100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field Trip

100 Percent Pure Store 1 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripPress Sample


What happens when we here at we heart this stumble on a product we receive for review and are floored by its awesomeness? We take a field trip! I know because this just happened. Mere months ago I wrote of my sappy love for amazing natural lotions from 100% Pure.

I loved them so much that I ordered more of them. I rarely do this, not because I don’t heart many of the products I receive and review, but because I don’t heart them enough to not try more things…other things…different things – and I MUST try them, it’s what we do. And it wasn’t just me – the whole wht team was floored by the awesomeness of these lotions. They are just that good.

100 Percent Pure Store 4 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripLet’s get ready to shop!

Yes, 100% Pure ruined us for other lotions and we let them know that. So the 100% Pure folks invited the L.A. based wht team to their West Hollywood location, smack dab in the middle of the Sunset Strip, to do their best to ruin us for all items for face and body – not just lotion – and did a pretty good job of it.

100 Percent Pure Store 7 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripHeather seems to like this bottle of goodness!

In case you missed my effusive praise of this company and are in the dark about these folks, let me give you a recap of the company. 100% Pure is a San Jose-based skincare, bath, body and makeup company that is vegan (they love animals, just like us!), and free of perfumes, synthetic fragrances, thickeners, emulsifiers and fillers. They produce products that are totally concentrated, without preservatives, and are based around various antioxidants. The entire line is good for sensitive skin and is free of unhealthy toxins. Somehow, they do all this at an incredibly reasonable price.

100 Percent Pure Store 5 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field Trip

The West Hollywood 100% Pure store is tiny, but bright and light with a big basin sink anchored in its center, a universe of products aligned on the surrounding walls and us we heartsters were buzzing about the room like satellites, gravitating to that sink to sample scrubs and scents. Nothing is more inviting to a prospective buyer of bath and body than a big sink. I didn’t know this before our field trip, but I can say it now that it is so.

100 Percent Pure Store 3 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripHennessey offers me a sniff of a delish sugar scrub

Hennessey was our hostess for this field trip and, if possible, she was as inviting as that big sink. She welcomed us brightly as if the store were her home and encouraged us to look and sample unobtrusively. Hennessey is a master of sales through knowledge and is clearly as big a believer in the products she sells as we are. Any questions? She can’t be stumped.

100 Percent Pure Store 8 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripSign of serious shopping? Dumped purses!

Though Thanksgiving had not yet happened when we visited 100% Pure, Christmas decorations were all along the Strip and I was primed for shopping. For a brief moment in time I contemplated beginning and ending my Christmas shopping here. As it was, I bought a couple items for myself, and a couple for gifts. As it is, the purchased gift items are now all mine. Yes, 100% Pure is indeed irresistible stuff.

100 Percent Pure Store 9 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripA look at our 100% Pure haul!

Of my purchased items, I’m head over heels for the Cocoa Kona Coffee Butter ($16). When they say butter, you butter believe them! Like a stick of Land O’ Lakes this stuff is hard in the pan and melts with the heat of your hands. The natural oils slather into rough parts like knees, feet and elbows while the scent is divinely sweet and absolutely natural (of course).

100 Percent Pure Store 6 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field TripHappy we heart this shoppers!

Upon leaving we were all given generous gift bags containing a large Hydrating Body Wash in various scents (mine was the White Peach), a Hand Buttercream (mine was Vanilla Bean), and an adorable “We Love Animals” Journal. That’s a score! I 100% love this place…naturally.

Readers – Do you have a 100% Pure favorite? Tell us about it!

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Sherri is co-author of What Would You Do With This Room?%name 100% Pure in West Hollywood: we heart this Field Trip My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design, and of course, a wht writer!

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    1. Profile photo of sherrishera

      @mandabear, I bought one of the deodorants! I purchased the peppermint one and am pretty pleased. I was always on the fence about natural deodorants (mostly because they aren’t antiperspirants) but facing cooler winter weather I decided to give this a go. I heard that the chemicals in antiperspirants are a carcinogen (among other things) so I’d like to limit my use of them. The bacteria that multiply in the warm, wet areas like the arm pit are what actually cause the odor so what this natural deodorant basically does is use natural antibacterial ingredients and good-smelling essential oils to eliminate odor. In this case, thyme and peppermint are the goodies. The scent is natural and it really does keep odor away. If you are doing something where you will perspire a lot, or are wearing clothing that doesn’t breathe a lot, it does take more frequent applications. All in all, a great everyday alternative to antiperspirants!

  1. Profile photo of irene

    I wish I was there with you guys for this,it would surely be a highlight to remember! I HAVE been a lover of this line for what seems like an eternity. I recall when I found it on the shelves way back when at Bath & Body Works carried a gazillion other lines. One of my favorites that I use is their Pink Grapefruit body wash…. Oh, lordly, is it divine!
    I’m so going to drop in this store next Hollywood visit! Great post and lucky you @sherrishera!

  2. Profile photo of amity

    This looks like the best field trip ever! My first intro to 100% Pure was testing the Green Apple body cream, which I loved. Now I want to try the Kona Coffee Scrub and check out the Volumizing Kelp and Mint shampoo.

  3. Profile photo of heather

    This was such a fun field trip! I was the only noobie along the way and now I am singing the praises along with the choir – 100% Pure is awesome! Their scents are incredible and there are so many to choose from. A very lucky person on my Christmas list is getting my favorite product of the day – the Butter in Honey Almond. I cannot think of a better moisturizer for this dry, chappy time of year!

  4. Gigi

    @sherrishera, thanks for bringing this amazing company to light! I have been enamored with the skin care products I’ve tried. Moreover, they have a plethora of fruit-dyed cosmetics. Talk about incredible to look at and good for you at the same time! I would love to visit a store but there are none in my area, so I shop online.

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