Mom of two girls and married for 17 years. A librarian with a love for red carpet shows, make up blogs, romance novels, fashion days on QVC and HSN, plus-size protaganists, and pedicures.


On the Other Side: One Woman’s Story of Miscarriage

One woman’s story of miscarriage I don’t remember the date. But I do remember it was mid-August 2000, and it was the start of the worst year of my life. It is an odd thing to want to remember, but I must take time to look back at my struggles to become a mom when …

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eos Lip Balm review – Do they deserve the hype?

A Green Monday review of a lip balm worthy of our Mag 7 list: Have you ever been on line at the supermarket or drugstore and spied all the tempting products lined up in front of the register? You wonder who buys those products (I totally do! ~Tyna) , and try to figure out why …

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Green Tea Goods review

When I opened my box of latest goodies to review, I was excited when I saw the press release of Green Tea Goods poking out of the packing bubbles. I thought “yeah, I’m getting a new brand of tea to try out.” As a big fan of tea, I was really excited. So I was …

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China Glaze Poolside collection

The Easter Bunny delivered something beautiful in our basket this year; the China Glaze Poolside Collection. So right after my daughters and I colored our eggs, we got to paint our nails! I am a huge fan of nail lacquers that come in fun colors, especially when they’re free from icky things like DBP and …

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Musings on Motherhood: Progress, Not Perfection

Musings on Motherhood… I have a secret. I’m not perfect. And I was okay with that until I became a mother, then I was wracked with anxiety. My self-confidence and self-esteem plummeted to lows that I hadn’t experienced since I was first diagnosed with depression. My infant Dew’s cries would make me run screaming from …

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Bubalina Body Butter review

I am one of those people who equate sensuality with smelling sweet and spicy. Most of the perfumes, body washes and lotions I’ve been attracted to have been rich, strong, and most times, smelled of something edible. Coconut, vanilla, cocoa, and pumpkin are among my favorites. So it was a great pleasure when I received …

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