MAC In Extra Dimension – swatches and review

Lighten up with a new dimension of color

MAXextradim1 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and reviewPress MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review 

Springtime is in full effect, and everything seems surrounded by an extra layer of happiness that only color can inspire… flowers, birds, blue skies and makeup. MAC’s In Extra Dimension is here with brand new options of light, silky color for eyes, cheeks and face.

MACextradim2 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

MAC In Extra Dimension brings us an array of mood-lifting colors in light-reflecting, light-as-air formulas. With eye shadows, blushes and skinfinishes, this collection has something for everyone – if you can track these rare beauties down. Please, MAC, make them part of your permanent lineup!

This collection comes in the standard black plastic MAC containers, although the eyeshadows are the extra-large versions – yay!

There are six new Extra Dimension Eye Shadow ($21) colors in this collection, and the we heart this team got a look at three of them.

MAXextradim3 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Opalesse – pink opal that looks nearly white in the pan

MAXextradim4 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Zestful – pale iridescent green

MAXextradim5 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Dimensional Blue – silvery light blue

MAXextradim6 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

The liquid-powder Extra Dimension formula has never been showcased as well as it is in these shimmering shadows. I tested Opalesse (a white that glows with dazzling pink sparkle) and Zestful (a beautiful, multi-hued pale green). These two prismatic colors build from a sheer tint of color to serious metallic impact.

Green lover that I am, I fell hard for Zestful in the pan, but wondered if it could be as gorgeous on the eye? Yes, and then some! Striking but not overbearing, Zestful is the perfect green for spring. Designed for up to six hours of wear, but I got more like eight.

MAXextradim7 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

There are five gorgeous shades of the Extra Dimension Blush ($25) and wht received two for review.

MAXextradim8 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Blazing Haute – Dirty apricot

MAXextradim9 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Flaming Chic – bright medium cool pink

MAXextradim10 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Just like the shadows, the five shades of Extra Dimension blush have a buildable liquid powder formula. Unlike the shadows, the blush I tested, Blazing Haute, did not have shimmer or sparkle. Instead, this creamy dark peach has the perfect amount of subtle, glowing sheen on the skin. This blush lasted six full hours before starting to fade.

Finally, let’s take a look at MAC’s customer favorite Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($30). There are three new skinfinish hues and we got our hands on two of them.

MAXextradim11 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Double Definition – bronze and coppery gold that combine to a warm golden bronze

MAXextradim11B MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and reviewem>Double Definition

Although these Skinfinishes first appeared in spring 2012, this year’s model is doubly fabulous with two colors in one compact! I especially love the warm bronzer effect of Double Definition, which I’ve been using as an all-over color/highlighter.

MAXextradim12 MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and review

Shape the Future – reddish peach and pastel peachy pink that combine to a shimmery orange peach (it’s a tough shade to describe! ~Stef)

MAXextradim12B MAC In Extra Dimension   swatches and reviewShape the Future

Shape the Future works well with my skin as a blush/highlighter combo. The texture of the Skinfinishes is the thing I’m so in love with – soft, creamy, buildable color that adds a luminous, well-defined finish to the face. Skinfinish will have your skin glowing for up to 10 hours.

MAC has created a new dimension of happiness with this light, joyful collection of color. But happiness – like limited edition releases – is fleeting. Spring to MAC before the “polished perfection” of In Extra Dimension is just a bright memory.

Readers – are you ready to lighten up with these light-reflecting formulas?

Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Zeus.

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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Written by turboterp


  1. Profile photo of lucylemonade

    I got my hands on Dimensional Blue! It is a soft blue with a silver sort of sheen to it. I found it best as a wash of color over the entire eyelid paired with liner. It is a different shade than Divine Blue (also an Extra Dimensional) which has a more aqua tone, blending the two together across the eye is gorgeous!

    I also want Zestful, mint greens are my favorite!

    1. Profile photo of turboterp

      Zestful is the prettiest mint green I’ve ever seen, and my favorite way to wear it is just like you’re doing with Dimensional Blue, @lucylemonade — a wash of color with liner. I’m going to try to track down Dimensional Blue, too!

  2. Profile photo of Marilyn

    These eyeshadows are so pretty but a little subtle looking (however, I did see a GORGEOUS bold look by xsparkage that has Zestful and now I want it…). Although the two shades of Extra Dimension Skinfinish aren’t my cup of tea, I am still in love with my MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish from a few collections back, so I’d encourage everyone to check out the formula!

  3. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I think I REALLY like Shape the Future, it’s such an unusual color. Kinda coppery peach on the dark side, but the highlighter really rounds it out. Definitely going to have to test this one, and Blazing Haute. Dirty apricot is a perfect description, I think it’s right up my alley!

  4. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Ooh I have yet to check out MAC’s Extra Dimension Skin Finish, it sounds fabulous. I have a hard time too with pastels for my eyes, but the Flaming Chic blush is an amazing color…that may have to be my next blush!

  5. Profile photo of Amanda

    I love how sculptural these pans are! I’m seriously coveting Opalesse and Zestful. And don’t even get me started on Shape the Future!! It’s really unique, and I think your description is perfect. I need a little summer color before I can really pull it off, but it’s going to be in my hot little hands long before then!

  6. Profile photo of irene

    These are very ethereal indeed! I’m also liking Opalesse and Zestful. Just like Amanda, I need some summer sun to wear these.. Pretty ghostly lately! Will be stopping in at MAC in a few days to see them in person! Sometimes all I need is to have this applied and see if I’m sold or not!

  7. Profile photo of gigi

    I am completely smitten by Opalesse and Dimensional Blue. Colors with a holographic sheen are so attractive. You look and look again to see if you saw what you think you did. Very nice piece!

  8. Profile photo of krista

    Zestful wants to be mine. I’m pretty sure. I am a sucker for shimmery green shadow, pale or dark. I’m going to have to check these out in person… :P
    Flaming Chic MUST be mine–the blush addict in me demands it :D

  9. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I just got my hands on Flaming Chic and I L.O.V.E. it! It looks a little bright in the pan, but it is such a nice color on the skin – giving a pure pop of pink to cheeks and I can see me layering it on a bit heavier when I get some color on my face over the summer.

    As always, the formula is fab – not streaky and just glides onto my checks and lasts all day. As a bonus, I’m loving the pretty embossed design. I’ll be sad when it disappears but it’s not going to slow me down as I reach for every day this summer!
    Tyna recently posted..DIY Garden Project: Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

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