Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty Mug

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 1 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty Mugpress samples

Don’t you love when two seemingly unrelated things work perfectly together? Chocolate and bacon, Nancy Regan and Mr. T., mug shots and soap…

That’s right, the smarties at Bubble Genius have introduced Ya Dirty Mug, coffee scented soap imprinted with celebrity mug shots. And yes, it’s as badass as it sounds.

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 3 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty MugBill Gates

Let me tell you, there was little possibility of me not loving these. While I love a good cleanser and adore a fancy body wash, a good ol’ bar of soap will always be my favorite mode of cleaning. There’s something about the weight and bulk of it in your hand that I just find so satisfying.

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 2 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty MugMick Jagger

And I am also a sucker for a good mugshot, especially of the celeb variety. From stunning vintage ones like ol’ Blue Eyes or the adorable young Mick Jagger shown above, to the full on crazy pants of a wild haired Nick Nolte or the visual digression of Lindsay Lohan, I am a fan.

(Side note: Go now and bookmark The Smoking Gun, it’s a real uplifter. If I ever think that I’m having a bad day, a quick visit reminds that things could always be worse! For example, though Tyna and I were big fans of The Outsiders, I’m thankful I never tattooed “Stay Gold” across my forehead.)

But I digress…

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 4 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty MugJohnny Cash

Bubble Genius is a Los Angeles based company that makes vegetable glycerin-based, vegan-friendly soaps for those looking for something other than just a generic bar. Check out this one that looks like vintage stained glass or the Periodic Table series (with some that glow in the dark.)

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 6 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty Mug

Our selections from the Ya Dirty Mug line were all I hoped for and more. The coffee scent is fresh and strong, with just the right touch of sweetness. The image is printed on a special paper that’s sandwiched between a solid bottom and clear top that will dissolve when you reach the center (which soap lovers know, is a long time away!)

The mugshots to choose from are:
David Bowie
Mick Jagger
Jane Fonda
James Brown
Bill Gates
Steve McQueen
Frank Sinatra
Jimi Hendrix
Johnny Cash
Hugh Grant
Sid Vicious
Rosa Parks

They’ve even do gooders! Bubble Genius shares that “because we know getting arrested is no laughing matter, we’re donating a third of the profits from the sale of these soaps to Delancey Street Foundation, an organization dedicated to successfully integrating ex-cons back into society.”

Bubble Genius Mugshot soap 5 Your favorite Bad Boy, now in soap form! Bubble Genius Ya Dirty Mug

But what it all really comes down to is this; there’s something exciting about rubbing a bad boy (or girl) across your body. Except Rosa Parks. Don’t do that with Rosa Parks, ya perve.

we heartsters, are you fan of soap? Think you’ll give Bubble Genius a suds?

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  1. Gigi

    @Stef, you have me howling again with your whole review but especially your comment about Rosa Parks! I have to have bar soap at every sink no matter how many liquid ones there are, and Mick and David Bowie would make for a very satisfying wash. Getting these!

  2. Gigi

    @Stef, you have me howling with your article and especially the comment about Rosa Parks. I always feel better with bar soaps around, no matter how many liquid versions I have. I could definitely have a good time getting “satisfaction” with Mick Jagger or David Bowie. Have to get these!

  3. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    “Except Rosa Parks. Don’t do that with Rosa Parks, ya perve.”

    HA! True though. Poor Rosa.

    I LOVE these, and already have a few in mind for friends. I also checked out the rest of Bubble Genius’s offerings and I have so many gift ideas now. Probably so many that some of my friends might think that I think they stink…

  4. Profile photo of irene

    Thanks for that last line @stef! I really just laughed out loud!
    I was at first thinking there is no way this bar of soap could be good for you.. but if it’s vegan, I’m guessing all the ingredients are healthy and safe for our bodies! Bring it on! I love the idea.. too creative and fun in one! I’m gonna get Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash

  5. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Two more side notes on this… One, how did I miss the periodic table soap?! So cool, being a chem minor I need some of those! And two, if they want to sell some serious soap to young love struck girls, put Bieber’s latest mug on one!

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  7. Profile photo of sherrishera

    I love everything about these soaps, but I especially love that a portion of the proceeds from the tongue-in-cheek mugshot soaps is going to help a charity that re-integrates ex-cons in society! I think the Bill Gates in my soap would highly approve of that! And yes, this stuff works well, smells naturally sweet, is non-drying and the picture sticks around as long as the soap does!

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