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Rebecca Z

Rebecca is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. She adores reading, movie nights, political banter, and her cat, Marshall.

Beautyblender review

Foundation has always been one of my favorite tools in my make-up arsenal. It has the power to even out my skin tone, give it a healthy-looking texture, and conveniently covers acne and all of its related grossness. Unfortunately, applying it can sometimes be tricky. I’ve seen many foundation foibles on my friends – the …

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Ec-Oooh-Chic bath & body – review

You recycle your bottles and cans, use a water filter, and bring canvas bags with you when you go to the grocery store, but how is your shower routine helping the planet? If you can’t think of anything, don’t fret too much because Ooohlala of Beverly Hills has introduced Ec-Oooh-Chic, a new line of eco-friendly …

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