Southern California golden glow that is indispensable for a perfect photo every time. Not surprisingly, it’s one of Stef’s all time favorite Benefit products.

BenefitRareBeauty6 Benefit Primping with the Stars ReviewPOREfessional, High Beam (not included) and Benetint

I have only tried a few of Benefit’s products prior to receiving this kit, and I am a new fan. I cannot wait to get my hands on the other two kits, Do the Bright Thing %name Benefit Primping with the Stars Reviewand The Bronze of Champions%name Benefit Primping with the Stars Review. With each kit, any plain Jane can be miraculously metamorphosed into a true Red Carpet Diva!

Readers – what products to you use to recreate that Red Carpet glow?

Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year to visit her mom and relatives. She now lives Stateside with her two kitties; Winston and Pippa. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier), she also loves to cook, do artsy stuff and garden.

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  1. Profile photo of gigi

    “Stay Don’t Stray” (love it!), “They’re Real” (yes, they look like they are), “Benetint,” and “The POREfessional” (pores? What pores?) are staples in my makeup case. This kit? Genius. They put together such glorious products. Worth every penny and then some!

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    I love everything about Benefit’s products, and when they combine their minis into these adorable travel sets, I cannot pass them by! Some Kind of Gorgeous is one of my favorites, and They’re Real is truly impressive. Great review of yet another kit I’ll have trouble resisting, @glamazon56 !

  3. Profile photo of Kellie

    I love Benefit kits. I try to wait for them to go on sale a bit. I appreciate the option to try a variety of their products in an economical way. This one looks like a great mix. I can’t wait to give it a try!!

  4. Profile photo of krista

    I have tried everything in this little kit and it’s definitely a nice way to get your feet wet with Benefit, however, I have to gripe about the fact that I tried all of these items with these exact sizes as FREE deluxe samples. Paying $32 for things that have/still are occasionally offered for free seems wrong because these are sample sizes. This kit should be closer to $15 if they want to sell sample sizes like this.

    Worth noting: If you are pale like me, Some Kind of Gorgeous is way too dark. You can try to blend until the end of days and it will always be too dark. Also, if you are sensitive to silicone-based products, Porefessional will probably break you out something fierce. If you’re not sensitive to silicone products, be prepared for a flawless finish that hides all pores. It’s kind of magical. Sadly, I’m sensitive to silicone.

    1. Profile photo of Amanda

      I’m pale (brown hair, blue eyes, neutral to cool skin tone) and Some Kind of Gorgeous is way too dark (and yellow) for me, too. Snow Whites of the world, take warning!

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