DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

A 8682 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

These are not your Grandmother’s doilies! OK, well, maybe they are – but how about putting them to a good use? For our latest DIY Home Decor project, we’ll be turning those old-fashioned doilies into pretty and useable bowls.

B 8594 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls


White Glue or Fabric Stiffener
Paintbrush or Spoon for stirring
Saran Wrap
Parchment paper or Newspaper

Tip: If you don’t already have a doily stash, they can usually be found at thrift shops and flea markets for a few quarters.

C 8593 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls


1. Lay some newspaper or parchment paper on your work surface. It’s going to get messy! Start by matching your doilies to desired bowl size. Your bowl should be bigger than your doily.

2. Wrap your bowl in Saran Wrap, including the edge and a bit into the inside, for easy removal later.

D 8599 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

3. Whip up a bowl of glue water, (if you’re not using fabric stiffener), by mixing equal parts glue and water. Approximately 2 cups total, (1 cup of each), will make a few doily bowls. Stir with your paintbrush or spoon.

Tip: Using glue will make your bowl permanent. If your bowls are only needed temporarily, you can use a fabric stiffener, that can easily be washed out, returning your doilies to their normal state.

E 8602 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

4. Thoroughly soak your doily in the glue mixture.

F 8600 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

5. Lay it over top of your bowl.

6. Use your fingers to press and shape your doily against the form of the bowl. Be sure to flatten your doily against the bottom of your bowl, so it will stand up properly, when dry.

G 8605 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

7. Let the doily bowls dry overnight. Carefully pull your plastic wrap off of your bowl, starting at the rim. Remove plastic from your doily.

VOILA – you’ve got yourself a sweet little bowl!

What should you do with your latest masterpiece? It would make a cute Valentine’s candy bowl, or perhaps the perfect place for your bigger baubles. It would also make a thoughtful guest toiletries basket.

H 8680 DIY Home Decor: Doily Bowls

I stowed one of these inside my door for my keys and cell phone. I’m also thinking it would be great to bring into the office to pretty up your desk, and neatly contain your office supplies. Or toss a few lip glosses and balms inside and keep it on top of your vanity. The options are endless!

Readers – do have a doily supply? How do you use them?

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Rachel is a stay-at-home Mom that never seems to be home. She’s a military wife, mother to The Danger Boys and a self-proclaimed craftaholic that enjoys photography, knitting, baking and all things handmade.

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    1. Profile photo of rachelshay

      @amity – absolutely, they can be dyed. Your ombre color combo sounds divine! I may need to try that too! Most doilies are crocheted out of a cotton yarn. Cotton is PRFECT for dying!

  1. Profile photo of Amanda

    Super cute! I actually used to do something like this with lace when I was a kid (my grandmother was full of new craft ideas). If you use a water soluble glue like Elmer’s the bowls aren’t necessarily permanent, the glue can be washed out. However, if you spritz the bowl with a spray glue after it’s dried it will help.

  2. Amelia

    I love candy dishes (they are filled with candy, duh!) and I love giving them to friends, but glass is hard to ship (or haul around town) without breaking. These would make the perfect candy dishes for delivering sweet treats since they can’t really break.

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