Milani Power Lip – Swatches and Review

Milani Power Lip 1 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

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The latest from Milani gives you (and your lips) the power!

The morning I tried Milani Power Lip for the first time, I felt compelled to dig out a retro soundtrack for my drive to work. “I’ve got the power!” I sang along, doing a little car dance that made kids at a bus stop nearly fall over laughing.

Milani Power Lip 2 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

I didn’t care because everything about Power Lip had me in a great mood. Between singing, dancing and driving, I thought about how Milani has become my absolute favorite drugstore brand. The company could rest on its laurels at this point, and I’d still sing its praises.

Milani Power Lip 3 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

But it doesn’t appear there’s any resting going on with Milani. This new release, Power Lip (a mere $6.49 per glossy tube), is nothing short of brilliant. Milani somehow achieves what much more expensive brands attempt and fail time and time again: a lip product that provides a glossy stain that lasts and lasts without drying the lips.

Milani Power Lip 4 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

The we heart this team got a look at all eight shades, and I tested three of them. The product is more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss – full of pigment, with smooth, opaque coverage. Milani recommends applying one coat in the center of the lips and brushing out to the corners for a natural look, or layering it on for “color pop.”

Milani Power Lip 5 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

The twist-up mechanism works great, only taking a few clicks to get the right amount of color to the brush. Two things I especially appreciate are the squat, compact shape of the tube, and the brush itself, which is dense, pointy and just about perfect!

I found that the Power Lip goes on glossy, then gradually wears down to a lasting stain. The gloss is thick and non-sticky, and has no scent or flavor.

All right – let’s take a look at the colors!

Milani Power Lip 6 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

01 Red Control – bright red
03 Raspberry Tart – berry mauve
02 Cabernet Blend – dark berry
04 Pink Lemonade – bright yellow pink
05 Macaroon – medium rosy pink
06 Strawberry Sugar – cool light pink
07 Mango Tango – bright orange coral
08 Creamy Cafe – medium nude

Note: All have a slight shimmer, except Strawberry Sugar

Milani Power Lip 7 Milani Power Lip   Swatches and Review

Let’s first talk about Creamy Café, the most obvious choice for a day at the office. This nude hue has a bit of red in it – giving it a little more oomph than the average “naked” lip color.

I also tested Raspberry Tart, which hints at this year’s Radiant Orchid without going into full bloom. It’s more pink than purple, just bright enough and extremely flattering.

My final test color was Red Control, a true Valentine red that, like the other colors, stays bright and true for hours – I averaged about four hours until I was down to stain alone, then another hour or so until the color faded completely.

Gloss can be layered for desired level of coverage
Color lasts 4-6 hours
Brush is perfectly pointed and firm for precise application
Compact tube won’t clutter up your makeup bag
It will be the most satisfying $6.49 you’ve ever spent

They’re flying off the shelves in my local stores – CVS had just one color in stock! Luckily, we can purchase online through the Milani website
I do NOT have the power to resist buying more!

Readers – Are you ready to power up your lips with the latest from Milani? Which shade is calling your name?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her two precious pups; Zeus and Bellarina.
skin tone: NC25
skin type: dry to normal
favorite beauty product: skincare

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Written by turboterp


  1. Profile photo of irene

    It’s no shocker that Milani Power lip has got our attention and then some! Wow, I’m in love with how attractive these swatches are. And what is not to be goo-goo over about a product that puts lip stain/gloss on a new level and price tag that is even better! Gotta get my hands on these, before they are all gone!

  2. Profile photo of amity

    I love the thought of you doing the car dance and totally cracked up–such a fun beginning to a great review. I tested the other new Milani lip products, not these Power Lip ones, but was so impressed by what I tested that I ran right out and bought two of the Power Lip ones too–and yep, they are good. REALLY good. Stains don’t usually work very well for me, but these are non-drying and they actually last. I picked up Strawberry Sugar and Macaroon, and am now wising I had grabbed Raspberry Tart, too.

  3. Profile photo of spitfire77

    I completely agree with everything you said! Milani is also my favorite drugstore brand. I tried out Strawberry Sugar and it’s a nice light pink with amazing coverage. It’s a little too light for me, but I was really impressed with the thickness and pigmentation. I will definitely be checking out some other colors because I was so impressed with the quality of it.

  4. Tara

    Just tried Red Control – love it! So impressed with the pigmentation, beautiful color, easy application, and the lovely stain that was left as the product wore away. The tube feels sturdy and secure. I also love that the tubes are color coordinated which makes it easy for a lippie fanatic like me to browse my stash with ease. ;D Milani is blowing my mind with all their new releases! Pink Lemonade and Mango Tango are coming home with me next! :D

    1. Profile photo of irene

      I meant to say that I like that they are color coordinated as well!
      @Tara, you have to connect, if you haven’t already with @stef.. She is the face of a lippie fanatic here at WHT- I’m sure you’ll hit it off!

  5. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I love the shades available for this product… I want them all! I just bought ONE last weekend after reading rave reviews on some other beauty blogs. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m worried once I do I’ll have to get every single one!

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  8. Rach

    I disagree with you on these :-( I bought raspberry tarte with high hopes and it left my lips feeling grainy; it felt like there were exfoliating beads in it. I really liked the color and how it looked, but the texture was a no go for me. I bet the texture issue could be caused by my skin’s chemistry or something. Glad you guys are having better luck!

  9. Beth

    Has anyone else had an issue with the stain not coming out of the bush when you first get it? Of the first four I purchased, one did this. I fell in love with the other three and bought five more, but all five new ones won’t work! I’m very frustrated and am wondering what is wrong with these!

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